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This page describes a plot summary of Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht. It is not a full description nor a complete novelization, but simply an overview of major events. If the reader is looking for a full script, see here.


Dr. Masuda.png

In the year 20XX A.D. at Lake Turkana, Kenya, An archeological expedition is underway, led by doctor Masuda. He then uncovers an altar with a cross-shaped indentation, pulling out a decoration of the same shape and inserts it into the indentation. The altar's line then glows, causing an earthquake as an underground ruins surfaces to the lake. After the earthquake subsided, the ruins reveals a golden cross-shaped monolith which shoots a green-white beam into the sky, aweing Masuda.

Chapter 1[edit]

Shion KOS-MOS.png

4000 years later, onboard the Woglinde, as a team of astronauts secure a similar golden monolith floating in space one of them disappeared after making contact with it. Meanwhile a team of Vector scientists begin a virtual simulator, led by chief Shion Uzuki in a simulated 20th century ruins to begin some tests with KOS-MOS. Midway, the simulation begins to malfunction after the appearance of a mysterious girl, prompting her fellow employee and friend, Allen to pull her out of the simulation for her own safety despite her protests. Shion is given simulated combat data to present to the captain. On her way, she comes across Vanderkam berating his subordinates and reminisces of her previous superior, Kevin Winnicot on a rainy night. She then spots the golden monolith from earlier finds herself in a mysterious graveyard with the same girl from the simulation before being berated by Vanderkam.

On her way, she is stopped by Allen who hands her the disk of the combat data that she left behind at the lab. Unknown to her, the phantom girl watches her from afar. During a conversation with Allen, Shion gets a call, requesting her to some Realian maintenance in which she accepts. On her way, she returns to her quarters to collect the maintenance data for the process. At the Realian maintenace lab, she preforms counseling to the various combat models before Luis Virgil shows up. The two get into an argument about their basic rights, with Virgil calling it a "load of crap" before leaving with Shion wondering if he is a DME addict.

On her way back the bridge, Shion gets an e-mail from her colleague, Miyuki Itsumi, saying that she delivered the M.W.S. in the hangar and she goes there to pick it up. On the bridge, after Shion delivers the combat data to the captain, the first officer, Andrew Cherenkov berates her for only turning over simulated data, not real data, worried that the Gnosis will attack any second before recieving a message from an unknown person. In a secret area, Cherenkov contacts his superior, Margulis and gives him a status report and berates him for the carelessness of handling the Zohar Emulator, and is apologetic about the fact that people disappeared upon touching the recently recovered Zohar Emulator. Margulis orders him to keep the Zohar Emulator safe until reinforcements arrive, as well as to encourage the KOS-MOS development team to hurry with its deployment.

At Shion's quarters, she gets into an argument with her older brother Jin before going to sleep. Shion finds herself in a dream in the same graveyard. She spots the phantom girl before she is greeted by the silhouette of a boy, and in reality, the phantom girl observes Shion tossing and turning in her sleep. Back at the lab, Allen is surprised that his co-workers are still there. On the bridge, As the Woglinde is about to gate jump, an alarm goes off, pinpointing the source as the Vector lab. At the lab, Allen is shocked that KOS-MOS is starting up on auto-mode despite being disabled after a certain incident. At the same time, Shion is awakened and learns what's going on, remembering the incident that killed Kevin. On the bridge, the crew realize that the Gnosis are about to gate jump in which they to. Virgil, suiting up into his A.G.W.S. prepares for battle, remarking the combat Realians going into battle without them. Immediately, the Gnosis began taking over the ship, including killing two Federation officers by turning them into salt.

KOS-MOS awakens.png

As Shion is making her way to the Vector laboratory, avoiding the various Gnosis that's crawling around the ship, she is nearly killed by Virgil in his A.G.W.S., angering Shion before those two get into another argument. The Gnosis then ambushed Virgil's A.G.W.S. squad with one Gnosis fusing with a fallen A.G.W.S. to attack the survivors. A combat Realian directs Shion to an escape pod, while he holds off the Gnosis despite her protests. Meanwhile the undercover U-TIC operatives are making plans to ensure the Zohar Emulator gets to Margulis, with Cherenkov voluntarily decides to sacrifice himself, while his comrades, Vanderkam and his subordinates escape as he purges the block. On the bridge, The captain deduces that the Gnosis are after the object in the hanger. The crewmembers are attempting to call for reinforcements, only for Gnosis suicide bomber to collide with the bridge, killing everyone.

