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Niranira (XC2)

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Niranira XC2.png
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Japanese VA Yasunori Masutani
English VA Jimmy Livingstone
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
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Niranira is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a member of the Argentum Trade Guild's Intelligence Division, the Special Audit Bureau (SAB).

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

Chapter 4[edit]

Niranira is first seen stalking the party as they enter Alba Cavanich, being almost found out by Dromarch. Afterwards, he interrupts the fight between Special Inquisitor Mòrag and the party, the former recognizing him as a member of the Argentum guild's Intelligence Division. Niranira explains the situation and vouches for Poppi's innocence. Dromarch mentions he had a feeling they were followed, to which Niranira apologizes, explaining he had been auditing the Argentum Trade Guild.

Chapter 6[edit]

Following the events at the Old Factory, Bana loses his place as Argentum's Chairman to the benefit of Niranira who is appointed as the guild's Acting Chairman. As a consequence, he attends the peace talks between Mor Ardain and Uraya, after both of them nearly went to war against each other in Temperantia, as the guild's representative and a neutral party.

After Torna's responsibility in the attack on the Urayan army is brought up, and Zeke's subsequent testimony, he confirms the organization's involvement, citing that Chairman Bana gave them "some kind of supplies", believing them to be a great number of military supplies.

Afterwards, he continues to track former Chairman Bana. As a consequence, he interrupts Mòrag and Emperor Niall's discussion about Uraya's demands, citing an emergency. Mòrag later reveals to the party that Niranira informed them that Bana planned to intrude on the summit of nations and assassinate both Emperor Niall and Queen Raqura, wishing to cause a war. Additionally, Niranira asked that the incident be solved covertly so as to not cause harm to Argentum's reputation.

After Bana fails to assassinate both the Emperor and the Queen using Giga Rosa, and following his arrest, Niranira remains as the Argentum Trade Guild's Acting Chairman for the time being. He swears to undo Bana's influence and change the way the guild works, cleaning up its dealings. He also continues to investigate on Bana's shady dealings at the same time.

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  • As Acting Chairman, Niranira orders the guild's merchant to practice fair prices for their customers, a policy criticized by some of them who miss Bana and Don Dondon allowing them to use any means necessary to reap profits.

As an NPC[edit]

Niranira (XC2 NPC).png
Location Argentum (running wheel room near Goldmouth Flight Deck)
Mor Ardain (Jakolo's Inn or Niranira's Panic Room)
Species Nopon
Gender Male
Time Anytime

Once all quests involving Niranira are completed, he can be found in the room with the running wheel accessible from Goldmouth Flight Deck in Goldmouth, Argentum Trade Guild.




Chapter 4[edit]

After the party arrives in Alba Cavanich
Hail, friends. Niranira on little touristy excursion to Mor Ardain Empire.
Alba Cavanich really is splendid place. Air is clear and food exquisite.
Meh? I get it backward? Ahaha... Oops. That happen from time to time.
Err... Niranira probably go look around somewhere now. But much thanks for saying hello.
After the party stays at Jakolo's Inn
What going on?! Niranira saw explosion on roof of building!
Cannot believe this happening!
Must help prevent casualties quickly!
Go! Not concern yourselves with Niranira!

Chapter 5[edit]

This is secret base. Niranira use this place often.
Party member: Doubt
As agent of Special Distribution Audit Bureau, have been seeking evidence of Bana's misdeeds for past several years.
Thought artificial Blade case would be final nail in coffin for our Chairman.
But he slip away again, and we still not manage to arrest him.
Biggest priority is to find place of hiding.

Chapter 6[edit]

After the party meets up with Mòrag in Goetuis Port
Niranira think high probability Bana lying low somewhere in Indol.
Niranira just pray we able to blow this case wide open before Queen Raqura arrive...
Niranira counting on you!
After the party reaches Tantal
Niranira now standing in for time being as Acting Chairman.
Niranira swear to change the way things work around here, undo Bana's influence.
First we crack down on slackers and shady dealings. Want Argentum to be known for clean, honest trade.
Yes, Niranira looking forward to bright future of Argentum Trade Guild!

During Bana's Secret Treasure[edit]

Interrogate Bana
It take much guile to trick Bana into revealing secret of chest!
Examine the small treasure trove in Bana's Bedroom
This too much security to be legal! Bana definitely hiding something inside here!
Maybe we need something like power of Blade that friends showed Niranira the first time we met.

Bana's Secret Treasure completed[edit]

Hello. Me still carefully picking through each of Bana's letters for evidence.
But each written with so much love, hard not to get tears in eyes...
Niranira ashamed. Had suspected Bana of things like bribery and pollen dealing...
But suspicions were all wrong. Bana clean as polished whistle!

During Bana's Revenge[edit]

Never thought that such thing emerge from among Bana's mamapon letters.
Most kind Nopon would close treasure trove softly and walk away after reading such contents...
Very dirty trick indeed!

Bana's Revenge completed[edit]

Thanks to friends, we caught naughty Don Dondon!
Bana and trobule-causing lot of Bana are in deep trouble too! Mehmeh!
Niranira blinded by sentimentality to see bigger picture. Would not have discovered by his self.
Thank you much for friends' hard work and co-operation.
Finally, it time to start restoring Argentum to its former glory!

As an enemy[edit]

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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Niranira
Japan flag.svg Japanese ニルニー
France flag.svg French Niranira
Germany flag.svg German Niranira
Spain flag.svg Spanish Niranira
Italy flag.svg Italian Niranira
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 尼鲁尼
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 尼爾尼
South Korea flag.svg Korean 니르니