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Miltian Conflict

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Miltian Conflict
Miltian Conflict.png
Location Miltia
Outcome Stalemate
Miltia dropped into the Abyss
Gnosis activity becomes more active
Survivors move to Second Miltia
Miltian Charter passed

The Miltian Conflict is an event in the Xenosaga series that occurred on Miltia in the year T.C. 4753. It is the reason why the planet Miltia was sealed and resulted in Gnosis attacks becoming frequent.

Battle info[edit]

Combatant Commander Strengths Casualties
Galaxy Federation Encyclopedia Thumbnail.pngGalaxy Federation Helmer Unknown amount of Federation Soldiers, U.R.T.V.s, Federation Realians Heavy, numerous civilians, almost all U.R.T.V.s, Suou Uzuki, Aoi Uzuki, Febronia, Dmitri Yuriev
U-TIC Organization Encyclopedia Thumbnail.pngU-TIC Organization (Immigrant Fleet, Ormus) Margulis, Sellers, Joachim Mizrahi (early battle) Unknown amount of U-TIC Soldiers, Ormus ships, Proto Ω,27-Series Asuras, Song of Nephilim, U-TIC Realians Heavy, Joachim Mizrahi, Sellers (WIA), Margulis (WIA)
Gnosis None Numerous Presumably light



Independent Miltia[edit]

The Miltian solar system, known widely as the Miltian Hierocracy, was originally an independent nation comprised of its capital planet Miltia, and an artificial city orbiting the system's companion star. The system itself resided in Galaxy 18, on the 4th Finger of the Tantus Arm. Miltia was the only inhabitable planet in the system, prompting the nation to begin emigration efforts to a newly terraformed planet, now known as Second Miltia. About 80% of the Miltian Heirocracy's population was composed of Immigrant Fleet descendants. The nation's independent standing from the grander Federation allowed its political structure to follow Fleet doctrine.

Zoar Incident[edit]

Main article: Zoar Incident

When the Miltian Hierocracy buckled under pressure to join the Galaxy Federation, it became the Miltian Republic, now governed as an autonomous state with a Federation-assigned parliament member as its new head of state. With the government now under Federation control, discontent was widespread among the population. This new political structure only seemed to antagonize the general public.

Seemingly as a direct result of Miltia joining the Galaxy Federation, the independent nation Zoar launched an unannounced assault on the Miltian system in T.C. 4730. No official declaration of war was made, and the truth of the events was never made clear. As a result of the assault, the Miltian government went from an autonomous state to having active military occupation from the Federation. The population now felt the pressure of the pro-Federation government, and tensions would only get worse.

Tensions and coup d'état[edit]

Following the destruction of the planet Michtam in T.C. 4747, the Zohar research facilities located there were moved to Miltia. Joachim Mizrahi, a senior researcher who resided on Michtam, established the U-TIC Organization with help from the former Miltian government and, by extension, Ormus. Under this newfound organization, Mizrahi proceeded with connection experiments involving the Zohar and its control system, U-DO. The Song of Nephilim was created as a byproduct of that research. It's said that the Executive Committee Chairman at the time, Wilhelm was responsible for the Federation overlooking the establishment of U-TIC, which was receiving funding from Vector Industries, as well as Hyams and various other dummy corporations created by Ormus.

After he separated from his wife Juli, Mizrahi devoted his research to Realians hoping to cure his daughter Sakura of her illness. When he was informed of Sakura's death at the Yuriev Institute by Dmitri, the institute's founder, he devoted himself to more extreme research, hoping to bring his daughter back from the dead. A month after Mizrahi reached satisfactory results on the Zohar research (temporary activation via emulator and the completion of Proto Ω), the former government's military began organizing a coup d'état under the guise of the U-TIC Organization on behalf of Mizrahi.

As a result of the former government faction's monopolization of the Zohar, the Federation decided to conduct their own internal investigation. They demanded that the coup d'état government turn Mizrahi over to the Federation. Papal envoys from the Immigrant Fleet were also urging the surrender of the former government's forces. Their failure to comply prompted the Federation to start the descent of their Marine Corps' land operations division and their Special Operations force.