Virgil is unable to stop the Gnosis' advance and decides to steal Shion's control panel to use the combat Realians as bombs. Horrified, Shion tells him to stop, only for him to recite Article Four, Paragraph 13 of the Miltian Charter: "Weapons-Grade Realians are required to be equipped with a remotely accessible behavioral limit and self-destruct system in case of emergency or malfunction. Use of these functions will be determined by the senior officer in charge of the situation". Shion demands him stop, saying that he has no right to play god with their lives, but decides to detonate them regardless. Unsurprisingly, the Gnosis survived the blast and one grabs Shion. As her body turns white, Shion sees a vision of the phantom girl. Suddenly, her body returns to normal as a beam frees her from the Gnosis's grasp as KOS-MOS bursts through the wall alongside Allen. As she recovers from the attack, KOS-MOS activates the Hilbert Effect and make short work of the remaining Gnosis. KOS-MOS orders the survivors to proceed to hangar one and she perceives that the Gnosis's target is the Zohar Emulator, she then explains that this is one of her assigned duties as well as protecting Vector employees.

Meanwhile, Cherenkov is unable to purge as the survivors make their way to the Zohar Emulator. Shion spots that all but one escape pod has been used before noticing Cherenkov, much to the latter's confusion. Shion then grabs a rifle and joins the survivors in fending off the Gnosis. As Allen, Virgil and KOS-MOS are fighting the Gnosis, KOS-MOS suddenly fires on and kills Virgil. As he is dying, he sees a vison of a silver haired woman. Disgusted, Shion demanded why she killed him only to say that he got in the way and she is assigned to protect Vector Employees, not military personnel. Angered, Shion tells her that she has no right to commit murder, KOS-MOS shrugs it off claiming that Virgil was in his line of fire, claiming that changing her firing position would reduce her combat capability, as well as there are only room for two people for the escape pod. As the survivors is about to retrieve the Zohar Emulator, they are attacked by a large Gnosis in which they defeat. Despite this, the Gnosis manages to escape with the Emulator and destroy the Woglinde, with only Shion, Allen, KOS-MOS and Cherenkov as the only survivors. KOS-MOS then receives orders from her unseen boss to head to Second Miltia, much to the protest of the survivors.

Chapter 2[edit]


A passenger ship called the Elsa comprised of captain Matthews and his mates, Tony and Hammer are at the wreckage of the Woglinde in hopes of salvaging the remains to pay back their boss, Gaignun Kukai. As they begin the operation, KOS-MOS collides with the window with the crew mistaking her for a dead body. She then demands Matthews to let her on board in which they comply. Shion manages to make contact with the Elsa and demands KOS-MOS to let her on board in which she refuses as she estimates that a Federation rescue crew will arrive soon. Allen then complains that they'll starve to death with KOS-MOS rebuking that suffocation will kill them first. However after Shion threatens to open the hatch to kill herself if KOS-MOS does not complies to her demands. Another crewmate, chaos (the boy from Shion's dream) was woken up by the commotion, encourages her to let them on board and she finally relents.

Compass of Order base.png

On the bridge, as the survivors introduce themselves and apologizes for KOS-MOS's actions, a stray Gnosis manages to sneak on board and attack Cherenkov. chaos uses his power to make the Gnosis disappear and save Cherenkov. At the office of Vector's CEO, Wilhelm, decorated with an energy cube, a red cloaked man gives him a report from KOS-MOS, fascinating him, he also reveals there is an unidentified ship closing in on the battlefield. Wilhelm believe if the ship threatens Shion, KOS-MOS would protect her, with the cloaked man confirms. Wilhelm believes it was a good decision to pull back KOS-MOS as he believe there is no need to continue serving the Federation as the data for the Rhine Maiden is now complete before orders the cloaked man to gather the necessary factors and wait for the other one to awaken.

Chapter 3[edit]

Margulis Pellegri.png

At the U-TIC Organization's hideout, Pleroma, Margulis and his second in command, Pellegri review footage of Ariadne's disappearance. He then tells her that half of a billion lives means nothing despite Pellegri's objections, saying the victims deserve more respect. Margulis rebukes her saying that even though the experiment failed, he is taking the necessary steps to recover the Zohar Emulator, even going far as using the original. Margulis claims all they have to do is repeat the process until they get the correct results. One of the U-TIC soldiers informs Margulis that he have received a message from Vanderkam, saying that all of his forces wiped out and lost the Zohar Emulator, due to it being taken by the Gnosis, disappointing Margulis before telling him that he's implementing "Plan 31".

