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The music of Xenosaga Episode I consists of 42 tracks used in-game as well as a number of tracks included on official releases which were not used in Xenosaga Episode I, all composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The music has had two complete releases as well as several special releases of small subsets of the soundtrack.

The music of Xenosaga Episode I is notable for its very high proportion of cutscene themes (music that plays in cutscenes) as opposed to area themes (music that plays in the overworld) and battle themes (music that plays in battle). Out of the entire soundtrack, there are only 2 battle themes and 4 area themes, both numbers much lower than their equivalents in any other game in the series. There are also two themes that play in menus (three if one counts the Game Over screen).

Xenosaga Episode I frequently employed orchestral instrumentation for many of its tracks; the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed several pieces of music on the soundtrack. Several tracks were written for solo piano, and others for choir, often performed by the METRO VOICES. The soundtrack also contains two vocal pieces with English lyrics, Pain and Kokoro, both performed by Joanne Hogg.

The soundtracks were released in Japan and the titles never received an official translation into English. However, a large number of tracks were titled in romaji, and these have been widely adopted in the English-speaking world. On the other hand, there is no widespread unofficial translation of tracks titled without Latin characters. (For consistency, when a track's official title includes kana or kanji, this wiki uses the unofficial translations provided with the VGMdb article of the Xenosaga Original Soundtrack.)

On the whole, track titles in Xenosaga Episode I tend to be relatively short; the proportion of tracks with a single word as the title is much higher than in other soundtracks in the series, including those composed by Mitsuda. (There are certain exceptions, such as The Girl Who Closed Her Heart.)

Xenosaga Original Soundtrack[edit]

Main article: Xenosaga Original Soundtrack

The Xenosaga Original Soundtrack is the most complete official release of the music of Xenosaga Episode I, consisting of all of the music used in that game as well as several unused tracks. It consists of 45 tracks split across 2 discs, released on the 6th of March 2022. The music is ordered roughly chronologically terms of when the tracks are first heard, with some exceptions (e.g. Ormus coming in disc 2 rather than disc 1, possibly representative of when it plays in cutscenes as opposed to in Pleroma).

The soundtrack was rereleased on the 19th of May, 2004 as Xenosaga Episode I (possibly because the original publisher, DigiCube, went bankrupt). This rerelease featured new recordings of the tracks Warmth, The Beach of Nothingness, and Green Sleeves, as well as two new tracks, Pain -piano version- <New Recording> and World to be Born. The ordering of the tracks was also changed substantially, with a great many tracks originally in the first disc moved to the second disc; according to Mitsuda, the intent was to order the tracks by style.

DigiCube original Xenosaga music CD[edit]

The DigiCube original Xenosaga music CD was a limited preorder bonus for the game available in convenience stores, with three tracks on a single disc.[1]

Track List[edit]

  1. Prologue
  2. Escape
  3. Pain Piano Version


The Xenosaga ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK PREVIEW was released on the 8th of July, 2001, given out at an event held by Namco at Ebisu Garden Hall to unveil Xenosaga Episode I. It consists of 2 tracks on a single disc.

Track List[edit]

  1. The Miracle
  2. Ormus

Kokoro / Joanne Hogg Theme from "Xenosaga Episode I"[edit]

Main article: Kokoro / Joanne Hogg Theme from "Xenosaga Episode I"

Kokoro / Joanne Hogg Theme from "Xenosaga Episode I" is an album released on the 6th of February, 2002, consisting of 5 tracks on a single disc: the two vocal ending themes of Xenosaga Episode I (Pain and Kokoro) and several variations.

Track List[edit]

  1. Pain
  2. Kokoro
  3. Kokoro Piano Version
  4. Pain instrumental
  5. Kokoro instrumental

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