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Spirit - Xord

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Spirit - Xord
Species Spirit
Location Memory Space
Level range 78

Spirit - Xord is an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles.



Base Scaling
Level 78
HP 131,200 13,100
Strength 1,278 11
Ether 968 14
Agility 116 8
9,215 300
Base level only.
See spawnpoints table
for specific values.
Power 1.00
Accuracy +0%
Damage type Physical
Element Normal
Range 2.00m
Delay 1.3s
Double attack rate 0%
Counter-attack rate 0%
Physical defence 0%
Ether defence 0%
Defence direction None
Resistances / Immunities
XC1 Icon Status Break.png Break 100% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Pierce.png Pierce Imm.
XC1 Icon Status Topple.png Topple Vul. XC1 icon death skull.png Instant Death Imm.
XC1 Icon Status Daze.png Daze Vul. XC1 Icon Debuff Strength Down.png Strength Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Slow.png Slow 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Ether Down.png Ether Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Paralysis.png Paralysis 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Agility Down.png Agility Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Bind.png Bind 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Phys Def Down.png Phys. Def. Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Lock-On.png Lock-On 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Ether Def Down.png Ether Def. Down 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Status Sleep.png Sleep 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Arts Seal.png Arts Seal 60% Res.
XC1 Icon Debuff Confused.png Confuse 60% Res. XC1 Icon Debuff Aura Seal.png Aura Seal 60% Res.
Type Ground
Walk speed 1.2m/s
Run speed 4.8m/s
Detection XC1 enemy icon detect sight.png
25m range, 360° angle
Nametag Normal
Size category Extra-Large
Model scale 1.0x
Classis Aberration
Music Zanza's World
Priority 0
Flags Topple duration: 1.0x
High ground vulnerability: 1.0x


Disclaimer: This is the list of arts the enemy can use. The enemy will not necessarily choose to use them.

Art Talent gauge Windup Cooldown Damage type Power Hits Range Status Knockback
Wild Crash 0% 1.0s Physical 2.80 3.00 1 Opponent, cone 8.00m long of 120° angle
XC1 Icon Debuff Bind.png Bind (10.0s) None
Xord Impact 0% 1.0s Physical 3.30 3.50 1 Opponent, line 15.00m long by 5.00m wide None Pushback, level 1
Swing Beat 0% 1.0s 15.0s Physical 2.80 3.00 1 Opponent, cone 8.00m long of 120° angle
XC1 Icon Status Topple.png Topple (7.0s) None
Bazooka II 100% 1.0s Ether 1.80 2.00 1 Opponent, line 10.00m long by 3.00m wide XC1 Icon Debuff Bleed.png Bleed 20% (2.0s tickrate) (20.0s) Pushback, level 0
Boost Attack 0% 1.0s Status 0.00 0.00 0 Self, single target up to 2.00m away XC1 Icon Buff Haste.png Haste 50% (45.0s) None


Item drop formula explanation
The item drop forumla is complex and divided into multiple parts. (Percentages given are specific to this enemy.)
  • Chest selection - There is a 0% chance of dropping a gold chest. If it fails, there is a 0% chance of dropping a silver chest. If it fails, there is a 0% chance of dropping a wood chest. If it fails, no chest is dropped.
    • Squads - Only the last enemy in a squad may drop a chest. The chance of getting a gold chest is tripled to 0%, and if this fails, a silver chest is 100% guaranteed if available.
  • Material selection
    • Wood chest - There is a 0% chance of dropping the first material. If it fails, the second material is dropped instead. If it succeeds, there is a 0% chance of also getting the second material as well.
    • Silver/gold chest - This enemy always drops the first material.
  • Other loot selection - The item selected is based on a straightforward "relative odds" selection, for both the item category and the item in the selected category. If an item from this category has been selected already, duplicates are not allowed.
  • Crystal strength - This enemy's crystals will vary between 20% and 30% for the first attribute, though there is a 25% chance of it being between 32% and 40% instead. If there is a second attribute, it will use these ranges divided by 2.
As a result of these rules, the resulting probabilities can vary wildly from the raw percentage values, but it is the raw values that matter for effects that alter them, such as Riki's chest-manipulating skills.
Chest contents
Chest type Normal drops Rare drops Super-rare drops %
Wood 1 or 2 0 0 0.00%
Silver 1 2 0 0.00%
Gold 1 1 2 0.00%
Normal drops
Materials Wood Silver/Gold
(no materials)
Rare drops
Crystals 0.0%
Weapons 0.0%
Equipment 0.0%
Super-rare drops
Weapons 0.0%
Unique weapons 0.0%
Unique equipment 0.0%
Art books 0.0%


ID Position Time Weather Story range Level EXP AP Scale Prob. Count
X Y Z Mrn. Day Eve. Ngt. Clear Clear Clear Earliest Latest
9.19 #1 -244.0 -3.0 4.0 398After [point 398] 78 9,215 300 1.0x 100% 1
XC1 map ma2201 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Spirit - Xord
Japan Flag.png Japanese 思念体・ゾード
France flag.svg French Esprit Xord
Germany flag.svg German Geist-Xord
Spain flag.svg Spanish Xord (espíritu)
Italy flag.svg Italian Spirito - Xord
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 思念体佐德
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 思念體佐德
Korea flag.png Korean 사념체 조드