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Haksheen White
Professor (XS1).png
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 64
Height 150 cm
Weight 55 kg
Japanese VA Takeshi Aono
Tomohisa Asou (Xenosaga: The Animation)
English VA Steve Blum
Charles C. Campbell (Xenosaga: The Animation)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Freaks
Xenosaga Outer File
Xenosaga: The Animation

Haksheen White, most commonly called the Professor (ハカセ), is a supporting character in the Xenosaga series. He is a scientist who lives in the Kukai Foundation and is part of the Erde Kaiser-related sidequests before taking a larger role in the storyline in Xenosaga Episode III. He is also a supporting character in Xenosaga: The Animation and Xenosaga Freaks.

Appearance and personality[edit]

The Professor is an old man who is mostly bald with white hair and glasses. In Episode I, he wears grey heavy coat, pants and boots with white accents and a yellow scarf. In Episode II, the Professor wears a short sleeved coat, pants and boots with blue accents, when the Professor reveals the existence of the Dark Professor, he wears an orange button short sleeved shirt, blue shorts, roller skates and a straw hat. In Episode III, the Professor wears a green heavy coat, brown gloves, white pants and brown boots.

The Professor is obsessed with giant robots, considering A.G.W.S. mere children's toys. He can often be found shaking and comes off as rather paranoid, initially believing the party members to be spies. While he is able to recruit an assistant, Scott, his alcoholism drives him away. Eventually he learns the errors of his ways though and reunites with him.

Story arc[edit]

Episode I[edit]

The Professor can be found in the basement of the A.G.W.S. Part Shop in the Kukai Foundation, a place he calls the Foundation Robot Academy. Any member of the party can come here to meet him. When first arriving, he appears quite nervous at first, but recruits the party to help find robot parts scattered across the universe so he can build an invincible giant robot. The party is able to bring him the robot part legs, arms, head and body respectively and get a powerful ether spell for Shion each time. The Professor eventually gets an assistant, Scott, but due to his constant drinking he gets in an argument with Scott and fires him. While he initially denies that he is worried about Scott, when his lab equipment stops working the Professor realizes the importance of the power of friendship and that Scott is needed. The party is able to find Scott at the Iron Man Bar and bring him back to the Professor. Together they create the giant robot Erde Kaiser.

Episode II[edit]

The Professor moves his laboratory to the lower level of the Elsa, although initially does this without the knowledge of Matthews and the Elsa crew. Eventually he is discovered and reveals that he has been spending a lot of money using Matthews' name, causing his debt to increase even further. Matthews agrees to let the Professor stay on board as long as any profits used from his experiments can be used to pay down his debt. The Professor retains Scott as his assistant and also declares Allen and KOS-MOS to also be assistants of his. Upon recovering Robot Parts from Segment Addresses he can once again create powerful Erde Kaiser ether spells for Shion.

In the post-game, the Professor explains that he has been seeking to build a giant robot due to a man he believes to be his twin brother, although he admits they are not actually related. This man, whom he calls the Dark Professor, has an evil scheme involving the Forbidden Devices included across the world, and is building his own Erde Kaiser, called Dark Erde Kaiser. The professor hopes to defeat him, believing he'd win the respect and adoration of millions and possibly a country club membership. By meeting the Other Professor in Second Miltia, then completing a series of optional dungeons, the party is eventually able to make it to the Space Coliseum where the Professor and Dark Professor confront each other. Once the Dark Erde Kaiser is defeated, the Professor considers himself victorious and the Dark Professor admits defeat.

Episode III[edit]

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  • The Professor is a heavy drinker.
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Episode III


Professor Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Genius scientist conducting research day and night at the Robot Academy.

His real name is Haksheen White. Genius scientist who graduate at the top of his class at the University of Bormeo.

After graduation, he as scouted by Vector and a number of other top-tier research and development companies. He rejected all of the offers, however, and disappeared.

He met Shion and the others after establishing the dubious research facility known as the Robot Academy on the Kukai Foundation. Later, that fateful meeting became the key to accomplishing his dram of creating an indestructible giant robot, Ede Kaiser.



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ロボットアカデミーを主宰する謎の老人。 人の話に聞く耳を持たず、自分の言動に自己陶酔する質で、興奮すると体が震えてくる。巨大ロボを作ることに命を燃やしており、 そのためならば他人をこき使うことも厭わない。 これだけの設備を建造、 維持していくには相当な資金を必要としているはずだが、その出所は不明。

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