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Mikhail in Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Species unknown, possibly Tornan[1]
Blade Eater (XC2)
Gender Male
Age ~10 (TTGC)
~504 (XC2)
Designer Tetsuya Nomura
Japanese VA Daisuke Namikawa (XC2)
Yuki Nagaku (TTGC)
English VA Todd Kramer (XC2)
Anjella Mackintosh (TTGC)
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Torna ~ The Golden Country
This article is about the character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. For the character in Xenosaga: Pied Piper, see Mikhail Ortmann.
This article is about Mikhail in general. For gameplay information, see Mikhail/Gameplay.

Mikhail (サタヒコ) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is the sole survivor of the attack on Porton Village and was adopted by Lora and Jin. He later became a member of the Torna organization and Cressidus's Driver.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mikhail is a handsome man about 190 cm (6'3") tall, with blond hair swept back with a thin fringe falling on the right side of his face, and blue eyes. As a child, Mikhail wears a red and black coat, with black pants and boots. As an adult, Mikhail wears a red and black armored bodysuit with gold decorations with similar shapes to Jin and Malos.

As a child, Mikhail is cold, shy, and quiet, only slightly opening up to Milton and Lora, and is easily frightened by Mythra and Jin. He rarely speaks, and Milton is the only one able to read his emotions.

As an adult, Mikhail is the most flamboyant and playful of the Torna members, almost theatrical at times, often flirting with Patroka, much to her dismay. He enjoys the presence of women in general, sometimes stopping to admire their beauty. Despite his light behavior, he has a broad outlook and can be serious when the situation demands it. He is a skilled engineer, in charge of preparing the Blade Bots and the Marsanes for battle for their inevitable confrontation with Indol when they will ascend the World Tree. He doesn't truly care for his own survival, talking lightly about the idea of his own death. Despite his hatred for Alrest and humanity, he is the most hesitant member of Torna (after Nia) about their goals, eventually deciding to give the party the chance to stop Jin.

Story arc[edit]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Mikhail is first heard of as Akhos reports to Malos upon his return from the Ancient Ship with Jin and Sever. Akhos informs them that Mikhail is inspecting the Old Factory. It is where he is later first encountered, as he and Patroka just finished recovering ether furnaces they bought from Bana. The two of them interrupt Rex as he is putting an end to Bana's production of artificial Blades, claiming that the Nopon is still of use to them. Mikhail then goes on a flamboyant speech about being graced by the presence of the Aegis until Patroka cuts him off, hitting him in the face and asking him to shut up. She declares their mission is to kill Nia and retrieve the Aegis. Mikhail joins her in battle alongside his Blade, Cressidus, taking up the role of Defender while Patroka and Perdido lead the attacks. The tide of battle turns against them as Mòrag and Brighid join the fight. The two of them help Rex and Pyra corner the members of Torna, allowing Mythra to strike a precise blow with Siren and kill Cressidus and Perdido. Mikhail is entranced by Mythra's beauty as she rises through the air before she strikes.

The death of Perdido enrages Patroka, who begins to radiate strange power as Mikhail helplessly tries to bring her back to reason. Mikhail rushes to her side as she suddenly falls to her knees, incapacitated by the restrictive power of Fan la Norne as she walks up to them. Recognizing the one he once knew as "Haze", Mikhail curses and orders a retreat, slowly standing up to stare at the newcomer while Patroka tries to protest. Reminding her that they already got the ether furnaces they came to gather, Mikhail picks her up to take her away. His gaze lingers on Fan la Norne as Patroka flails around with anger under his arm, until he finally turns away and runs to the Monoceros. He salutes the party with a wink and a hand gesture reminiscent of the one Malos used at Mythra in Auresco as the ship sails into the Cloud Sea, firing once at Mòrag to stop her from following them on board.

Mikhail can then be spotted as a child in a flashback, following Jin around while Haze trains with Lora against Addam and Mythra.

