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Roc (in-game).png
Species Blade
Gender Unclear (male pronouns)[note 1]
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Takahiro Fujimoto
English VA Todd Kramer
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
This article is about Roc in general. For gameplay information, see Roc/Gameplay.

Roc (スザク) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is Vandham's Blade.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Roc is a tall humanoid bird with orange, red and green feathers, small yellow eyes, and brown skin exposed on his torso, hands, and legs. He wears a fabric bag around his neck and coverings on his wrists and the forearms of his wings. His Core Crystal is shaped like a teardrop and encased in a golden chestpiece.

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Story arc[edit]

After Rex, Nia, Tora and their Blades strand in Uraya after being attacked by Ophion, they encounter a group of mercenaries: Vandham, Yew and Zuo. Vandham recognized the Pyra as being the Aegis and they attack the party, with Roc as Vandham's Blade. Rex loses the battle, but instead of dealing the final blow, Vandham gives him advice about his mistakes. He explains how Rex hasn't taken Pyra's limits into consideration. He properly intrudices himself and takes the party to Garfont Village.

Vandham takes the party with him to a job near the Great Blowhole. On their way, they encounter an ether miasma near Jebbas Outlook blocking the path. Roc dispels the miasma and they continue onwards. They defeat the Elder Arachno and Wulfric atop Soulcrown Summit and Vandham teaches Rex the life cycle of a Blade. Vandham later explains that he has no intention of awakening any new Core Crystals for himself as he already has Roc.

They return back to Garfont Village and Akhos appears together with Obrona. He attacks Pyra, and Vandham and Roc weaken gim by disrupting the ether flow. Akhos retreats. Vandham then takes the party to Fonsa Myma on the other side of the Urayan titan. They have a short encounter with Zeke and Pandoria and meet Cole and Iona once they arrive in the capital. They stay at an inn over the night, and both Pyra and Iona have disappeared. Cole explains that Malos and Akhos have visited him, and that they might have gone for Olethro Ruins, the place where Addam led his army of resistance from and where the Aegis woke up 500 years ago. They decide to go there.

As expected, Malos, Sever, Akhos, Obrona, Pyra and an unconscious Iona were all at Olethro Ruins. Rex tells Vandham to take Iona and leave. As the party seems to lose the fight, Vandham and Roc join the battle. Vandham channels the weapon's energy through his own body. Vandham tells Rex to get away, but he doesn't listen. He is able to keep Malos busy for a while, but gets stabbed by him while Rex is still lying there. He dies and Roc returns to his Core Crystal. This situation causes Mythra to reawaken.

Later, as the party is about to enter the ship to Mor Ardain in Argentum, Roc's Core Crystal starts to glow. They discuss if it's right for Rex to reawaken him, but for now, Rex puts it back into his bag. A young Gormotti boy suddenly runs past them and Pyra notices that the bag is gone. They run after him and find him stealing Pittman's ship. They ask Garram if he could lend them his boat to chase after him. Using it, they follow him to Gormott.

They ask the citizens of Torigoth if they have seen him and find out that he is in Umon's Shipyard together with some other kids. Even though they are cornered, they refuse to give back Roc's Core Crystal, and call a group of Puffots to fend Rex and the others off. Rex defeats them and reclaim the Core Crystal. He asks the children why they stole it in the first place. The boy introduces himself as Rhys from Cordell Village and they explain that bandits have attacked their hometown after Rex has destroyed the Torigoth water tower to escape Mòrag and Brighid earlier and because the village had water. The children were the only survivors, and their goal was revenge. Another girl appears and she explains that the bandits are planning to attack Torigoth next after Consul Dughall is currently not in Gormott.

They go to the Brigands' Hideout, but another ether miasma is blocking the path. They remember Roc having dispelled one before, and so they decide that it's time for Rex to reawaken him, and he does. After his reawakening, Roc briefly talks with the party and Nia notices that the way he talks reminds her of Vandham. Roc then asks who this Vandham is. Rex asks Roc if he could dispel the ether miasma and he agrees. After he dispels it, Roc asks what kind of person Vandham was and that he should look out for his Driver.

From this point, while Roc is presumed to remain with the party, he is never seen in the main story again. While he himself does not appear, Rex briefly uses his scythes during his confrontation with the Phantasms.

Marvelous Mercenaries[edit]

During Marvelous Mercenaries, after the party successfully completes the mystery client's mission, Yew asks the party to accompany him to Vandham's grave with Roc. There, Roc confides that he does not remember Vandham, though he realizes how great of a person he was from watching Rex, his friends, and the people of Garfont, before swearing to his former Driver that he will keep those same people safe.


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As a party member[edit]

Main article: Roc/Gameplay (XC2)

Roc is the only Blade of Vandham. He later becomes Rex's Blade when going to the Brigands' Hideout in Gormott to take out the bandits.

As an NPC[edit]

Roc can be found at a random location in Garfont Village, provided he is not equipped to his Driver or sent on a Merc Mission. The specific locations he may be found at are listed here.


Do you have need of my strength? I'm always ready to lend a hand!


  • In English, Roc is voiced by Todd Kramer, who also voices Mikhail.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Roc From the legendary roc
Japan flag.svg Japanese スザク The Japanese name of the Vermilion Bird
France flag.svg French Roc
Germany flag.svg German Roc
Spain flag.svg Spanish Roc
Italy flag.svg Italian Roc
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 朱雀
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 朱雀
South Korea flag.svg Korean 스자쿠





  1. While Roc is treated as male by all dialogue, his concept art shows he's modelled on a female body, and his internal value for gender is 4. The way the game handles gender for non-humanoid Blades is inconsistent enough that no conclusive answer can be drawn from this.