Reminiscence (Music Box)

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Reminiscence (Music Box)
Original Title 回想 (かいそう)/オルゴール
Composer(s) Manami Kiyota
Length 3:27
Used in Xenoblade Chronicles
Other versions Memories

Reminiscence (Music Box) is Disc 1, Track 20 on the Xenoblade Original Soundtrack. It is a version of Reminiscence (and, by extension, of Memories) with the vibraphone replaced by a music box. It plays during Shulk's and Fiora's conversation on Junks docked in Colony 6 after the battle against the Sani Telethia. It can also play in the original Wii and New 3DS versions during the tutorials introducing New Game Plus after beating the game, if Riki's Kindness does not play instead.