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Low-LOD texture of Mechonis

The Mechonis (機神 (きしん), lit. "machine deity") is one of two titans that make up the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. The Mechonis is a mechanical titan inhabited by both the Mechon and Machina. It lost its left arm in a battle with the Bionis, which fell into the Great Sea and became the Fallen Arm. Before reawakening, the titans were connected by the Mechonis' sword which was stuck in the Bionis creating Sword Valley where Mechon and Homs often fought.


Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]

Long ago, prior to the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, the Mechonis fought a vicious battle against its organic counterpart, Bionis. During the battle, the Bionis would manage to sever the Mechonis' left arm, before both titans wound each other and entered a dormant state. Millennia later, the Mechonis would be reactivated by Egil, in a zealous bid to eliminate the Bionis Allied Force and lay waste to Bionis itself. While Shulk briefly halts this offensive push, Egil is put on the back foot once the Bionis is awoken by Zanza. A single stroke of the titanic Monado would break Sword Valley in half, and slice straight through the Mechonis' head, cleaving the core and Yaldabaoth in two. After the party leaves the Mechonis on Junks, Egil would use the Mechonis to shield them, and desperately fight against Zanza to little avail. Robbed of its sword and both of its arms, the Bionis raised its colossal blade of light and brought it down explosively on Mechonis, killing Egil and leaving the titan ruined.

While the ruins of the Mechonis are nowhere to be seen after the Bionis' collapse, the presence of both the first severed arm and the sword's lower half within Aionios may indicate their continued existence during the finale of Xenoblade Chronicles and the events of Future Connected. This may be a developer oversight, as both the sword's lower half and both arms severed in the second Great Battle disappear afterward for unknown reasons.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

Sometime following the events of Future Connected, both the world of the Bionis and Alrest learned of one another's existence and the impending calamity of their worlds' Intersection. Both worlds would construct half of Origin, intending to let both worlds and the lives within survive this cataclysm. However, rather than annihilate and dissolve into light as predicted, Origin, hobbled by the coalescence of Moebius, jumbled both worlds together, freezing them in an eternal present.

Various parts of the Mechonis can be seen scattered across Aionios. The Fallen Arm has joined with a desert known as the Eagus Wilderness, and the Great Sword pierces the Cadensia Region, standing upright. The sword itself would house the City during the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 until it is destroyed by Moebius using the annihilator hidden in Agnus Castle.

After Z's defeat and Origin's reactivation, Bionis (and presumably Mechonis) and its denizens would be restored.


Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. 4, the Mechonis appear as a Trophy. The Mechonis also appears in the background in the Gaur Plains stage.



Xenoblade Chronicles[edit]



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