The Invasion[edit]

First and second descent operations[edit]

The first and second descent operations ended in harsh failure. For the Federation, all contact had been lost with the land operations division during the first descent. They were presumed eliminated by the U-TIC Organization's mobile weapons force's Proto Ω and Realian violence brought on by the Song of Nephilim. It's thought that another reason for the failure of these descent operations was that Special Operations units under the influence of Colonel Margulis were in contact with the former Miltian government. Luis Virgil, a Federation marine soldier who participated in the second descent, was taken prisoner by U-TIC Realians at this time. He would later escape and be nursed back to health by the transgenic type Realian Febronia in a church on the outskirts of the capital of Miltia, Dasgupta.

Third descent operation[edit]

Only weeks after the second descent operation, U.R.T.V.s were deployed by the Federation to destroy U-DO, thereby stopping the Zohar from supplying power to Proto Ω with their anti-existence wave. While the Federation and U-TIC forces clash in Dasgupta, the U.R.T.V.s managed to make their way to the Song of Nephilim and prepared to destroy U-DO. However, their leader, Number 666: "Rubedo", realized that the collision of their anti-existence waves would cause the destruction of the planet. He then decided to cut the psychic bond with his brothers out of fear of that outcome, leaving them vulnerable to U-DO. As a result of making contact with U-DO, most of the U.R.T.V.s, including Number 667: "Albedo", were driven insane save for Rubedo and Number 669: "Nigredo". The aftermath of the clash separated the remaining U.R.T.V.s, and Albedo took advantage of the opportunity to attempt further contact with U-DO.

As Federation forces began to advance towards Labyrinthos, U-TIC unleashed the unstable 27-Series Asura. As one would expect, they went out of control and began slaughtering people indiscriminately, escalating the chaos even further. Near the end of the fighting, Sellers activated the Song of Nephilim despite Joachim Mizrahi and Suou Uzuki's protest, causing many combat Realians to go berserk, increasing the wanton destruction. The effects of this were evident on the outskirts of Dasgupta, where berserk combat Realians broke into a church and brutally killed Febronia, who told the child that was with her, Shion Uzuki, to run for her life. With descent troops, U-TIC troops, berserk Realians, and U-DO-infected U.R.T.V.s all clashing in Dasgupta, casualties were increasing by the minute.

Elsewhere, chaos and Canaan were sent on the E.S. Asher by Lieutenant General Helmer to rescue the remaining U.R.T.V.s on behalf of the Federation. Along the way, they encountered Captain Jin Uzuki, a survivor from the second descent operation who was investigating the cause of the conflict. Jin believes that the conflict was a set-up to use the U-TIC Organization as a scapegoat to keep the true organizers in the shadows. He then revealed to chaos and Canaan that he was entrusted the protection of a data disk that contains the truth of the conflict. Jin had acquired this data disk from his father Suou Uzuki shortly before the third descent operation. As the trio made their way to Labyrinthos through the streets of Miltia, they were stopped by Jin's former superior in the Special Operations forces, Colonel Margulis, who aimed to prevent Jin from acquiring the Y-Data. Jin defeated Margulis in a swordfight, scarring his face and making him fall into the depths of Labyrinthos. Jin entrusted Canaan with a backup of the data disk, and separated from the other two towards the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility.

The Gnosis appear[edit]

Among the chaos of the battle, a young Shion Uzuki fled to the Acute Neurosis Treatment Facility to find her parents, Suou and Aoi Uzuki. Although she was able to reach them, she was witness to them being brutally killed by the 27-Series Asuras in Aoi's hospital room. As a result, Shion began to resonate with the Zohar (and by extension, U-DO) held in Labyrinthos. Through Shion's despair, this caused a Space-Time Anomaly, opening a portal between the Imaginary and Real Number Domains that summoned the Gnosis in droves. Jin arrives in time to retrieve his sister Shion, but was too late to save their parents. The two of them manage to evacuate from the planet safely.

The end of Miltia[edit]

Then, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Gnosis phenomenon, Joachim Mizrahi overloaded the Song of Nephilim and began preparations to seal Miltia and the Zohar off from the U.M.N. and the rest of the universe to confine them to Miltian Space and plunge them into the depths of the Abyss. Sellers tried to stop Mizrahi, but was met with a bullet to each of his legs, crippling him for life. After a mysterious explosion interrupted his recital of Revelations 20 from the Bible, Mizrahi fell to his death from atop Labyrinthos.

