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Sorean Antiqua
Sorean XC1 art.png
Species High Entia
Gender Male
Age 320
Japanese VA Johji Nakata
English VA Peter Dickson
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles

Sorean Antiqua (ソレアン, Sorean), is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the emperor of Alcamoth and Melia's and Kallian's father.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Sorean is a tall and venerable High Entia with large ears and a short beard. He wears an ornate blue robe with a large grey collar and pauldron armor.

Sorean is a fair and just ruler. He puts much consideration into all his decisions and shows no hesitation in putting the people first at the expense of himself.

Story arc[edit]

Emperor Sorean is first seen when Princess Melia returns to Alcamoth having successfully killed the rogue Telethia. Sorean is pleased for her success and declares that she will be his successor, which is much to her confusion, as she expected the first-born Prince Kallian to be chosen by default. However, he also notes that the Homs she brought to Alcamoth, Shulk and his party, are potentially dangerous because they have the Monado.

Later, the seer Alvis states his findings of Shulk and the Telethia, which Sorean recognizes as the start of the resurrection of the Bionis. He decides that Melia must ascend as soon as possible, and on the advice of First Consort Yumea, sends her to a trial in the High Entia Tomb. Melia returns from the trial successful and alive, thanks to the help of Shulk's party and no thanks to multiple assassination efforts by Yumea and a thought-extinct extremist order. Sorean decides that this does not alter the fact that Melia was successful, and her succession proceeds.

Shulk's next goal is to get to Prison Island, which can only be accessed with the emperor's permission. Sorean sends for him and gives his thanks for helping Melia, and asks if he could be her friend, though he also says he needs time to decide whether Shulk should be allowed onto Prison Island. A flashback reveals why he is hesitant: one month ago, Alvis showed him a vision where the Mechon attack Alcamoth, he goes to Prison Island to fight them, and he is killed. Shulk's request is another factor in his uncertainty over whether this is a future that should be changed.

Shortly, the Mechon do attack. Sorean decides he will do what he must, and takes the Imperial Staff to Prison Island. He uses it to reveal the prisoner that his ancestors had sealed within: a Giant, later calling himself Zanza, who already knows what Sorean is about to do. Sorean uses the staff and Zanza's power to cast a shield around Prison Island and begin launching energy beams at the Mechon. After a time, Shulk and Melia's party get to Prison Island. Metal Face then breaks the barrier with an anti-ether spear that also kills Zanza. In the ensuing scuffle, Sorean blasts Metal Face with the island's leftover energy, disabling him. He hugs Melia, but Metal Face reactivates seconds later, and runs him through. After the Mechon are driven off, Sorean dies in Melia's arms.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Sorean
Japan Flag.png Japanese ソレアン Sorean
France flag.svg French Sorean
Germany flag.svg German Sorean
Spain flag.svg Spanish Sorean
Italy flag.svg Italian Sorean
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 索雷安
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 索雷安
Korea flag.png Korean 솔레안


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