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Sakura Mizrahi

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Sakura Mizrahi
Sakura Mizrahi.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 12
Japanese VA Masumi Asano
English VA Tara Strong
Appearances Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Freaks

Sakura Mizrahi (サクラ・ミズラヒ) is a supporting character in the Xenosaga series. MOMO was modeled after her.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

Episode II[edit]

Sakura is the deceased daughter of Joachim and Juli Mizrahi. MOMO is modeled after her. She suffered from a central nervous system disorder, which was believed to be connected to an unusual wave pulse within the U.M.N. Because of this she was unable to speak. The neural pathways recognizing the real world had been severed, making her unable to express herself. Juli had her treated at the Yuriev Institute, and her treatment was connected with the U.R.T.V. U.M.N. link training. Dmitri Yuriev believed that contact with the anti U-DO waveforms within the U.R.T.V.s would be beneficial for her.

When the party travels into MOMO's subconscious domain, it is modeled after Sakura's memories. The party witnesses Junior, Albedo and Nigredo, during an event in the past where they dove into the subconscious domain and appeared in the closet of Sakura's bedroom. When they fall out of the closet she notices them. She is surprised, but also very happy that they are able to directly interact with her. After returning to the real world, Junior tells Juli that he was able to interact with her, and she asks him to tell him the things she says. In the real world, Juli taught Sakura how to play the piano and Junior witnessed the two of them together. Returning to the subconscious domain, Junior was able to speak with her further. Sakura was aware of her father creating MOMO, who was intended to be directly linked to Sakura so Sakura would be able to interact with her parents in the real world. The two talk further about the fact that Junior was developed as a weapon and doesn't have traditional parents. Sakura asks Junior to watch over her mother and MOMO, whom she considers to be her little sister. Junior says yes and she kisses him on the cheek.

When Junior heads to the Space Time Anomaly visions appear to him of Albedo attacking Sakura, done in order to enrage him. She transforms into MOMO. She appears again later as Junior is about to enter Red Dragon mode, telling him not to be afraid. After Junior kills Albedo, Sakura appears to him again as he cries over his brother's death. She tells him to get up, that there are people waiting for him and to remember the promise he made her, to protect her "sister".


  • Before her inevitable death, Sakura has a romantic relationship with Rubedo.
  • Sakura has an affinity to the mascot, Bunnie as evidenced with a Bunnie plush in her room.
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Episode III

Sakura Mizrahi

Sakura Mizrahi Database Thumbnail XS3.png

The girl upon whom MOMO was modeled.

The daughter of Joachim Mizrahi and Juli, upon whom MOMO was modeled.

Suffering from a congenital brain defect, she was unable to speak or communicate her feelings in the real world. While staying at the Yuriev Institute for treatment, she met Rubedo, who was in the middle of anti-U-DO training.

After showing Rubedo and Albedo a meaning to their lives beyond that of weapons fated o eventually disappear, she entrusted to them her younger sister who would later be born—a new consciousness named MOMO—and passed away.



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ミズラヒの亡娘の名前。 そのサクラの外見を写し取ったのがモモ で、「善い行いをすればサクラになれるよ」とミズラヒはモモに 対して言っていた。 ただしミズラヒの声を聞いていたのは水槽の 中だけで、 生まれ出た後、 ミズラヒとモモは会っていない。

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