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Shion Uzuki
Shion XS1.png
Episode I artwork
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 22
23 (Episode III)
Height 163 cm
Weight 48 kg
Japanese VA Ai Maeda
English VA Lia Sargent (XS1, XS3)
Olivia Hack (XS2)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Freaks
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Outer File
Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year
Xenosaga: The Animation
Namco X Capcom

Shion Uzuki (シオン・ウヅキ) is a playable character in the Xenosaga series and the main protagonist of Xenosaga Episode I, Episode III, and Xenosaga I & II.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Shion is a woman with brunette hair and green eyes and wears circular glasses. In Episode I, Shion wears the female Vector Industries uniform with purple highlights, black tights and yellow boots. While on the Kukai Foundation's beach, Shion wears a white bikini with black trims. In Episode II, Shion wears a black leather vest, red undershirt, beige pants and flats of the same color but no longer wears glasses as Allen accidentally steps on them. In Episode III, Shion wears a white and blue fur coat, a black corset, reddish brown shorts, black stockings and grey boots. As a Scientia member, Shion wore a dark suit with red accents and a lemniscate decorations. While at her hideaway at Pedea Island, Shion wore a a pink strapless bikini with white accents and white handwraps. In a flashback with Kevin, Shion only wore a white buttoned shirt and panties. As a child, Shion wore a simple light blue dress.

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Story arc[edit]


Shion works for Vector Industries and is the Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project. She is 22 years old. Shion is originally from the planet Miltia. She has an older brother and her parents both died during the Miltian Conflict. She was in a romantic relationship with Kevin Winnicot, who led KOS-MOS' development before her. Kevin died when an earlier version of KOS-MOS went out of control, forcing her to shoot and destroy it.

Episode I[edit]

Shion begins the game stationed on the ship Woglinde along with the rest of the KOS-MOS development team. She travels into the Encephalon in order to simulate KOS-MOS's abilities. Things start behaving strangely in the Encephalon and Shion sees a mysterious girl, Nephilim appear before her. Her colleague Allen is forced to dive in and pull her out. Shion reports to the captain on the status of KOS-MOS. While Shion's colleagues find her actions with KOS-MOS too aggressive at times, she is chewed out by Commander Cherenkov for not progressing with KOS-MOS far enough, by this point tested solely via simulation. After departing Shion stops by a part of the ship where a Zohar Emulator is being stored and seeing Nephilim again nearly touches the Emulator before being stopped. Shion also stops by an area of the ship where various Realians are being worked on and argues with the soldier Virgil about Realian rights. Before going to bed she has a video call with her brother Jin who wants her to return home to see their parent's grave, but she refuses.

The gnosis attack the Woglinde and Shion is forced to flee. She is nearly killed by Virgil when she rushes through the ship and pleas with him to not use Realians as bombs against the gnosis to no avail. KOS-MOS awakens on her own and eventually meets up with Shion and they try to escape along with Allen and Virgil. When Virgil gets in her line of fire, KOS-MOS kills him, upsetting Shion greatly. Shion departs on an escape pod along with Allen and Commander Cherenkov, who failed in an attempt to get the Emulator to the U-TIC Organization. They are eventually found by the passenger ship Elsa. Although KOS-MOS wants to leave them to be picked up by a rescue vessel, Shion threatens to kill herself and Allen if she is not let on board. KOS-MOS relents when chaos appears and asks for them to be brought on board. Shion befriends the Elsa crew members Matthews, Tony, Hammer and chaos. She also tries to get to know the rather closed-of Cherenkov better. She is both curious about but also upset about the fact that KOS-MOS seems to be operating on her own. She demands her director to let her remain with KOS-MOS and is granted permission.

Shion helps in defending the Elsa against the U-TIC Organization when they rescue Ziggy and MOMO. The Elsa makes its way to the Dock Colony and the Cathedral Ship where Shion and the others eventually encounter Cherenkov, who has transformed into a gnosis. Cherenkov's death troubles her greatly. They are then picked up by the Durandal and Shion is able to meet Jr. and Gaignun when they arrive at the Kukai Foundation. There, Shion and the party relaxes at their private beach until Jr. inadvertedly triggers Shion's astraphobia after changing the weather.

