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Original Title {{{original}}}
Composer(s) {{{composer}}}

An Infobox Template for music.

{{Infobox Music
|name     = Title
|image    = In case you have to add an image for some reason (optional)
|caption  = Use only if you use an image (optional)
|original = Original japanese title
|composer = Composer(s) of the song.
|arrange  = Arranger of the song. (optional)
|vocals   = Vocalists of the song. (optional)
|language = Language of the lyrics. (optional)
|lyricist = Writer of the lyrics. (optional)
|translator = Translator of the lyrics into the language in which they were sung. (optional)
|length   = Length of the song on the official soundtrack. (optional)
|games    = Games in which this music was used
|versions = Other versions of the same song (Example: day and night versions) (optional)
|links    = (Official) links to iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and so on. (optional)