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Rigitte Waters

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Rigitte Waters
Rigitte Waters Close View 1.jpg
Location Leftherian Archipelago
Connects to Cloudway
Music Leftherian Archipelago
Leftherian Archipelago/Night

Rigitte Waters is a sub-area in Leftheria in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is where the party first arrives in Leftheria and sets out for Fonsett Village.


The Rigitte Waters of the Leftherian Archipelago are located on the southern end of the area. Much like most of the archipelago, it features many jellyfish-like Titans acting as islands, linked to each other by some of their tendrils, hovering in the air. Some smaller versions of the same kind of Titans float on the Cloud Sea or hover around. It is separated from the northern parts of the archipelago, the Fonsett Waters, by a giant wall of clouds, the Cloud Sea ridge.

The southern edge of the Rigitte Waters is where its port can be found, Rigitte Harbor, sharing the waters' namesake. The port is also the only part of the waters to be inhabited by people. The port is directly connected by a tendril to the Rigitte Waters' biggest island, Baldotas Isle, which acts as a crossroad while traveling further into the archipelago. Unlike the other islands on this side of the archipelago, Baldotas Isle features many pools of water.

Daram Isle is reached by taking the western tendril from Baldotas Isle and is located on the western part of the waters. The island is covered by giant scales jutting from the ground, acting as walls. The island is covered by a roof-like structure, with crystal-like ovals embedded inside, as well as leaf-like tendrils coming from it, both acting as a light source. The roof is supported by many rolled-up tendrils at the center of the island. Additionally, the island is inhabited by a colony of Tirkin. A tendril coming from the isle leads further north, to an entrance into the Orl Cloudway, a passageway inside the cloud ridge, with this route being considered as the safer way to Fonsett Village.

Daridan's Stack and the Isle of Sleeping Remains can be found on the northeastern part of the Rigitte Waters. The former is accessed by taking the northeastern tendril from Baldotas Isle and does not feature much other than a few large trees and a Salvage Point, with another tendril leading further east, to the Isle of Sleeping Remains. The Isle of Sleeping Remains possesses the same type of roof as Daram Isle. However, instead of scales jutting from the ground, giant seashells are partially buried all over the island, with one of them leading into a grotto. A tendril coming from the isle leads further north, to an entrance into the Lud Cloudway, another passageway inside the cloud ridge different from the first. This route is considered as the riskier way to Fonsett Village.

Smaller islands can be found hovering and moving around the Rigitte Waters' air, as well as floating on the Cloud Sea, such as Merclibay Islet or the Little Garden of Tradition on the latter's case.


List of NPCs in the Rigitte Waters. Permanent means the NPC can be talked to in a fully completed file. Temporary means the NPC will either disappear or move to another location at one point, either through quests or story progression.






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