When the U-TIC Organization frames the Kukai Foundation for the destruction of the Woglinde, Shion determines that they can prove their innocence by obtaining records of what really happened through KOS-MOS's data in the Encephalon. Traveling into the Encaphalon Shion is brought to Old Miltia, at a playground where she played at while her mother was hospitalized at the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility. chaos accompanies her in her journey there as they meet with Nephilim, then travel through the woods nearby. They eventually meet up with everyone at a church occupied by Febronia. Inside Shion must face her memories of her parents' death. Afterwards she appears in a field along with Febronia, who asks her to release her sisters, Cecily and Cathe. Shion also sees a vision of KOS-MOS firing upon Miltia. With the Kukai Foundation cleared, a new threat appears as the gnosis attack. Shion and the others must fight off the gnosis in the Kukai Foundation. They then make their way to the Song of Nephilim to confront Albedo, who has kidnapped MOMO. Shion travels along with the others to Proto Merkabah when Albedo revives it then returns to the Elsa which descends its way down to Second Miltia.

Episode II[edit]

Shion arrives on Second Miltia at the start of the game and breaks up from the rest of the group, heading with Allen and KOS-MOS to Vector's Second R&D Division. There, the supervisor shows them a diagram of the KOS-MOS Tertiary Weapon System being developed for her. Shion agrees to transfer KOS-MOS over to them. As they leave, Shion tells Allen to keep his eye on KOS-MOS. Shion heads into the city and to Moby Dick's Cafe, which she used to visit. Junior and chaos come in soon afterwards. When Jin comes in, Shion tries to avoid him but is soon found. He asks Shion why she didn't call him such that they could meet and Shion tries to pretend that she was too busy to meet him. When Allen calls her and reveals that working on KOS-MOS at Vector Second Division will take several days, Shion reluctantly agrees to come home with him. At the Uzuki Residence, Shion grows frustrated with Jin's repeated changes in profession, first a Doctor and now owner of a used Bookstore. Jin pushes back against Shion helping Junior and the others, believing it to be too dangerous for her, not realizing the help she has already provided them. He tells her that they should pay respects to their dead parents the next day but she refuses to go to their graves. She almost blames him for their deaths before realizing what she is saying, then leaves. The next morning Shion changes into a new outfit and departs, not wanting to say goodbye to her brother. She's concerned about leaving Allen by himself and what is going on with KOS-MOS. When it is revealed that Albedo left a trap within MOMO's subconscious and she cuts her neural link and falls unconscious, Shion agrees to help with diving into MOMO's subconscious.

Shion and Allen return to the Dämmerung, but Shion soon has a desire to leave when she is visited by Nephilim and Febronia, who ask her to free Febronia's sisters on Old Miltia. Shion steals the craft Dinah, with Allen reluctantly coming along with her. They are soon surrounded by the enemy in space, but KOS-MOS can hear Shion calling for her and makes her way into space, combining her craft with the Dinah and fighting off the enemy. Afterwards Shion boards the Elsa. The Elsa makes its way down to Old Miltia and Shion and the others head into Labyrinthos. Eventually they make their way to the Zohar Isolation Area where Febronia's sisters are revealed to be connected to the Zohar system and horribly disfigured. Shion is greatly distressed by this. When Sergius activates the system and KOS-MOS desires to destroy it, Shion initially steps in her way, not wanting her to kill Febronia's sisters, but relents when Febronia appears to her once more asking for them to be set free.

Jin later checks in on Shion while they are on the Elsa. Shion is greatly bothered by what has happened, recalling fourteen years ago when Febronia was killed in front of her and she felt all alone and that she couldn't do anything. Jin helps her realize the love that Febronia had for her. Shion accompanies the others into the Ω System where they encounter Sergius and then escape after he is killed. Shion speaks with Junior on the Durandal before he heads into the Space Time Anomaly to take on Albedo. At the end of the game Shion says farewell to Jin on the Dämmerung as he heads off to investigate Ormus. She meets up with Allen and Miyuki and tells KOS-MOS its time to go home.

A Missing Year[edit]

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Episode III[edit]

Shion, Miyuki, and Canaan infiltrate Vector S-Line Division through the U.M.N. with the assistance from Doctus.

