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Olethro Ruins

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Olethro Ruins
Olethro Ruins Far View.jpg
Location Kingdom of Uraya
Connects to Fonsa Myma
Music Kingdom of Uraya
Kingdom of Uraya/Night
Fonsa Myma
Fonsa Myma/Night

Olethro Ruins is a sub-area of Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is where the party battles Akhos and Malos at the end of Chapter 3. It is also the permanent location of the Land of Challenge's portal.


The Olethro Ruins mainly consist of an old amphitheater left in ruins. It features a large stairway, lined by water streams on both sides, going from the Holy Gate of Fontana to the outside part of the ruins, what appears to be a small plaza leading to the amphitheater part. Part of what probably used to be the stage collapsed after Mythra's attack on Malos and Akhos.




Normal enemies[edit]

All enemies appear during Chapter 10, after completing Farewell, Good Friend.

Unique monsters[edit]

Quest-exclusive enemies[edit]




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