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Rhys is a minor character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a child from Cordell Village who wants to take revenge on the bandits who destroyed his village.

Story arc[edit]

Right before the party embarks for Mor Ardain, Rhys steals Roc's Core Crystal from Rex. Pursued by them, he steals Pittman's ship and flees to Torigoth. The party later finds Rhys and his friend's hideout, Umon's Shipyard, where he summons four Latollo Puffots to attack the party. After the party defeats the monsters, he gives back Roc's Core Crystal to Rex and then explains his group's circumstances as orphans from Cordell Village, which was destroyed by bandits. After the party deals with the bandits, Rex brings Rhys and his friends back to Argentum with the intent of making them salvagers to repay their debt, with the help of Pittman and Garram.



  • He used to play with Dax and the other phonexes before Cordell Village was destroyed.
  • He is friends with Lummie, who ended up in Garfont Village after Cordell's destruction.
  • He wants to become a first rate salvager in the future, to repay the kindness everyone in Argentum showed him and his friends.

As an NPC[edit]

Location Argentum (Goldmouth Return Port)
Species Gormotti
Gender Male
Time 07:00-19:00

He can, at first, be found on Goldmouth Flight Deck during Chapter 4 as "???". Later on during the chapter, he can be found during the day on Goldmouth Return Port in Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild, and remains there until the end of the game. During Chapter 9, he gives the party a Delta Vessel, his first find as a salvager, as thanks for everything they did for him.


Chapter 4[edit]

After the party stays at Lemour Inn
Let's face it, no one's going to save us. We have to stand up and fight for ourselves…
Never mind. Just leave me alone. I'm busy.
After the party defeats the bandits at the Brigands' Hideout
I'm spending the whole day helping out at the docks as part of my salvager training.
You have to run back and forth all over the place. It's pretty exhausting…
Isn't salvaging all about diving, though? I'm not really seeing the point of this…

Chapter 5[edit]

There's a lot of nice people here in Argentum.
I've been helping out at the docks for a while, but Garram only recently told me why we have to do work like this.
It's so that we can get familiar with Argentum, and build up our stamina and endurance.
I think I can work hard knowing that it's for good people. I need to return the kindness they showed me.

Chapter 6[edit]

Hey, guess what! Garram's going to start giving me salvager training!
But Pittman's supposed to be there too…
Ever since the time I stole that guy's boat, he's been super suspicious of us.
I guess I've only got myself to blame, but it's made things really awkward between us…

Chapter 7[edit]

I never thought salvager training would be so tough…
It's actually pretty scary… I feel like I'm going to dread the diving part.
Yeah…I'll be fine!
It's not like we have anywhere else to go, and we promised to repay the kindness everyone's shown us.
I'm still new to this, but I'll stick at it. I'll be a first rate salvager someday, just wait and see!

Chapter 8[edit]

I've been helping out with salvaging lately.
My skills aren't really up to scratch yet, but I'm actually doing it. I'm actually diving into the Cloud Sea!
If I can keep this up, it won't be long before we achieve our goal…
Oh, nothing! Just pretend you didn't hear that!

Chapter 9[edit]

Oh, hi! Perfect timing. I want to give you something!
Look, our very first actual find as salvagers! I want you to have it!
No idea what it is, but I bet you'll find a use for it somehow!
After receiving Rhys's present
We all decided together that we'd make the first thing we salvaged ourselves a present to you guys!
If it weren't for you, we'd never have got these salvager jobs, after all.
We'll work hard to repay our debts, you can count on that!

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Rhys
Japan flag.svg Japanese リリオ
France flag.svg French Rhys
Germany flag.svg German Rhys
Spain flag.svg Spanish Rhys
Italy flag.svg Italian Rhys
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 利利奥
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 利里奧
South Korea flag.svg Korean 리리오