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  • Shion's Blood Type is A
  • Shion has astraphobia, as a result of two traumatic incidents; her parents deaths, and Kevin's death, both occurred during thunderstorms.
  • Shion used to wear glasses, but Allen accidentally stepped on them as the Elsa descends on Second Miltia, although she briefly wears a second pair during T-elos's demonstration.
  • Despite said to be clumsy, Shion is actually athletic, her kicks are powerful enough to render a grown man unconscious.
  • The pendant that Shion wears is a gift from Kevin which belonged to his late mother.
  • After the Miltian Conflict, Shion has a very poor relationship with her sister Jin.
  • As a child Shion enjoys watering flowers in hopes for her mother to recover.

As a playable character[edit]

Episode I[edit]

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Episode II[edit]

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Episode III[edit]

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Xenosaga I & II[edit]

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As a boss[edit]

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Shion is a boss near the end of Xenosaga Episode III. She is fought together with Kevin.


Episode I

Shion Uzuki

BORN: T.C. 4745
AGE: 22 years old

Assigned to Vector Industries' First R&D Division at the age of 18 in T.C. 4763.

Her official title is Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS Project General Operation System Research Center, Vector Industries First R&D Division. Although two years younger than Allen, Shion is a year his senior in the corporate hierarchy of Vector.

Although she appears clumsy at times, she is actually quite athletic. In particular, her high kicks are powerful enough to render a grown man unconscious. She apparently also wields a jujitsu-like technique passed on from her grandfather, but unfortunately this skill does not appear in this episode.

Episode III

Shion Uzuki

Shion Uzuki Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Former Chief of Vector Industries First R&D Division's KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation Systems Development.

Former Chief of Vector First R&D Division's KOS-MOS Project Joint Operation Systems Development.

She entered Vector Industries's First R&D Division in T.C. 4763 at the age of 18. Though two years younger than Allen, her accelerated pace made her one year his senior at Vector.

Following the Gnosis terrorism, she left Vector and enlisted the help of Scientia in pursuit of the truth behind that string of incidents and the hidden dangers of the U.M.N.

Only a few people know that she has a congenital, unique sense that has allowed her to see into imaginary space since early childhood--impossible, for most people. The holographic glasses she wears were a present from Kevin during her time at Vector; they serve not to correct her vision, but to control this ability.

However, as this sense of hers is not active all the time, and as she "has gotten used to it," she removes the glasses when they present an inconvenience to her daily life.

Her consciousness has existed since the time of Lost Jerusalem as the Maiden, when she enjoyed a close relationship with Mary Magdalene. Her brief vision of the distant past was not through KOS-MOS's memory, but through her own.

It can be deduced from KOS-MOS's last words that Shion's former self died as a result of being caught up in some larger occurrence, and that KOS-MOS (Mary) had been unable to protect her.

After discovering Allen's feelings for her on Michtam, Shion took the first step towards her independence. Shion, for whom Kevin's existence was so large that it had occluded Allen's feelings for her until then, might have felt that Allen, who lived in a world entirely opposite from her own, could better provide her heart a place of respite than Kevin, whose circumstances mirrored her own.

A traveler headed to Lost Jerusalem. The end of a journey spanning thousands upon thousands of years, setting out from a new dawn to rebuild the world. The intersection of countless consciousnesses, and what awaits them there...

Shion Uzuki [Child]

Shion Uzuki -Child- Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Shion at age eight.

Shion at age eight. Prior to the Miltian Conflict, she traveled to the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility with her father Suou in order to visit her mother Aoi. This was the same time during which she met Febronia, and a period that left her with trauma that influenced her even in adulthood.



Shion Uzuki Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png



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Xenosaga I & II









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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Shion Uzuki
Japan flag.svg Japanese シオン・ウヅキ Shion Uzuki
France flag.svg French Shion
Germany flag.svg German Shion
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  • The NPC Astelle from KOS-MOS' Blade quest Artificial Intelligence in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a reference to Shion.
    • Astelle's name is a reference to the aster tataricus flower, which is the scientific name of the shion flower.
    • They are both brunette scientists that wear glasses and heavily admire KOS-MOS.


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