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Pursued Spaceship

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Pursued Spaceship
Original Title ()われる宇宙艇 (うちゅうてい)
Composer(s) Yasunori Mitsuda
Length 3:33
Used in Xenosaga Episode I

Pursued Spaceship is Disc 1, Track 15 on the Xenosaga Original Soundtrack and Disc 2, Track 13 on the Xenosaga Episode I album. ('Pursued Spaceship' is an unofficial translation, as seen in the VGMdb listing of the album.)

It plays in the cutscene where Ziggy and MOMO's spaceship encounters the Elsa in hyperspace.

Album Notes[edit]

Album notes written by Yasunori Mitsuda. No official translation exists.

何カットもあるこのシーンは凄くスピード感があって、 音楽を付けていてもテンションが上がりっぱなしでした。

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