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Urayan Stomach (cutscene) Far View.jpg
Location Kingdom of Uraya
Connects to Garfont Village
Fonsa Myma
Music Kingdom of Uraya
Kingdom of Uraya/Night

Stomach is a sub-area of Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the stomach of the Urayan Titan with the Urayan capital, Fonsa Myma, at the end of it.


The stomach of the Urayan Titan is its largest area, spanning from its head all the way to the Urayan capital, Fonsa Myma, near the beginning of its tail. It consists mostly of pools of waters of varying depths at the bottom, with pathways along the Titan's sides. The two sides are connected by rocky formations, acting as suspended pathways that also provide access to the lower level.

Many waterfalls can be seen along the sides of the Titan's stomach, bringing water from higher grounds to the bottom of the stomach. Small patches of land can be found around the area, mostly covered by shallow pools of water. Saffronia trees can be found growing there, as well as on the stomach's sides, that sometimes bloom at night. A particularly old one, Yurna the Elderwood, can be found at the Farlaine Central Pools.

The waters on the side of the Titan's head, such as the Farlaine Wells are shallow. On the other hand, the Fonsa Myma Waters are much deeper. They were formed by fluctuations within the Titan, flooding what was once the main pathway into Fonsa Myma, through a stairway and the Ruins of Fountain Park.

As a result of the formation of the Fonsa Myma Waters, Funnystone Highway, found to the southwest of the stomach, became the main mean of entry into Fonsa Myma from the stomach. Some man-made structures can sometimes be found, such as Pelza's Sluice and the Tardy Gate.

Caves can be found inside both sides of the stomach, such as the Old Quarry, abandoned after monsters continually invaded it and retaking it was deemed unsafe. Another cave, Badfella's Cave Fort, acts as a hideout for the local Ignas.


List of NPCs in the Stomach. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression.





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