At the Federation Capital, Fifth Jerusalem's Orbit Tower, a group of politicians discuss about a cyborg's past and history of choosing missions of low success rates before they summon the cyborg in question, Ziggurat 8. They send him on a mission to infiltrate the U-TIC Organization's hideout and retrieve the 100-Series prototype, a young girl with pink hair. After Ziggurat 8 departs, one of the politicians, Juli Mizrahi reveals that Ziggurat 8 committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with his pistol, concerning the other politicians.

Back on Pleroma, as Margulis interrogates the girl, Ziggurat 8 infiltrates the base through a cloaking device by smuggling himself on one of U-TIC's dropships. He then places a device among the rubble before his cloak short-circuits, much to his dismay. In a flashback, Ziggurat 8 is briefed further on the mission by Mizrahi, saying that the data she holds can affect the fate of humanity, and the U-TIC Organization wants to get their hands on that data for themselves. Ziggurat 8 finds the girl locked in a cell and knocks out the guards, but is unable to get it open due to master key needed to opening and which Ziggurat 8 finds, freeing her.

After she was freed, an alarm goes off, prompting the two to escape, but before the girl identifies herself as MOMO. While hiding in the security station, Ziggurat 8 introduces himself and explains his backstory as an organ donor who was resurrected after death, due to the Life Recycling Act. MOMO disliked the name and decides to call him Ziggy from now on. Ziggy experiences a flashback of his former life, playing with his son and his dog. Meanwhile as the two intruders are making their escape, a U-TIC operative informs Margulis that Ziggy is after MOMO, prompting him to order to surround them from both sides. During their escape, Ziggy and MOMO are blocked by U-TIC A.G.W.S., but then MOMO demonstrates her Hilbert Effect to weaken them and defeat them. Just moments away from freedom, Margulis ambushes the duo and defeats them with ease. However, Ziggy gets the last laugh has he detonates the device he planted earlier to make their escape and hijack a U-TIC gunship. After their escape, a white haired man and his silver-hair Realian steps out of the shadows.

Meanwhile on the Elsa, the crew are having dinner. While washing the dishes, Shion and Allen talks about trying to get KOS-MOS under control. During their conversation, Allen admits that he checked the ship's registry, identifying them as affiliates of the Kukai Foundation, claiming it was crawling with mutants, with Shion offended for his "racist comment", rebuking him that the Foundation was established by the Miltian government as military group until the end of the post-war proceedings, but aren't demilitarized yet and their current director protects victims of the Life Recycling Act. chaos then comes in help in washing the dishes before noticing a spare plate of curry, for Andrew Cherenkov in which she delivers to. chaos then visits the sleeping KOS-MOS and have conversation with her. After chaos left, Cherenkov walks up to KOS-MOS.

KOS-MOS Archetype.png

In a flashback on the planet Carioca, a cloaked man gives Cherenkov a device. As U-TIC ships then descends on the city, several Vector employees, Shion included are working on a prototype KOS-MOS. Cherenkov and his men then raid the lab, taking the employees hostage But as Cherenkov opens KOS-MOS's pod, things go horribly wrong when she goes out of control and slaughters everyone in the building. The rampaging KOS-MOS then fires at a U-TIC ship, causing a massive explosion. After the flashback ends, Cherenkov recognizes KOS-MOS as the same android that slaughtered his squad and tries to destroy her with his pistol but Shion delivers the curry and points the pistol at her, which he claims is a bad habit. Meanwhile at Area 66, Rupen Sector, MOMO and Ziggy plots a course to Second Miltia. Elsewhere at the S.O.C.E. building, the politicians discuss on the success of Ziggy's mission before changing the subject to Joachim Mizrahi's Y-Data.