As Mikhail and Patroka reunite with the rest of Torna on the Marsanes, Mikhail reports to the others the events that went down in Mor Ardain, and tells Jin about the Blade who intervened being Haze. Jin doesn't respond, looking away for a moment before asking Mikhail about his work on the Marsanes. Mikhail informs him that it will take a little longer than he thought, but he is getting close. Jin then orders Mikhail to keep working on it and get help from the others, while Jin himself goes to Temperantia alone.

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Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

Mikhail's Torna ~ The Golden Country artwork.
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As a party member[edit]

Main article: Mikhail/Gameplay (XC2)

As an NPC[edit]

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In Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Location Land of Morytha (Megaflote Base)
Uraya (random location in Garfont Village)
Species unknown, possibly Tornan[1]
Blade Eater
Gender Male
Time Anytime

Mikhail can be found at Megaflote Base at the roots of the World Tree in the Land of Morytha after Indol sinks under the Cloud Sea, exclusively during New Game Plus. He disappears once he becomes the Blade of a party member and reappears at the same location if he is released.

After he becomes one of the party's Blades, Mikhail can be found at a random location in Garfont Village after Rex takes over the Merc Group, provided he is not equipped to his Driver or sent on a Merc Mission. The specific locations he may be found at are listed here.

Resonating with Mikhail
Hey! How you doing?
Did you think I was dead? Even I thought I was dead.
Patroka told me not to die. She said she wanted to be the one to kill me.
I couldn't just let myself die after an order like that. Honestly, I'd be scared of the consequences.
Well, you'll have to let me come along to take a look at the answer that you found.
Can I? I can? Yeah!
In Garfont Village
We're supposed to be partners now... Isn't it a little cruel, leaving me behind?

In Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]

TTGC community icon Mikhail.png
War orphan
Location Auresco (Spefan Inn)
Species unknown, possibly Tornan[1]
Gender Male
Time Anytime

Mikhail can first be found in the Strategy Room in Gormott, after the the party discusses the movements of Addam's militia and until Lora and Addam talk on the flagship's port balcony. During Malos's attack on the capital, he can be found with Milton in Sachsum Gardens in Auresco, Royal Capital of the Kingdom of Torna, near Aquila Watchtower's entrance. Much later, he can be found with Milton on the roof of Spefan Inn, after the party sets off for The Soaring Rostrum. During A Small Promise, he can instead be found in the inn's lobby.



Strategy Room[edit]
Cool ship...
Sachsum Gardens[edit]
...Be careful, you hear?
After the party sets off for The Soaring Rostrum
I'm fed up of Milton always acting like he's my babysitter...
What I mean is...
Hurry up and come back, OK?
During A Small Promise[edit]
After gathering the materials for Milton
You've got the stuff? Milton's waiting.
I don't care either way.
After Milton fails to sew the emblem of Torna
Milton is so annoying.
After completing A Small Promise[edit]
I can't believe how...
...nice you all are.
Which isn't a bad thing.

As an enemy[edit]


  • In the English version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mikhail is voiced by Todd Kramer, who also voices Roc.
  • Despite only being revealed during chapter 6, Mikhail's Core Crystal is visible in battle as soon as chapter 4 due to an enemy model setup error.
  • There is unused dialogue between Mikhail and Milton during Planning for the Future, which would continue on from the small bit of dialogue the two have if they are in the party during the quest. During the dialogue, Milton teases Mikhail for staring at the newly made Titan ship, then tells him they need to hurry back to the inn before they are found out by Mythra, showing that Mikhail was already interested by engineering at the time.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Mikhail
Japan flag.svg Japanese サタヒコ
France flag.svg French Mikhail
Germany flag.svg German Mikhail
Spain flag.svg Spanish Mikhail
Italy flag.svg Italian Mikhail
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 佐田彦
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 佐田彥
South Korea flag.svg Korean 사타히코


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 During a chat, Mikhail claims not to have ever gone on a Titan ship, which would mean he never left the Tornan Titan and is thus most likely Tornan. However, this is inconsistent with Martha's dialogue which hints that Estham, where Mikhail is from, is its own Titan, meaning he took a Titan ship to Torna at some point. The game's NPC table labels him as Ardainian, which does not help the confusion.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]


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Concept art[edit]

Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]