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Riki XC1 art 1.png
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Age 40
Height 60 cm
Japanese VA Yuki Kaida
English VA Wayne Forester
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Future Connected
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
This article is about Riki in general. For gameplay information, see Riki/Gameplay (XC1).

Riki (リキ, Riki) is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the Heropon of Frontier Village and accompanies Shulk and the others throughout their journey. Nene is a daughter of him and his wife Oka, and Kino is their adopted son.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Riki is a middle-aged orange Nopon with pinkish highlights at the ends of his hair and fingers and a large X-shaped scar across his belly. His main appearance comprises a purple and cyan vest with a pink and yellow necktie, in addition to a brown and red holster on his back used to hold his weapon.

Riki is a very two-sided character. Most of the time he presents a very childish outlook and personality, including but not limited to: loudly boasting about his battle prowess, quickly hopping topics of discussion, describing the party as "Heropon and sidekicks", referring to weak and dead creatures (including himself) as hungry or sleepy, taking phrases and idioms literally, and thanking himself for contributing more than he actually did in any given situation. Conversely, he has a hidden wisdom of interpersonal relationships, cares deeply about his friends (even if he has a very loose definition of "friend"), and knows when his antics are uncalled for.

Story arc[edit]

A group of five adventurers enters Frontier Village: Shulk, Reyn, Dunban, Sharla, and Melia. There is a Telethia on the loose in Makna Forest, and it is Melia's job to kill it, with the other four pledging their aid for it. The village's chief, Dunga, decides to provide them with a guide in the form of this year's legendary Heropon. The reveal ceremony begins: Riki falls from the higher levels of the village, hits Reyn in the face, and chaos ensues. Once things are calmed down, Riki introduces himself and requests/demands that the others gather some equipment for him. They then set off to find the Telethia. As they leave, the Homs ask why Riki was chosen to be the Heropon. Riki first says that the chief picked him by using his instinct and seer powers, but when pressed, admits that he is not skilled or special: he just has a huge debt to the village, and accomplishing things as Heropon is his ticket to work it off.

Riki's forest-dweller instinct leads them to a huge ether crystal deposit where the Telethia is found. They do battle, and Riki doesn't accomplish much, aside from perhaps being a distraction. He gets knocked out and misses the creature's destruction entirely, before getting up and complaining that it's over. Upon returning to the village, he takes all the credit, which the Homs tolerate. Dungan then declares a new prophechy that says Riki must join them on the rest of their travels. Riki immediately sees that this is just a way to be rid of him, but he gets convinced to go along with it by his family, which the party is surprised to see that he has (they thought he was a young loner, not a married father of eleven).

Riki has little influence for a while afterward. His next major scene is after the party has found themselves split up on the Fallen Arm, Riki being with Dunban and Melia. Riki notices that Melia is tired, but knows she will never admit it, so he pretends to be tired in order to force the group to stop and rest. Dunban has this figured out and gently ribs Riki for having lied about being tired. Riki has also noticed that Dunban is unhappy, which Dunban explains: he is anxious about Shulk and Fiora, and the relationship between them. Riki mistakes Dunban as a father for a moment, sharing similar experiences as a father himself.

The Heropon disappears into the background again for a long time, and only reappears once more, immediately after the death of Melia's brother Kallian. Riki is the only one other than Melia who heard Kallian's parting words, giving Melia much relief that she was not simply imagining it.

Riki as a character does not change through the story of Xenoblade Chronicles, though what the audience and the party know about him does. Riki remains an active participant the entire time, shouting his support many times while often flapping around in the background (and not always in panic). Riki always support friends, even if he not really part of situation. Heropon is bestest!

Riki is briefly seen at the end of Future Connected.


Riki XC1 art 2.png
  • A Nopon at the Pollen Works in Frontier Village says that prior to becoming Heropon, Riki used to work the Pollen Works wheel.
  • According to the Heart-to-Heart At the Pollen Works, Riki dislikes eating Red Pollen Orbs, saying that they make his stomach go "thump thump."
  • After the battle with Lorithia and in the Heart-to-Heart In Ose Tower, Riki is implied to have the ability to hear ghosts.
  • Riki's first time seeing a Mechon was during the fight on Prison Island. (Heart-to-Heart: A Heropon's Perspective)
  • Riki is implied to have a crush on Melia in the Heart-to-Heart Flowers of Eryth Sea.
  • Riki's debt to Frontier Village is "same as 20,000 fish eggs" (Heart-to-Heart: Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan
  • Riki once made Oka a flower crown as a gift. (Quiet Moment: A Love for Flowers)
  • Riki made Kino's weapon, inspired by Sharla's ether rifle. (Quiet Moment: Dadapon's Gift)

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Riki/Gameplay (XC1)

While presented as ineffective in plot, Riki is a formidable foe in battle. He has an even mix of physical and ether attacks, access to a lot of buffs and debuffs, and the most HP of any party member. This makes him fit well as almost any role. However, while he can do almost anything, he is also not the best at any one thing.

As a boss[edit]

Main article: Riki (boss)

Riki appears in the This Year's Heropon Challenge Battle in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as the single foe of wave 12.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Main article: Riki on SmashWiki

Aside from a cameo in Shulk's Final Smash, Riki has several notable roles in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Assist Trophy[edit]

The Assist Trophy is an item that summons a random character to aid the user. Riki is one of the available characters. When summoned, he uses three or four arts from a list of six before vanishing. Like most Assist Trophies, he cannot be attacked. The arts he may use are:

  • Yoink! - gravitates items towards Riki.
  • Happy Happy - boosts the knockback dealt by all characters, friend or foe.
  • Roly-Poly - causes nearby opponents to trip.
  • You Can Do It - heals nearby characters, friend or foe.
  • Freezinate - freezes nearby enemies.
  • Bedtime - puts nearby opponents to sleep.

Smash Tour item[edit]

Smash Tour is a party mode in SSB4 where players simultaneously move around a board to collect items and characters to use in occasional battles. Riki is one of the items; when used, he lets the user grab items up to two spaces away.

Master Spirit[edit]

Spirits are the main focus of the World of Light mode, which are fought to gain them as collectibles that can be used in later battles. Riki is a Master Spirit, which means that instead of being equippable in battles, he runs a Dojo that teaches the "Strategist" style to spirits. Spirits with this style give the user improved special move damage, at the expense of damage for all other attacks.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Riki
Japan flag.svg Japanese リキ Riki
France flag.svg French Riki
Germany flag.svg German Riki
Spain flag.svg Spanish Riki
Italy flag.svg Italian Riki
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Riki
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Riki
Russia flag.svg Russian Рики Riki
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 力奇
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 力奇
South Korea flag.svg Korean 리키


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