On the Elsa, Matthews and Hammer are examining the catapult deck due to an issue, prompting Shion to go down and investigate and concludes that there are no issues to the captain. On the bridge, Matthews gets in contact with the U.M.N. lady and she tells them that they exceed the cargo mass and will be a surcharge on the bill to be sent to the Kukai Foundation. Meanwhile, Ziggy and MOMO are being pursued by U-TIC ships. Shion then gets into an argument with her co-worker Miyuki and demands her to bring the director on the line in which she does. She demands that she cannot turn over KOS-MOS to Second Division due to her acting on her own accord and he relents. At the same time, Ziggy and MOMO are travelling in the same hyperspace column as the Elsa to escape their pursuers, prompting MOMO to send a distress signal. Elsa unfortunately gets caught in the battle in hyperspace and retaliates against their attackers and saves Ziggy and MOMO's ship. However, the catapult deck is unable to close, allowing a small detachment of U-TIC Auto-Tech to be deployed. Shion, KOS-MOS, and chaos meet up with Ziggy and MOMO and destroys the Auto-Tech mothership, halting the invasion. After the attack, the Elsa's crew does a damage report before Tony and Hammer get into an argument. Matthews then breaks up the argument and the crew have dinner at the restaurant.

Chapter 4[edit]

Jr. in A.G.W.S..png

In an unknown region of space, a red-haired boy, Jr., piloting his A.G.W.S. and the Durandal crew are investigating the disappearance of Ariadne. Meanwhile, Margulis gives orders to a U-TIC spy within the Federation parliament and Cherenkov. The silvered haired man, Albedo Piazzolla and his Kirschwasser decides to enter the stage and head out on their E.S. Simeon to pursue MOMO. Jr. is joined by his colleague, Mary Godwin as they come across the wrecked remains of the Woglinde. As they explore it, they come under attack by U-TIC Auto-Techs in which they destroy. The U-TIC mothership later arrives and destroy what's left of the Woglinde, fortunately, Jr. and Mary make it out just in time.

As Jr. arrives on the Durandal's bridge, a 100-Series Observational Unit gives him a status update on the enemies. Everyone then assumes battle formation against the U-TIC fleet and wins. Jr. then decides to raid the defeated mothership and take out its mainframe. Accompanied by Mary and an unnamed soldier, Jr. reaches the mainframe and Mary begins downloading the data, only for U-TIC soldiers to ambush them, but Jr.'s reckless gunmanship destroyed the mainframe, destroying the data unintentionally. Meanwhile the Elsa decides to stock up at the Dock Colony, Cherenkov gets cornered by a couple of street thugs and violently beat them up. When Hammer finds out, the thugs are badly beaten up and bleeding profoundly. Back on the Elsa, Cherenkov claims that the thugs had a disagreement and fought each other. MOMO then does some maintenance on Ziggy before Cherenkov takes his leave. However Cherenkov is unable to sleep and decides to get a drink only to realize that his hand is fading away who then haves a nightmare about himself being crucified behind the Zohar Emulator.

Cathedral Ship.png

On route to Miltia Shion haves a dream about the phantom girl warning her that it is too late. Confused asked her what's too late, only for her to said it it his choice and may be able to understand him in his final moments. The Elsa is then forcibly dragged out of hyperspace by a swarm of Gnosis, lead by a planet-sized Gnosis. KOS-MOS immediately activates the Hilbert Effect, but the Elsa is swallowed up by the giant Gnosis. The party then wakes up inside the Gnosis, identified by KOS-MOS as the Cathedral Ship, the largest recorded Gnosis in history. The party then realizes that they have been separated from the Elsa and her crew and begins looking for them.

Meanwhile, Cherenkov aimlessly wanders around the Cathedral Ship, and in horror realizes the Cathedral Ship is the remains of Ariadne. Cherenkov then hallucinates that he's in a crowd of a city before walking towards a floating door which he opens, showing a war-torn zone. Meanwhile on the Durandal, a warning alert goes off in Section D, concluding its coming from the Quarantine Hangar, Shelley concludes that its resonating with something out in space, prompting Jr. to commence a gate-jump, telling Mary to notify the Kukai Foundation that they're following the source. Back on the Cathedral Ship, the party notices a human-made object assmiliated into its interior, concluding that the Cathedral Ship was once a planet. Shion then experiences a vision of the phantom girl, warning her that "he'll" be gone soon.

As Cherenkov wanders around the Cathedral Ship, he reminisces of his past criminal behaviors, first from his sentencing to Level 7 Personality Reconditioning. When he murders his wife, who was also his lawyer for getting a cloning permit, Cherenkov is then sentenced to Level 8 Personality Recondition, stripping him of his human rights, demoting him to a state of a Realian. His cloned daughter, then calls him garbage and in response, strangles her to death. The doctors are surprised that he even rejected the Level 8 Personality Reconditioning, making him the perfect subject to the Level 9 Personality Reconditioning. However it caused him to murder every person and three squad members in the facility. Margulis is impressed by Cherenkov's stubbornness and asks him to join the U-TIC Organization in which he accepts.