Meanwhile, Rubedo and Nigredo were confronting Albedo on the first floor of the Song of Nephilim, attempting to stop him from making further contact with U-DO. The fight ended in a stalemate when Albedo used an attack strong enough to separate the other two from him. Heavily wounded, Rubedo and Nigredo are rescued by chaos and Canaan in the E.S. Asher. Sellers then launched the Song of Nephilim into orbit with the help of the Kirschwasser Cumin, bringing Albedo and Margulis with them. They join the Song of Nephilim to Proto Merkabah, which was floating in satellite orbit at the time, and managed to successfully evacuate before Miltia was plunged into the Abyss.


With the conclusion of the conflict, there were reparations; the Gnosis phenomenon started to become more common, and the Subcommittee On Close Encounters was formed to counter them. During the battle, Dmitri Yuriev was killed by Nigredo after abandoning his duties as the executioner. After Rubedo and Nigredo were rescued by chaos and Canaan, they established the Kukai Foundation, renaming themselves to "Gaignun Kukai" and "Gaignun Kukai Jr." respectively. Realian discrimination was rampant as well, prompting the enactment of the Miltian Charter which grants them the same human rights as humans. To the public, it was believed that Joachim Mizrahi was credited for summoning the Gnosis, labeling him a "lunatic". Lastly, the survivors of the conflict, including Shion and Jin relocated to Second Miltia.

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Episode I

Miltian Conflict

A war constantly referred to throughout the episode.

The outbreak of hostilities begain 14 years ago and ultimately dragged the entire Federation into it.

The name originated from the fact that the territory of Miltia, where Shion was born, was the site of the most vicious battles.

As for what exactly happened in Miltia at the time, that story will have to wait.

Episode III

Miltian Conflict

The final conflict of the Zoar incident.

The final conflict of the Zoar Incident, in which a fierce battle between the Federation government and the U-TIC Organization unfolded upon Shion's homeland of Miltia.

The Federation government's military initiated its third descent operation, this time including the URTV special forces.

According to records, U-TIC Organization founder Joachim Mizrahi caused the Zohar to go out of control, producing a space-time anomaly.

Militan Conflict Report

Miltian Conflict Report

[Before the Outbreak of the Miltian Conflict]
The Miltian solar system was one unified nation governed by the Miltian republic. It was comprised of the capital planet, Miltia (the fifth planet in the system), and an artificial city orbiting the system's companion star (Miltia is a binary star system).

The Miltia system itself belongs to the 4th Finger of the 18th Galactic Tantus Arm. Within the same arm, 10 parsecs (about 33 light years) away, was a system with a habitable planet that had just been terraformed. Immigration from the Miltia system to this new world was underway, and it later came to be knwon as Second Miltia.

Approximately 80 percent of the population of the Miltian Republic was composed of Immigrant Fleet descendants. Before it became a republic and a member of the Federation, the nation was an autonomous government. Upon joining the Galaxy Federation, a Federation-assigned parliament member took office as head of the Miltian government. But this situation, in which the planet was effectively under Federation control, led to discontent among the citizenry. This contributed to the difficulty of disbanding the former government and the military of the autonomous government (this military would later become the U-TIC Organization's main force).

After the destruction of planet Michtam, the Zohar research facilities were moved to Miltia, due to the existence of numerous facilities left on Miltia from early Immigrant Fleet visits. A senior researcher on the project at the time, Joachim Mizrahi, resided on Abraxas (Federation name: Michtam). Being of the People of Zohar himself, he established the U-TIC Organization in secret from the Federation government with the aid of the former government (Ormus), and proceeded with connection experiments involving the Zohar and its control system, U-DO (it is said parliamentary manipulation by then-chairman Wilhelm was behind the Federation overlooking the development of U-TIC). The Song of Nephilim was born as a byproduct of that research.

After that, Mizrahi and newly-assigned U-TIC research staff member, Juli Niwashiro, produced a child, Sakura. Due partly to Sakura's unusual illness, their married life did not last long. After they separated, Mizrahi devoted himself to Realian research in an effort to cure his daughter Sakura, who was living with Juli. There are signs that he actually used the former government to support this project.

