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SP (XC2)

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SP, short for Skill Points, are points in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country used for unlocking new Driver Skills. Each Driver has their own SP pool, and they may unlock each Driver Skill by consuming a certain amount of SP (dependent upon the Skill).


Sources of SP are much like sources of EXP: they are obtained from defeating enemies, exploration, and quests.

Defeating enemies[edit]

Each enemy grants a certain amount of SP to all Drivers upon defeat. This value can be modified in several ways:

  • If an enemy's HP is reduced to 0 during a Chain Attack, any additional damage increases a so-called "bonus ratio". This increases the amount of SP awarded.
  • If an enemy is defeated with a Fusion Combo active (not during a Chain Attack), "Joint Combo Finish" displays on-screen and SP gains are increased. The amount by which they are increased ranges from 40% for a stage 2 Fusion Combo to 100% at stage 7. See Fusion Combo#General effects for intermediate values.
  • Drivers whose level is above or below that of the defeated enemy have their SP gains modified, independently of the above effects. See Level (XC2)#Level differences for the exact values.


Discovering a Location, Landmark, or Secret Area grants all party members SP. The amount granted is dependent upon the specific area discovered.


Completing quests, including main story quests, grants SP. The amount granted is dependent upon the quest, and may depend upon the route taken in multi-route quests.

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