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Language Name Meaning

A template for listing the name of something in other languages. This can be helpful for people who play a game in a language other than English, but still want to use the wiki, and also because it can simply be interesting. This template should be used in namespace articles that describe a single "thing" (such as a character, an enemy, an item, a quest, an attack, ...). It should not be used in disambiguation pages, it's instead better to put it on each article separately. It is not required to use this template if the name is clearly derived from a more general article, for example an enemy phase from the article of the antagonist.

code language
en English
jp Japanese
fr French
de German
es Spanish
it Italian
nl Dutch
pt Portuguese
ru Russian
zh-si Chinese (simplified)
zh-tr Chinese (traditional)
ko Korean
he Hebrew

The meanings can be added with the "[language code] meaning" attribute. They should be as literal as possible.