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Sever/Gameplay (XC2, chapter 1)

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Driver Malos
Gender Male
Type Humanoid
Weapon Sword Tonfa
Joins Ancient Ship
This article is about Sever's gameplay in this specific game. For information on the character in general, see Sever.

Sever is a Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is part of the party while exploring the Ancient Ship during the game's prologue.


Note: Cooldown time depends on Trust.
General stats
Element XC2 element icon Wind.png Wind
Weapon class XC2 weapon icon Sword Tonfa.png Sword Tonfa
Default weapon Thanatos
Cooldown time 20.00s
Aux Core Slots 2
Merc Group name Severe Burns
Stat modifiers
Physical defense +20%
Ether defense +30%
Maximum HP +0%
Strength +0%
Ether +0%
Dexterity +0%
Agility +0%
Favorite items
Categories XC2 item icon Meats.png Meats
XC2 item icon Instruments.png Instruments
Items XC2 item icon Board Games.png Chooby Tubes
XC2 item icon Meats.png Hotplate Fry-Up



Level Name Description
XC2 menu icon level 1.png Storm Edge Slash enemies in Tonfa mode and create a whirlwind.
XC2 menu icon level 2.png Engrave Pierce the enemy countless times in Sword mode.
XC2 menu icon level 3.png Death Match Shoot out a whirlwind to collect ether in Shield mode.
XC2 menu icon level 4.png Deadly Divide Slash the enemy with a giant blade of ether.

Blade Arts[edit]

Name Probability Recharge Description
Recharge Boost 50% 22.5s Boosts Arts recharge from auto-attack.
Critical Up 75% 15s Increases critical hit rate.

Battle Skills[edit]

Name Description
Armor Piercing Adds 60-100% chance to annul defense.
Heartless Kill Increases damage dealt by a surprise attack by 200-400%.
Nullify Defense Adds a 60-100% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack.


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