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New Game Plus (XC2)

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For other articles titled "New Game Plus", see New Game Plus (disambiguation).

New Game Plus is a feature of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 added in Patch (Ver.1.3.0.) on March 2nd, 2018. It allows the player to start a new playthrough of the game with several changes. This can be repeated indefinitely, though further cycles have no additional properties.

What carries over[edit]

What does not carry over[edit]

  • All quests, Heart-to-Hearts, and skip travel points will be reset.
    • Any previously completed quests or Heart-to-Hearts will still be counted as complete on Blade Affinity Charts.
  • All completed Merc Missions.
    • Any previously completed Merc Missions will still be counted as complete on Blade Affinity Charts.
  • Any Previously opened treasure troves.
    • This allows otherwise finite items, such as Dilaton Chips, to be obtained infinitely by completing additional runs in New Game Plus.
  • All key items directly tied to story or quest progression.
  • Rex's Salvager Rank.
  • Rex's Master Driver ability.
    • Any Blades currently engaged on Rex through the use of his Master Driver ability when New Game Plus is started will be returned to their original Driver.
  • Roc, Aegaeon, Catalyst and the Unnamed Core Crystal's Blade will be unavailable.
    • Once the player progresses far enough through the story, all four Blades will be available again with all their prior progress.
  • Tora will lose access to Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ.
    • If Tora had previously unlocked Poppi QTπ, then she will be obtained at the same time as Poppi QT.

New content[edit]

  • Pneuma now has access to a Level IV Special.
  • Seven new Rare Blades from Torna can be resonated with.
  • All Legendary Blades can now be dispatched on Merc Missions.
    • If a currently dispatched Blade is necessary for story progression, they will be removed from their current Merc Group.
    • Dispatching any form of Poppi will cause Tora to be locked out of the active party until she returns. Furthermore, only one form of Poppi may be dispatched at any time.
    • Dispatching Catalyst will cause Nia to be locked out of the active party until she returns.
  • All Drivers unlock their hidden Affinity Chart.
  • A Driver's Level can now be lowered at an inn. The lost experience is refunded as Bonus EXP.
  • Exchange Bonus EXP for special items with traveling bards at various locations throughout Alrest.

Other changes[edit]


  • The version of Jin used during Ancient Ship segment of Chapter 1 is considered a separate character from the version of Jin used in the Land of Morytha segment of Chapter 8, so any experience gained on one will not carry over to the other.
  • Despite the fact that Vandham is only available for one chapter, he still possesses a full hidden affinity chart.


  • Vandham has unique dialogue for completing Roc's Affinity Chart. Since Roc cannot progress his Affinity Chart until after Chapter 3, this dialogue can only be heard in New Game Plus.