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Steel Giant

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Steel Giant
Original Title (はがね)巨人 (きょじん)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 2:29
Used in Xenogears
Other versions Steel Giants (20th Anniversary)

Steel Giant (called Steel Giants on the Revival disc) is Disc 1, Track 7 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack and track 8 on the Xenogears Original Soundtrack Revival Disc -the first and the last-. It is one of the tracks playable in the Nortune jukebox, under the option 'A Battle'.

It is the music when Battling, playing after selecting the option to Battle from the receptionist in Nortune. It also plays as the music for the following battles, often including the cutscenes immediately prior and/or following:

In addition, it plays in the following cutscenes:

  • Fei fights off opposing Gears in Weltall in the middle of Lahan Village (flashforward).
  • Big Joe swindles Fei in Nortune.
  • The Hecht appears above Nortune.
  • Fei, Rico and Elly steer the Hecht away from the Nortune power station.
  • Nortune soldiers confront Fei, Elly and Citan before being driven away by Rico.
  • Fei and Elly briefly reunite with Citan and Rico aboard the Yggdrasil II before helping Bart fight Dominia.
  • Ramsus and Miang confront the party halfway up Babel Tower.
  • Ramsus and Miang retreat after the above confrontation.
  • Ramsus defeats Fei using Vendetta.

Finally, it is the area music in Ignas' Gate Cave from when it opens up to when the Gate is destroyed.

Steel Giants (20th Anniversary)[edit]

Steel Giants
Original Title (はがね)巨人 (きょじん)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 4:06
Used in Xenogears

Steel Giants is a remix of Steel Giant performed at the Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert -The Beginning and the End-, and is the 5th track on the associated Blu-Ray disc.