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Richard XS1&2.jpg
Episode I & II artwork.
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 14 (Episode II)
15 (Episode III)
Height 163 cm
Weight 46 kg
Japanese VA Ryotaro Okiayu
English VA Jason Spisak
Appearances Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Outer File

Richard (リヒャルト) is an antagonist character in the Xenosaga series. He is one of the Inquisitors of Ormus.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Despite his appearance being hidden in all of the mainline Xenosaga games, he is shown outside of his craft in the Nintendo DS game, Xenosaga I & II. He is a teenage boy with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tattoo on his right shoulder. His sleeveless black tunic is accessorized with a cravat and a purple broach. He wears a large metal arm-guard on his left arm, a short, metal crinoline around his waist, and a pair of white, thigh-high boots. Although not easily seen in his character portraits, the sheath of his rapier sits on his left hip, fixed to a chain.

Richard has an eccentric, almost split personality. It is believed that this was brought on after he witnessed his sister's death as a child.

Story arc[edit]

Richard is an Inquisitor within Ormus and is under the authority of Chief Inquisitor Margulis. He is a master of the rapier. His family had roots going back to the Immigrant Fleet. His parents and older sister died when he was young, making him master of the house at a young age. Hermann's family had served his family as retainers for several generations.

Outer File[edit]

Richard's first appearance, alongside Hermann, is in this audio drama.

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Episode II[edit]

When the party arrives at Second Miltia, Margulis arranges for Pellegri to try and capture MOMO. She is accompanied by her subordinates, Richard and Hermann and sends them ahead. Richard and Hermann chase after the car carrying MOMO in their A.M.W.S. units, Pilum and Scutum. They chase MOMO and the others as they run through the city and eventually do battle. Pellegri arrives after the party defeats them and tells Richard and Hermann to stand down, but she is forced to retreat with them when Canaan appears in Asher. Richard and Herman appear again later in the game at the Ormus Stronghold and the party must fight them off again.

Xenosaga I & II[edit]

In the Episode I segment, Richard is introduced in a meeting with Margulis, Pellegri, and Hermann. He and Hermann first meet the main party when they infiltrate the Durandal disguised as Galaxy Federation soldiers. In the midst of them fighting, Richard seemingly changes personalities, going from arrogant and confident to childish and sadistic. After the fight, the two are defeated and retreat.

In the Episode II segment, Richard and Hermann are given orders from Margulis to intercept the party on Second Miltia. Rather than chasing the party, they're held off by Shion and KOS-MOS while the party retrieves E.S. Asher. Using Pilum and Scutum, Richard and Hermann manage to cripple KOS-MOS, but are distracted long enough to get defeated when the party comes back with not only the Asher, but also E.S. Zebulun. Later on, Richard and Hermann still appear in the Ormus Stronghold with their A.W.M.S. units, but unlike their initial appearance in Episode II, they're seen in an altercation against Albedo. The two are defeated by him, and retreat before the party walks in with their E.S. units. After Albedo sets the destruction of the stronghold in motion, Richard and Hermann return to fight the party. After losing once again, they retreat, but are caught in the stronghold's explosion, propelling them towards Old Miltia along with the main party and Albedo. On Old Miltia, they encounter the Black Testament who distracts them from reaching the Original Zohar in time. After the awakening of the Ω System, Richard and Hermann are ordered by Pellegri to pull back and prepare for what's to come.

Episode III[edit]

Along with Hermann, Richard is put in charge of dealing with a Federation Fleet that moves towards Rennes-le-Château after it appears in space. He appears along with Hermann on Michtam near the end of the game and attacks the party in his E.S., Gad. He is defeated and presumably killed in the following battle.


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Episode III


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Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus.

Inquisitor of the secret society Ormus under the authority of Chief Inquisitor Margulis. Master of the rapier.

Member of an old family with roots that can be traced back to the Immigrant Fleet. His older sister and parents died in an accident in his early childhood; as a result, he became the young master of the house. Hermann’s family had served his family as personal retainers for generations.

His eccentric, almost split personality seems to have been brought on by witnessing his sister’s death.

Xenosaga I & II



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