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Species Human
Gender Female
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Akari Kitô
English VA Ellie Kendrick
Appearances Future Redeemed

Na'el is a character in Future Redeemed. She is Matthew's sister and the Founder of House Doyle of the present day City.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Na’el has gray hair styled into a fringe, with a pair of ears upon her head, similar to a Gormotti. She has yellow eyes, and a crystal similar to Mio’s on her chest. Na'el wears a sleeveless top, black waist-high shorts with a beige jacket donning green and black accents over it, and high-legged boots with green accents. After being possessed by Alpha, Na'el wears a white sleeved collared bodysuit with black accents, red shoulder pads, Monado-shaped decorations on her back, and a red Aegis core on her chest. In combat, Na'el uses telekinetic abilities from an unseen device called the Ether Accelerator.

Na’el has a kindhearted personality, and frequently takes care of the children in the City. Unlike Matthew, Na'el thinks that it is better to not fight against Moebius and stay away from the war between Keves and Agnus. After Chyra's death at the hands of Kevesi soldiers, she tends to display a nihilistic view of the world, bearing a strong hatred of both Keves and Agnus, unconsciously embracing the endless now until convinced otherwise by Matthew. After her possession by Alpha, her mind is completely overtaken by his will to destroy the "old world" and leave for a new one, expressing hatred of all old life.

Story arc[edit]

Future Redeemed[edit]

After the destruction of the City, Na'el disappears causing Matthew and A to search for her. At an unknown point, Na'el became possessed by the entity Alpha, becoming his avatar. The possessed Na'el and some Fogbeasts are first seen killing City refugees while they were fleeing from Kevesi soldiers.

Na'el is later seen in a flashback, training with her brother before being challenged by their grandfather in which he bests his pupils. After training, the kids under her watch, Chyra included asks her to play Gaur Plain, Tomorrow With You, and Bringer of Chaos, Ultimate on the piano.

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A statue honoring Na'el and representing House Doyle can be found in Memorial Hall in the City alongside the other five Founders.


  • Na'el's mother and father died 15 years prior to Future Redeemed while fighting Moebius. This roughly coincides with Alpha's seizing of Origin.
  • Na'el sometimes can be seen without her jacket, such as during her training with Matthew, resting in the City and while playing the piano.
  • Na'el enjoys playing the piano.
  • Being of Agnian descent, Na'el has a visible Core Crystal on her chest.
    • Being a descendant of Mio, she bears a strong resemblance to her, and thus a strong resemblance to Nia as well; hair color, eye color, cat ears, Core shape and color.
  • According to her statue in Memorial Hall, Na'el laid the cornerstone of the City's politics and legal system.
  • As the founder of House Doyle, Na'el is the ancestor of Garrett and Joulietta.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Na'el/Gameplay (FR)

Na'el becomes a non-controllable 7th party member (same as Heroes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3) after completing the main story of Future Redeemed. Despite as a party member, she won't have any additional appearance in cutscenes and side quests.

Na'el's class is War Mage, an Attacker class.

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As a boss[edit]

An Alpha-possessed Na'el appears as a boss.


  • Na'el's hairstyle strongly resembles ones of Nia's early concept hairstyle.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Na'el
Japan flag.svg Japanese ナエル Na'el
France flag.svg French Na'el
Germany flag.svg German Na'el
Spain flag.svg Spanish Na'el
Italy flag.svg Italian Na'el
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 奈尔
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 奈爾
South Korea flag.svg Korean 나엘



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