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Mor Ardain

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Mor Ardain
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Weather Clear
Surface heat
Music Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes -
Mor Ardain/Night
Alba Cavanich
Alba Cavanich/Night
Cliffs of Morytha

Mor Ardain is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a humanoid Titan with an arid climate, and the center of a colonial empire that rivals the Kingdom of Uraya. Mor Ardain is the homeland of Special Inquisitor Mòrag Ladair and the colonial power that controls Gormott Province. Since it walks around the Cloud Sea it experiences tides. It is the home of the Ardainian race and houses the Empire of Mor Ardain.


Chapter 4[edit]

After the death of Vandham, the party decides to continue their journey to the World Tree by heading to Indoline Praetorium by way of Mor Ardain. Once they arrive in the capital city of Alba Cavanich, they come across Muimui, an old lab assistant of Tora's father and grandfather. However, Muimui says he has no information on their whereabouts, directing them to an inn where they can spend the night as consolation.

In the middle of the night, the party is awoken by a disturbance and decide to investigate. The newly awoken Mythra deigns to let Rex use her power so he can be responsible with it in the future. After defeating some Ardainian soldiers, they encounter Lila, who is beaten and escapes. Tora realizes that if Lila is functional, his father must have survived the attack on his laboratory.

When the party travels to Hardhaigh Palace to contact the authorities, they are accosted by Mòrag and Brighid, who assume that they must be responsible for the attacks, before their name is cleared by Niranira, who had been shadowing Rex in the interests of the Argentum Trade Guild. With Mòrag's cooperation, the party trace the suspicious activity to an Old Factory, and go to investigate, battling and defeating Zeke once again along the way. Inside, they learn that the factory has been set up to manufacture artificial Blades, using the designs of Tora's captured father Tatazo. Muimui interrupts the party to reveal that he is complicit and orders his Tirkin minions to attack, but they are swiftly defeated.

Bana arrives to berate Muimui for his incompetence and sets Lila upon the party once more, but she is overcome and defeated by Poppi. The two Nopon flee, activating a giant artificial Blade named Rosa. They seem to have the upper hand until Tora and Poppi arrive, with Poppi upgraded into her QT form. Rosa is destroyed and Muimui is knocked unconscious, but Bana flees to the factory's shipping harbor.

The party pursues Bana but are stopped by Mikhail and Patroka, who had been collecting the artificial Blades from the factory on behalf of Torna. Alongside Mòrag, the party confronts the Tornan Drivers, and defeat them by using Mythra's powers to destroy a loading crane, crushing their Blades Cressidus and Perdido and returning them to their Core Crystals. Enraged, Patroka attempts to reengage with her own powers, but is stopped by the intervention of Fan la Norne. They flee in the Monoceros.

After the party recuperates, Haze tells them that traveling directly to Indol from that point is currently impossible due to the shifting of the Cloud Sea. Rex suggests that they travel there via Leftheria instead, and the party sets off.

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Mor Ardain is a humanoid Titan with a very dry, arid climate. Most of the traversable area is situated on the Titan's upper back, with Alba Cavanich sitting on the left shoulder of the Titan. Despite the lack of vegetation, much of the nation is heavily industrialized; making use of the Titan's abundant geothermal energy, which only grows hotter with time, as does the ambient temperature. Various industrial buildings dot the landscape; those both active and long abandoned. As such power plants, mines, abandoned cities and other such facilities dot the landscape.

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Along with its capital, Mor Ardain has cities around the right shoulder and the belly of its Titan.

  • Alba Cavanich - Capital of the Ardainian Empire and its only explorable city in-game. Mainly made of salvaged goods, along with ores and minerals, it is said to be the most advanced city in Alrest.
  • Town of Chilsain - A port town dedicated to the salvaging trade. It is located on the Titan's right shoulder and a large fortress, along with a major military port, can be found there.
  • City of Ukrit - An industrial city mentioned in VIP Escort, Nopon Letter and Illegal Dumper.

Other locations[edit]

While many locations and landmarks are seen in-game, some more are only mentioned in flavor text.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Mor Ardain makes a cameo appearance in the stage Cloud Sea of Alrest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • The name Mor Ardain is likely derived from Àrdan, Scottish Gaelic for 'pride'. This is in accordance with how Titans or nations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are often named after the seven deadly sins or seven virtues in various languages.
    • Mor Ardain's Japanese name, 'Superbia', is likewise named after pride in Latin.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Empire of Mor Ardain
Japan flag.svg Japanese スペルビア帝国 (ていこく) Empire of Superbia
France flag.svg French Empire de Mor Ardain Empire of Mor Ardain
Germany flag.svg German Kaiserreich Mor Ardain
Spain flag.svg Spanish Imperio de Mor Ardain
Italy flag.svg Italian Impero Ardainiano
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 斯佩比亚帝国
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 斯培爾比亞帝國
South Korea flag.svg Korean 수페르비아 제국


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