[Outbreak of the Miltian Conflict]
An experiment at the Yuriev Institute resulted in the death of Joachim Mizrahi's daughter. Yuriev informed Joachim of this matter personally. Mizrahi's reasearch objective now changed from treating Sakura to reviving her--the creation of a new Sakura.

Burying himself in even more extreme research, Joachim retreated underground, and, under the wing of the former government (Ormus), proceeded with the Zohar and Song connection experiments. With the achievement of a certain degree of success from the Zohar research (temporary activation via emulator unit and the completion of Proto Omega), the former government military, under the name of the U-TIC Organization, organized a coup d'état in support of Mizrahi.

It is said that behind Mizrahi's support lay not merely his position as a Zohar researcher, but his high status on Abraxas--in other words, his status inside of Ormus.

For some time, the Federation government had viewed the monopolization of the Zohar by the former government faction as dangerous and had been conducting their own internal investigation. They requested that the coup d'ètat government turn over Joachim to the Federation. At this same time, the Federation Special Operations force, under the command of Commander Helmer, was stationed on the planet Zavarov. It was there that Helmer became acquainted with Dmitri and Juli.

In addition, within that same force was the intelligence bureau's special missions unit,formerly headed by Colonel Margulis. Captain Jin Uzuki had once been assigned to it, as well (at this point in time, Margulis and Pellegri had already disappeared from the military).

Eventually, due to the Miltian Republic's refusal to turn over Joachim, the Galaxy Fedration declared war. The Special Operations force, together with the Marine Corps' land operations division, began descent operations on the planet Miltia. Contact was lost with the first and second descent operation forces, and the were presumed eliminated (by the outbreak of Realian violence and the mobile weapon force containing Proto Omega as well as the Zohar defense system). Lieutenant Virgil was one of the soldiers who participated in this second descent operation.

Additionally, one of the causes of the descent operation failures is thought to have been that units which had been under Colonel Margulis's influence were in communication with the Republic government (Ormus). The leaking of Ormus secrets by Suou Uzuki also took place during this time.

Several weeks after the second descent operation, the third operation began, and the U.R.T.V. soldiers began their infiltration.

The operation ended with the activation of the Zohar, the appearance of the Gnosis, and the sealing away of the region of space around the planet Miltia.

At this time, at Juli's suggestion, Proto Merkabah was sealed into the depths of the abyss--but that is merely what the records show. The truth would be hidden by Ormus-affiliated Parliament members and members of the military.

[After the Miltian Conflict]
With the destruction of Miltia, the U-TIC Organization effectively perished. To Ormus, that meant nothing more than that they had lost one of their scapegoats; however, due to a need to continue manipulating the Federation government, U-TIC was not entirely erased. It was reformed by Margulis and went into a long period of dormancy.

The citizens who evacuated the planet Miltia emigrated to Second Miltia, and in place of the defeated Miltian Republic was born the Miltian Autonomous State. Lieutenant General Helmer of the Federation military became Miltia's parliamentary representative, and with that, Helmer retired from Military service.

Dmitri had died during the Miltian Conflict, but the post-war proceedings were largely directed by the Salvator faction, and the Kukai Foundation was established as an enforcement organization. While feeling a need to defend against Ormus, Helmer nevertheless wanted to keep his distance from the Salvator and kept his link to Gaignun Kukai a secret.

Learning from the failures of the Republic, Ormus assigned all of their illegal activities to the U-TIC Organization and concentrated on legal activities (manipulating the Parliament), centered around Sergius.

Xenosaga I & II



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ミルチア紛争 その2

星団連邦に加盟したてということもあり、その首班は連邦政府より任命された連邦評議員が務めていたが、事実上連邦政府の統制下にあるその状況は、民衆の不満をつのらせていくこととなり、その影響もあって、旧政府及び独立自治軍の解体は難航していた(この独立自治軍が 後のU-TIC機関主力軍となる)。

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ミルチア紛争 その3

ミルチア紛争の最中、ユーリエフ・インスティテュートでの実験により、サクラ・ミズラヒが死亡する。 その事実は、ユリの口からヨアキムに伝えられた。

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