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Areas Origin Interior
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Connects to Cadensia Region

Origin, also known as the Ark, is a region in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It resembles a mechanical sphere, and the first Ferronis. It is the final region in the game. In Future Redeemed, it also serves as the final area of the game.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Origin rises from the Great Sea

It is revealed by Queen Nia that Origin is an ark that houses the consciousness of the worlds of Bionis, and Alrest respectively with the intent to reboot them once both worlds intersected. Each half of Origin was constructed on each side of the worlds, with the one on Alrest designed by a certain Nopon engineer. Ultimately, the reboot process failed due to Z and Moebius (who are a manifestation of the stored consciousness' fears) interfering, imprisoning Melia within Origin as a means of taking it over.

Since Origin rests beneath the Great Sea, it is impossible to traverse there by normal means, and thus the party requests Samon to use the Bravery (which can traverse the Great Sea). But the ship is incomplete; the party need six Origin metals to complete it. After the party traverse all over Aionios to retrieve the metals to complete the ship, the party and several Lost Numbers stages an assault on Origin, only for Z to activate it defenses. Origin then begins to fire upon the Lost Numbers, the party, and even Colonies that are still bound to Flame Clocks, much to the party's horror. Eventually the party manages to penetrate Origin's defenses and reach the interior.

As the party explores the inner chambers of Origin they came under attack by some Droids, constructs that comprise of Moebius. Eventually the party reaches the Eternal Prison (where Melia was held prisoner) in which N ambush the party, but was swiftly defeated, prompting N to reunite with Noah before freeing Melia. As the party explores the depths of Origin, they came under attack by a swarm of Kurria Flak (which are repelled by the arrival of Monica and Ghondor), X[1], and finally Y before finally arriving at the core of Origin which contains an Amphitheater.

After the party defeats Z's first form, transforming him into Z∞. After transforming he transforms Origin into a more angelic appearance as he uses it to destroy Aionios. After Z∞'s death, Origin reboots, causing Aionios to split back into the worlds of Bionis, and Alrest respectively.

Future Redeemed[edit]

Roughly ten years before the events of Future Redeemed, Alpha hijacks control of Origin from Moebius, intending to use it as an Ark to carry the City humans to a new world after destroying the humans that are descended from the worlds of Bionis and Alrest. Despite this, Moebius still has access to the Amphitheater within, it is unknown if Alpha is aware of its existence.

Origin is first revealed after an Alpha possessed Na'el uses Prison Island's defense mechanism to reveal it before teleporting there after N defeats Matthew. From this point onward, Matthew and his comrades' objective is to reach Origin through Prison Island. When the party reaches the Prison Terrace N bars their way with the intent of stopping the party from reaching Alpha first, but fails. After N's defeat, Alpha teleports the party within the the Ark, showing them an illusion of Klaus's world before his experiment splits it in two. After the illusion ends, the party comes face-to-face with Alpha in which they defeat with the assistance of a recently freed Na'el and surprisingly, N who then transferred a portion of his swords power to his gauntlets, allowing the party to Interlink and deliver the final blow to Alpha. After Alpha's death, Moebius regains control of Origin and plunges it into the depths of the Great Sea, destroying the Cent-Omnia Region in the process.

The ending of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is expanded upon in the post-credits scene, as it's revealed that while the two worlds were about to separate as planned, they instead fused without any failures or annihilation events.


  • Origin is the first, original Ferronis; all Ferronises are made inside Origin.
  • Origin's architecture is based off of Ontos's core.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Origin
Japan flag.svg Japanese オリジン
France flag.svg French Origine
Germany flag.svg German Ursprungs
Spain flag.svg Spanish Origen
Italy flag.svg Italian Origine
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 始源
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 始源
South Korea flag.svg Korean 오리진



Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Future Redeemed[edit]


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  1. X will only appear if Side Story: Eunie is completed.