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Pan-Fried Tartari

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Pan-Fried Tartari
XC2 item icon Meats.png
Category Meats
Native region Gormott
Rarity XC2 menu icon Rare.png
Buy price 1500 G
Max capacity 10
Trust gain 12
Duration 0h50m
Effects -7% physical dmg taken
-7% ether dmg taken

Pan-Fried Tartari is a Meat Pouch item in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It can be crafted using Pyra's Cooking in either Tora's House in Torigoth, Gormott Province, or Corinne's House on Fonsett Island, Leftherian Archipelago. It is available once the recipe is purchased from Torigoth's Informant, after completing the quest Grow, Little Vegetables!. It is crafted using one Vinegar Leaf, two Meaty Carrots, one Dusk Bamboo and two Mookah Flour.

Favorite items[edit]

It is one of Rex's favorite pouch items.