The party arrives at the center of the Cathedral Ship, which consists of a building surrounded by a large Zohar-like monument, all part of the Gnosis. chaos theorizes that the center is important to the Gnosis before KOS-MOS lost the Elsa's signal, due to the gravitational field becoming unstable, estimating that the Elsa is 300 meters below their current position. As Cherenkov's condition worsens, he reminisces about the day Ariadne's disappearance. Under Margulis orders, he is to commence a Zohar Link Experiment with an Emulator. He then questions why he was assigned to this mission in which Margulis replies to test his loyalty to U-TIC, Cherenkov does not regret his decision. As the skies light up in an aura, Cherenkov and the U-TIC forces leave the planet. As they descend into orbit, he hallucinates his wife and cloned daughter. Back in reality, Cherenkov freaks out over ghosts.

When the party reaches the depths, they find the Zohar Emulator that was taken from the Woglinde. Cherenkov, on the verge of turning into a Gnosis admits his role in the disappearance of Ariadne, all that mattered to him was the recovery of the Emulator, viewing people as pawns. Cherenkov then freaks out over unseen entities before being struck by a spirit. As more spirits enter Cherenkov's body, the Emulator glows as he transforms into a bestial Gnosis. The party defeats the monstrosity and Shion experiences flashbacks of Cherenkov's life before she finds herself on an empty beach with Cherenkov. He says the never existed at all, the world rejected him and this beach makes him feels at peace. Back in reality, Shion breaks down before chaos comforts her. The Elsa and the crew later pick up the party.

KOS-MOS using X-BUSTER.png

As the Elsa escapes the Cathedral Ship, they are pursued by the remaining Gnosis. Not even the Durandal's assistance are unable to stop their onslaught. When all seems to be over, KOS-MOS decides to go outside the Elsa. Shion demands her to come back as she is not equipped to destroy that many Gnosis, only for KOS-MOS's eyes turn blue before uttering "Shion... Will feeling pain... make me... complete?". She flies to the back of the ship. Meanwhile on the Durandal, a 100-Series Realian informs the crew that the Zohar Emulator's wave can no longer be suppressed, before Shelley alerts the crew that there's an intruder alert in the quarantine hanger. Jr asks if its the Zohar Emulators are reacting in which a 100-Series Realian confirms before Jr orders to cut off the main line to the quarantine hanger. Back on the Elsa, as KOS-MOS watches the approaching Gnosis, she opens her torso, revealing a cannon and materializes a crystal-like propulsion on her back. She then blasts all of the Gnosis, absorbing their remains in her torso. Her eyes then turn back to red.

Stunned, Shion tries to get together what has just happen before Jr. hails the Elsa crew. As Matthews talks to Jr., Shion says that she isn't the KOS-MOS she created, thinking Kevin might had something to do with it. The Durandal retrieves the Zohar Emulator floating in space. Back at Pleroma, the U-TIC Organization has lost Cherenkov's signal with his death. On the Durandal's bridge, the party meets the Elsa's boss, Gaignun Kukai Jr. otherwise known as Jr. He then plots a course to the Kukai Foundation to repair the Elsa. While Shion is thrilled about the trip, Allen is skeptical, prompting Jr. to say he would rather leave him in space, with Matthews agrees to. Jr. orders Shelley to change course to the Foundation, telling Gaignun that they have secured the final Emulator in which she does. As the Durandal gate jumps, Simeon is seen creeping from behind.

Chapter 5[edit]

Zohar Emulators.png

Jr. is having a nightmare of him on Old Miltia, running from an unseen force. He seen sees a dead cat bearing Gaignun's name and mourns his death. He later finds himself carrying an unconscious young Gaignun before a lights evelops them before realizing Albedo is missing. He is later seen falling in a red abyss before waking up in reality. The next day, Jr. shows the party where he and his organization store very dangerous objects like the Zohar Emulators. MOMO and Shion curious about the room across from them, only for Jr. to warn her that she may not like what she'll see but let them in regardless. Inside, the party come across several Gnosified corpses with the one in the center looking barely human, disgusting the party. Jr. explains that most that are touched by a Gnosis usually turn white and shatter into pieces, but there are execptions such as this one one he calls Betty who was a little girl the last time she was alive. Jr. then educate the party about the Gnosis.

