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Mumkhar XC1 art.png
Species Homs
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 195 cm
Japanese VA Norio Wakamoto
English VA Tim Watson
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. 4
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Project X Zone 2

Mumkhar (ムムカ, Mumca) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. He was fighting alongside Dunban and Dickson during the battle of Sword Valley, but was attacked by the Mechon when he tried to flee on his own.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mumkhar is a tall and somewhat gangly Homs with messy brown hair and tiny, dark eyes. He wears standard Homs soldier attire of a blue shirt, metal shoulderpads, blue gloves, bulky grey pants, and grey boots.

Mumkhar is not seen much, so his personality is not well-known. From what little there is, he demonstrates an arrogant and selfish mindset, with no hesitation to use others as meatshields for his own benefit.

Story arc[edit]

During the Battle of Sword Valley, Mumkhar fights alongside Dunban as he uses the Monado against the Mechon. Mumkhar was reluctant to be part of Dunban's counter-attack, and bails midway through the fight to save himself, planning to come back afterward and take the Monado for himself (expecting Dunban to fall). However, he is ambushed by Mechon and does not escape.

Mumkhar is not killed, however. His body is operated on to act as a Core Unit for a new Face Mechon, which would later be known as Metal Face. After a year of development, he is sent with a Mechon contingent to Colony 9 to harvest further Homs. The attack goes well, and Metal Face kills many Homs to use as more Face Mechon, including Fiora. Successful, he returns to Mechonis, leaving a very upset Shulk, Reyn, and Dunban behind.

Shulk is spurred to revenge, and begins climbing up the Bionis to chase him down. Metal Face next appears at Colony 6 after Xord is defeated, and begins to taunt Shulk and his party how much he enjoyed killing the Homs and how worthless the Monado is against him. The battle is only called off due to the appearance of a Telethia, which attacks Metal Face and forces him to leave.

Metal Face is next seen during the Mechon attack on Alcamoth and Prison Island, apparently searching for someone and eager to try out a new weapon on them, an anti-ether spear. He finds his prey on Prison Island and successfully kills Zanza, and since Shulk and his group happen to be there, he gets started with attacking them too. Emperor Sorean is his first casualty, and he continues to gloat to Dunban, showing him familiar tricks. Shulk however has unlocked a new power from the Monado that allows it to hurt Face Mechon, and Metal Face's arm is cut off. Shulk tries to do more damage but is distracted by the discovery that one of the other Faces, Face Nemesis, is being piloted by a not-dead but amnesiac Fiora. Metal Face uses the confusion to escape.

After being repaired, Metal Face watches Face Nemesis leave Mechonis without orders, and makes the connection that it's Dunban's sister. He follows, catching up at Valak Mountain where she is talking with Shulk, and attacks her. Using her as a hostage, he demands that Shulk give him the Monado, and Shulk accepts.

Metal Face's chassis opens to reveal Mumkhar, his body mostly replaced by Mechon technology. Unlike Fiora, he is fully aware of himself and his memories, and has been controlling Metal Face under his own will the entire time. While his grip on the Monado is blown away by Melia, the ensuing fight reveals just how far his obsession has gone: he's wanted Dunban dead for years, he greatly enjoys his new body, and he openly has no good reason for killing Homs and plundering the colonies - he just wants the Monado, that's all there is to it. Despite all this, Dunban has no trouble gaining the upper hand on him, and it is only because Egil appears to take all the Mechon back home that the fight ends.

Mumkhar then waits in front of Galahad Fortress and the end of Sword Valley, knowing the party will come to him. He gloats some more about how petty he is before re-entering Metal Face and joining with some Mass-Produced Faces for another battle. Despite all his posturing, Mumkhar loses, and Dunban prepares the finishing blow. Shulk stops Dunban and manages to convince him that there's nothing good in killing Homs when they're trying to fight the Mechon. Mumkhar is simply mad at this point, and in a blind rage launches an attack that backfires and causes a piece of the fortress to impale him. The floor then breaks off, leaving him to collapse towards the endless ocean below.


  • Mumkhar is originally from a colony that was destroyed long ago. (Heart-to-Heart: Eternal Scars)
  • During the Battle of Sword Valley, Mumkhar is depicted as a very greedy and cowardly man. While he assists Dunban and Dickson in holding back the Mechon, he abandons both at the nearest opportunity, hoping to claim the Monado by leaving Dunban to his death.
  • As Metal Face, Mumkhar displays an inflated ego, limitless sadism, and a complete disregard for human life. While he is silent for his first major appearance, his first words to the party are that of vitriol; mocking and belittling them, showing a particular awareness of the lives he's taken and relishing the anguish it brings. He especially targets Shulk and Dunban, both wielders of the Monado. Both during the attack on Colony 9 and after Prison Island, he singles out Fiora for this reason, knowing her importance to the former two. However, none of Shulk's companions are exempt from his contempt.
    • By his own account, Mumkhar's evil stems from his jealousy of Dunban, and his coveting of the Monado's power. While he states he wanted to be a hero, more than likely he wanted to appear as a hero to others, to bask in the supposed glory.
  • Visions had by Shulk regarding Metal Face, therefore Mumkhar, have a very strong tendency to occur uninterrupted. Fiora's murder, Sorean's murder, even his own death. The only time Mumkhar triggers a vision and Shulk stops it is his attempt on Sharla's life during their final confrontation.
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As a guest party member[edit]

Main article: Mumkhar/Gameplay (XC1)

Mumkhar is present in the party during the Battle of Sword Valley. He is the team's tank, with an art that generates a lot of aggro within a huge range. However, his only other art is a physical multi-hit move, so he can't do much unless Dunban uses Monado Enchant. He's also the lowest-levelled of the trio by a fair margin, so he is very likely to lose tension and be even more useless.

As a boss[edit]

Once Metal Face's true identity is revealed, his nametag in subsequent boss fights changes to "Mumkhar"; this list only includes such instances.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Mumkhar
Japan flag.svg Japanese ムムカ Mumca
France flag.svg French Mumkhar
Germany flag.svg German Mumkhar
Spain flag.svg Spanish Mumkhar
Italy flag.svg Italian Mumkhar
Russia flag.svg Russian Мамкхар Mumkhar
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 穆姆卡
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 穆姆卡
South Korea flag.svg Korean 무무카





Definitive Edition[edit]

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