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Jin, Ornelia and the others
Jin, Ornelia and the others
Species unknown, probably Tornan
Gender Female
Age ?
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country

Ornelia (オルネラ) is a character referenced in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country. She was Jin's Driver about 80 to 90 years before the events of Torna ~ The Golden Country and they lived together in a house in Hyber Village. Teo still recognises Jin as Ornelia's former driver who has saved him in the past.

Story arc[edit]

When the party of Lora and the others arrive at Hyber Village, they stay at Teo's inn. Teo recognizes Jin as Ornelia's former Blade from the Territorial Defense Corps. He tells him and Lora of the house the used to live in back then. Jin finds a photo of him, Ornelia and other people from his past life, as well as his old diary. He reads from the last page:

This long war for independence will soon come to an end. It is not only the war that will soon be over. ...Her life, too, is about to end. And when she meets her end, so too will I. Unsullied by her death, I will merely return to my core... to await my eventual reawakening. I will sleep, as at the end of any other day. When I awake, will I be the same person as before? If the Architect does indeed exist, I wish I could ask him... Who am I, truly? Whence did I come, whither am I headed? If I were a praying man, I'd pray this journal finds its way to you. Trusting that it will, I will use these last words to pass down... a means of carving the bond between myself and my partner into this flesh. This is how it is done...

Lora appears and Jin hides his diary, telling her that he hasn't remembered anything. She is disappointed first, but then finds the photo of him and Ornelia, wondering what their life was like. She proposes to make a photo of themselves too.