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Species Tornan
Gender Female
Age ?
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (flashback)
Torna ~ The Golden Country (referenced)

Rynea (ラネア) is a character referenced in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. She is Lora's mother. She died during the attack on Torigoth.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

Although even that was never outright confirmed, Rynea was seen only once - during the flashback scene in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, where the 10-year old Lora awakened Jin and Gort was trying to kill her. She begged him "Please! She's barely 10 years old!" and Gort threw her back in the bed.

During the events of Torna ~ The Golden Country, Haze was making out the whereabouts of her. When she rendezvouses with Lora and Jin in Feltley Village, she tells her that she is residing in Torigoth Village in Gormott. Lora is visibly excited to see her mother again after all these years, but when the party arrives in Torigoth, they find it burnt-down. Lora says that she might have escaped, but further back, they find a graveyard with a grave that bears a charm Lora made for her when she was still a child.

After they encounter Brighid and meet Hugo, the party decides to go back to the Ardainian ship, but Lora and Haze ask Jin to go in their stead so that they could decorate the graves. While they are away, a band of mercenaries lead by Gort arrives. He remarks that the "bitch is dead" and that he had a soft spot for her, and attacks Lora so that he could reobtain what, in his mind, she has stolen from him: Jin's Core Crystal. Jin and the other arrive shortly after and he is about to strike the lethal blow, but Lora asks him to stop for her sake. After Gort runs away, Lora says that while he might have deserved it, he did take care of her mother.

At the end of the game, when Lora finally kills a chimera-like Gort, she says that her mother can now rest easy.


  • According to Alrest Records, Gort was Rynea's lover.
  • The models for Rynea and Gort in the flashback scene are internally called 娼館 (しょうかん) (おんな) and 娼館 (しょうかん) (おとこ), which means "Woman of the brothel" and "Man of the brothel".