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Quest (XC1)

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Quests in Xenoblade Chronicles and Future Connected are tasks given to the party, usually by NPCs or automatically triggered by story progression. Accepted and completed quests can be found in the Quest Log. There are a total of 480 quests in Xenoblade Chronicles, however only up to 455 can be completed in a single playthrough due to there being 25 pairs of Mutually Exclusive quests. Most quests are not required to complete the story. Quests are listed on this page in the order they appear in a completed quest log, divided into sections based on location and which region each location is a part of according to the Affinity Chart.

Types of Quests[edit]

There are several different types of quests in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are as follows:

  • Generic Quests: Received from unnamed NPCs (ex. "Colony 9 Resident"). They all follow one of a few templates:
    • Monster Quests: The party must defeat a given number of a specific type of enemy
    • Challenge Quests: The party must defeat a specific Unique Monster
    • Material Quests: The party must collect specific Materials
    • Collect Quests: The party must collect specific Collectables
    • Search Quests: The party must fine a specific Key Item
  • Normal Quests: Received from named NPCs. These quests often have their own stories, especially when multiple quests form a quest line.
  • Timed Quests: Quests that expire after certain story events. A stopwatch icon is used to indicate that a quest is timed. Any type of quest can also be timed.
  • Mutually Exclusive Quests: Pairs of quests where only one can be completed (or in some cases, accepted). Some mutually exclusive quests are considered timed by the game due to them expiring when the other quest is completed.
  • Surprise Quests: Quests that are given to the party by surprise when they step close enough to the quest area.
  • Story Quests: Quests that are accepted automatically during the story and must be completed to progress.

Colony 9 Area Quests[edit]

Colony 9[edit]

Tephra Cave[edit]

Colony 6 Area Quests[edit]

Bionis' Leg[edit]

Colony 6[edit]

Central Bionis Quests[edit]

Satorl Marsh[edit]

Makna Forest[edit]

Frontier Village[edit]

Upper Bionis Quests[edit]

Eryth Sea[edit]


Valak Mountain[edit]

Mechonis' Sword Quests[edit]

Note: Quests within this region are not part of any affinity region

Sword Valley[edit]

Galahad Fortress[edit]

Hidden Village Quests[edit]

Fallen Arm[edit]

Mechonis Field[edit]

Central Factory[edit]


Prison Island Quests[edit]

Note: Quests within this region are not part of any affinity region

Future Connected Quests[edit]

Bionis' Shoulder[edit]

Alcamoth (FC)[edit]


Tutorials (original)[edit]

Tutorials (DE)[edit]

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