Shion remembers being almost turned into salt and survives and asks Jr. if there are no excepts which Jr. confirms, remembering how Cherenkov was turned into one, puzzling Shion. Jr. explains that the Gnosis has been sighted periodically. it wasn't until they were summoned by Joachim Mizrahi during the Miltian Conflict that they leaped into the forefront of history. Jr. explains the purpose of the Kukai Foundation MOMO is so upset about his father's alleged reputation so much that she left the room. The party later finds her at the Durandal's park, pondering her reason of her birth. Shion empathizes with her before she educates her about the environmental bugs around the park. KOS-MOS later tells MOMO that her father left behind critical anti-Gnosis technology, with Shion thanking her for backing her up, amusing MOMO. Allen later barges in, telling them after docking at the Kukai Foundation, they will be dropped off at Second Miltia. Shion thinks its a little odd that everyone on the ship is heading to Second Miltia.

The Durandal then docks at the Kukai Foundation, turning the ship into a skyscraper, aweing everyone. The director, Gaignun Kukai, accompanied by his aids Mary and Shelley greets the party. As Shion shakes his hand, she notices a red "669" imprinted on his palm. He then focuses his attention to MOMO, telling her that he'll get her to Second Miltia safely and that Juli Mizrahi told him to take care of her. MOMO wants to her but he tells her that he's very busy. As Gaignun takes his leave, he suddenly turns his head towards Shion. In Gaignun's quarters, Gaignun and Jr. talks about KOS-MOS before worrying that Shion may be on to their secrets. They also speak of the "Zohar Project" before Gaignun gifts Jr. with a stainless-steel Markov, saying that he won it at an auction. He then reminds him not go shoot the gun all over the place, saying that he's older than him which Jr. ignores much to Gaignun's dismay.

In Shion's quarters, while she is thinking, Allen reminds her that its almost time to hit the beach. Allen notices that Shion is a little dreary ever since they've boarded the Durandal, but Shion denies it. Allen doesn't buy it, with Shion admitting that there's a lot on her mind at the moment, before Allen reminds her if something's bothering her she can tell him. Jr. then interrupts the two, asking her to come and play with the rest of the party and she agrees to it. At the beach, as the rest of the party play, Shion reminisces about her and Kevin talking about KOS-MOS expressing emotional behavior. Back in reality, Shion realizes that KOS-MOS was empathizing with MOMO about her father. Allen then interrupts her, reminding her that she came to play at the beach, not to stare at a screen. MOMO then asks Shion to come and play with her before she notices that Shion is working on KOS-MOS. Allen then joins in that she has a ton of black boxes, saying that they're trying to take it apart piece by piece so that they can recreate KOS-MOS's original form. Shion then changes the subject, asking if Gaignun and Jr. are father and son, noting that they're too far apart in age to be brothers. Allen say there's rumors that he cloned himself or Jr. is Gaignun's bastard son. MOMO reveals that they're aren't clones at all, as their genome arrays are very different, amazing Shion. Jr. overhears their conversation and Allen quickly complements on the beach, Jr. saying its their latest product, they can even change the weather if they like. However as Jr. sets the settings to thunderstorm, Shion freaks out, due to having astraphobia.

Meanwhile, Gaignun gets in contact with his superior, Helmer, the Representative of Second Miltia, telling him that they have secured the final Zohar Emulator and that MOMO in his safely in his custody and she will be turned over to Second Miltia soon. Gaignun then brings up his concerns about the U-TIC Organization's activities as well, worried that they may wake up U-DO. Shion then decides to rest at the Our Treasure inn before returning to the Elsa to some maintenance on KOS-MOS. Meanwhile, in a conversation between Sellers and Margulis, the latter doubtsthe possibility of them being able to find or open the door to Lost Jerusalem. He claims that even Joachim Mizrahi couldn't accomplish what Margulis is looking for with the original Zohar. Margulis reveals he's proceeding with Plan 401, with Sellers saying it's way too extreme, reminding him that MOMO is in Gaigun's custody, as she is needed to open the U.M.N. column to Old Miltia. Margulis reminds that he's aware the importance of Miltia and the Y-Data, saying that's why he's using Albedo, with Sellers expressing disgust, reminding him of Joachim Mizrahi before signing off. Margulis then gets in contact with Albedo, ordering him to be on standby, not to interfere with Plan 401 and if the plot fails, he is authorized to use the Song of Nephilim. Albedo is surprised by this, saying that Margulis despises it with a passion, with Margulis saying that even it may have its uses. Albedo then asks him to join him to see it the Song in action together, which he declines before Albedo signs off, mockingly calling him a "gutless bastard" before he does so. Pellegri express his disgust of Albedo, a U.R.T.V. who was born from Life Recycling, worried that he might become impatient and act on his own, only for Margulis to talk her down, saying that's not in his nature, saying that MOMO is the only thing that interests him. Pellegri then questions if he's truly going to use the Song of Nephilim, only telling her that did she ever hear it, that song is capable of driving people insane.

