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Nopon (ノポン, Nopon) are a species found in the Xenoblade Chronicles series.


Nopon are short, plump, and furry creatures, having pear-shaped bodies with no neck. They have short and thin arms and legs with two digits each. Attached to the back of their necks is a pair of long and flat appendages that end in four digits (three "fingers" and a "thumb"), and naturally sit wrapped around the neck. These are referred to as wings, but are used more like a second pair of arms. Nopon have large eyes that appear to be only pupils, no visible nose or ears, and usually a tuft of hair sticking straight up out of the middle of their head.

Nopon come in a variery of colours, including brown, pink, orange, tan, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. They are usually half the height of a human, though some can grow to equal a human. Many Nopon wear clothing - mostly vests, flower decorations, and mushroom hats - but just as many do not.


It is said that Nopon, despite having wings, cannot fly. However, several Nopon are shown able to hover in place and attempt to fall slower, so perhaps to them the ability to "fly" implies a greater level of skill or control that they cannot achieve.

While Nopon do seem to have their own language, they prefer to speak in a childish variant of the common language. Generally, they refer to themselves in the third person, use cutesy euphanisms, call strangers "friends", and use "pon" as a suffix on relation nouns (e.g. "sister" becomes "sisterpon"). Nopon names tend to use short syllables and repeated sounds, and they may apply this pattern to non-Nopon friends (e.g. calling Dunban "Dundun", or Rex "Rex-Rex"). Nopon who live amongst other races for a long time may lose these quirks and speak more normally.

Nopon often act as merchants, travelling the world to sell their wares and pass information between the various settlements. As a result, Nopon often appear in locations where no other people are.

Further Nopon characteristics depend on the game in question.

Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

Nopon are native to Frontier Village, a giant tree in Makna Forest. They live a tribal and naturalistic lifestyle, domesticating creatures and producing wares from forest wood and pollen, while avoiding the use of metal. Some Nopon live together with the Homs and High Entia in their respective settlements.

Xenoblade Chronicles X[edit]

Nopon are native to Mira, forming nomadic caravans that travel around the planet. Some Nopon settle in New Los Angeles during the events of the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Nopon do not seem to have any particular origin in Alrest, though they are most concentrated in Argentum, forming the basis of the Argentum Trade Guild. Nopon are capable of being Drivers, though this is apparently rare.

Notable Nopon[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles X[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected[edit]


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Nopon
Japan Flag.png Japanese ノポン Nopon
France flag.svg French Nopon
Germany flag.svg German Nopon
Spain flag.svg Spanish Nopon
Italy flag.svg Italian Nopon
Netherlands flag.svg Dutch Nopon
Portugal flag.svg Portuguese Nopon
Russia flag.svg Russian Нопон Nopon
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 诺彭
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 諾彭
Korea flag.png Korean 노폰


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