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This article is about the character in Xenosaga Episode II. For the character in Xenosaga: Pied Piper, see Sergius XIV.
Sergius XVII
Species Human
Gender Male
Japanese VA Chikao Otsuka
English VA Michael Bell
Appearances Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga I & II

Sergius XVII also known as the Patriarch is an antagonist in the Xenosaga series. He is the leader of Ormus and the Immigrant Fleet. Sergius is the primary antagonist of Episode II.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

Episode II[edit]

Sergius first appears in a scene where Margulis reports to him about the Y-Data falling into the hands of the Kukai Foundation and Miltian government. Margulis doesn't appear too concerned about it and says preparations for their next move are already under way. Sergius asks about the involvement of Heinlein, Ormus Cardinal in the recent offensive against Second Miltia but Margulis feigns having any knowledge about it. Sergius wonders if it is safe to trust Margulis' words and says he hopes to not be disappointed. He also expresses disgust over Albedo. Sergius later appears before the Federation Parliament as the representative of the Immigrant Fleet. He claims that mankind's greatest treasure is sealed away on Old Miltia and that the Immigrant Fleet had been its caretakers. He criticizes the Miltian government, claiming they are trying to claim the Zohar for themselves and had summoned Proto Merkabah to ignite flames of conflict across the galaxy. He proposes that in response to them, the Immigrant Fleet be able to reclaim its traditional rights as caretaker of the Zohar. Parliament members question some of his statements given the Miltian government clearing itself of recent charges of wrong doing, but also find that Miltian representative Helmer is absent.

After Albedo unlocks the seal to Old Miltia, Sergius leads the Immigrant Fleet in heading there to seize the Zohar. Sergius is again seen speaking to Margulis about ensuring they fight off any interference from the Miltian Government, Subcommittee on Close Encounters and Vector. When the party makes its way to Old Miltia and into the depth of Labyrinthos where the Zohar is stored, Sergius appears before them. He tells them that the Zohar originally belonged to Ormus, which acted as its guardians. He believes that all life must be guided forward by Ormus and the Zohar. He activates the Zohar, along with Proto Ω. He proclaims that possessing them, Ormus will be able to wipe out the Gnosis from the cosmos and put the entire star cluster under their jurisdiction. He also proclaims the masses to be spineless weaklings due to the influence of the U.M.N. and Federation. He departs with Proto Ω and the entire planet of Old Miltia is destroyed as the Ω System appears.

Despite holding overwhelming power, Sergius is soon after betrayed by Margulis, who refuses orders to fight off the approaching Federation fleet and has conspired along with Heinlein for Sergius to die a martyr. The party makes their way through the Ω System and confronts Sergius at its center. Albedo appears, but is unable to harm Sergius, who fires Proto Ω's U.M.N. Phase Transfer Cannon at him, causing him to disintegrate. After the party fights and defeats him, Sergius plans to use Proto Ω's Cannon on them as well, but its power halts suddenly. Three E.S.s piloted by the Testaments appear and claim it is time for him to exit the stage. They fire at Sergius and he is vaporized, declaring that he is power in his dying breath.


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Episode III


Sergius XVII Database Thumbnail XS3.png

The highest authority in the Ormus religious society, and sovereign of the Immigrant Fleet.

The highest authority in the Ormus religious society, and sovereign of the Immigrant Fleet. His name is Sergius XVII.

Those who hold the position of Patriarch within Ormus—the core of the Immigrant Fleet—are the protectors of the Zohar; they usually possess the ability to link with the Zohar and draw out a portion of its power. While this can be said of all the “people of the Zohar” who protected the Zohar during the evacuation of Earth, due to the thinning of the bloodline over the ages, very few people retain this ability, even within Ormus.

He planned to monopolize control of the Original Zohar sleeping within Old Miltia in the hopes of solidifying the Immigrant Fleet’s superiority over the Galaxy Federation. This was likely the result of both the historical background of the Federation’s oppression and exploitation of the Immigrant Fleet as a minority, and the connection held by Sergius XIV with the Federation’s Salvators.

Sergius controlled the military of the Old Miltian Hierocracy, which was largely comprised of Fleet Immigrants. He moved the Mizrahi Cerebral Sciences Research Center, a division of the Federation’s Zohar Research Organization, from planet Michtam to Old Miltia, renaming it to the U-TIC Organization and placing it under Professor Mizrahi’s administration. Top-secret anti-Federation plans ere developed behind the scenes there. Wilhelm’s actions as Ministry Cabinet Chair lay behind the fact that the Federation cast a blind eye upon the establishment of the U-TIC Organization.

He activated Proto Omega on Old Miltia, but it was destroyed by a Testament.

Sergius XVII

Sergius XVII Database Thumbnail XS3.png

The Ormus Patriarch.

The Ormus Patriarch. Though he overwhelmed Shion and the other on Miltia by using Proto Omega, his existence was obliterated by the Testaments.

Sergius, like all people of the Zohar, possessed the ability to make contact with the faint waves put out by the Zohar; but as an Ormus Patriarch, his power was stronger than normal. It is believed that this is what allowed him to control Proto Omega remotely. However, his powers were not fully awakened as those of the test subjects kept in Labyrinthos, who had made direct contact with U-DO.

As a boss[edit]