Altered footage (XS1).png

As Shion and Allen does maintenance, the Durandal is about to enter the Miltian star system, meanwhile Jr. approaches MOMO and gives her a lucky charm, a bullet tied in a chain that says "sayonara baby". Suddenly, a group of Fedeation ships surround the Durandal and open fires, knocking out power for a couple seconds. At the Fedeation Parliament Building, the senators review footage depicting the Durandal attacking the Woglinde, justifying their rights to strip the Second Miltian Government and the Kukai Foundation of their rights before getting into contact with Juli, asking her opinion. She said that she moved MOMO to Second Miltia per her plan with the senators reminding her that Miltia was responsible to creating the so-called lunatic Joachim that summoned the Gnosis and almost destroyed the Federation. The senators then argue with each other, prompting the chairman to demand order. He then contacts Helmer to ask his input on the situation.

A federation soldier tells the Kukai Foundation is under arrest under the suspicion of treason and acts of aggression against the Federation under Article 798, Chapter 37: Collection and Concealment of Information, and Article 2153, Chapter 105, Acts of Aggression against Federation Vessels, demanding them to shut down their engines and surrender their weapons, further warning that if the Durandal docks with the Kukai Foundation, they are authorized to use lethal force under Article 2384, Chapter 115 Part 18. The party is confused by this development before Mary tells them that footage of the Durandal destroying the Woglinde is leaked. chaos is confused how they perfectly synchronized the battle coordinates. Jr. realizes that it was at the time that they battled the U-TIC Organization awhile ago, angry that they recorded it with Shelley confirmed that the U-TIC Organization infiltrated the Federation government and military. Shion and Allen is shocked and outraged by the development, as survivor of the Woglinde, she hopes to testify of their innocence, but Gaignun claims that they've survive because they were in on the conspiracy. As the Federation fleets surrounds the Kukai Foundation, the arresting officer, Lapis Roman introduces herself and orders three other soldiers the arrest of the entire Durandal crew and take Shion and Allen as witnesses. She then orders to confine them into a single room and keep an eye on them carefully as splitting them out will underman their guardpost.

Ziggy notices that the situation was orchestrated too well, the fleet deployment came too quickly, coming to the conclusion that they were prepared that MOMO would be returned regardless of what happened or trapping Second Miltia was their plan from the beginning. Jr. adds that Second Miltia was granted a bunch of rights and legal privileges after the Miltian Conflict. However, there are those who still have problems with that, even outside of U-TIC. Ziggy questioned where the information of Pleroma came from, concluding that it was part of the plan as well. chaos believes that the Contact Subcommittee was infiltrated by the U-TIC organization as well, Allen believes it that Juli is a U-TIC agent, upsetting MOMO and angering Shion. In the halls of the Durandal, Lapis gives Gaignun a cellphone telling to answer it and does so. It is none other than Reprehensive Helmer who reveals Lapis is his agent sent to infiltrate the Federation to keep tabs of the U-TIC members in it. He orders Gaignun to assist her in her investigation and which he agrees to. Helmer's aid interrupts him that the CEO of Vector is calling him, which he takes and hangs up. Wilhelm is happy to see his old friend again, aware of the situation, saying that he'll make a recommendation to the Parlament as well, saying his concerns prompting him to dispatch the Dämmerung to the Miltian System, believing that the U-TIC Organization is involved in the incident, concluding that their target is the original Zohar on Miltia and U-DO, both expressing worry that it will awaken again. Wilhelm believes that KOS-MOS and her related staff are in Helmer's care but he said that the connection to the Kukai Foundation and Second Miltian Government is cut off, prompting Wilhelm to pass a message to Gaignun from him: he is authorized to KOS-MOS however he sees fit, sending in the the Second R&D Division and Tactical Sim Lab to back him up, risking the confidential secrets, however, in exchange for more real world data, the better the situation before signing off.

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