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XSF Encyclopedia picture Matthews.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 40 (Episode I & II)
41 (Episode III)
Height 177 cm
Weight 88 kg
Japanese VA Unshou Ishizuka
English VA Kirk Thornton
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Freaks
Xenosaga 1 & 2
Xenosaga Outer File
Xenosaga: The Animation
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Not to be confused with Matthew, the main protagonist of Future Redeemed.

Matthews (マシューズ) is a supporting character in the Xenosaga series. He is the captain of the Elsa.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Matthew is an average man with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a black t-shirt, beige jeans, black worker gloves and purple boots with silver highlights. He also wears a red baseball hat that read "Caution! I am a boozer! Banzai! Banzai!".

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Story arc[edit]


Matthews is captain of the spaceship Elsa. He is a big spender and as a result has become considerably in debt, including to the Kukai Foundation. As a result the Elsa was made collateral for his debt. He has worked as a junk trader, which includes collecting debris from space and does this presently for the Kukai Foundation. Years before the game he met chaos and they have been traveling together on the Elsa ever since. He also saved Hammer, who was on the run from criminals after hacking into their database. While Matthews acts respectful towards chaos and Junior, he doesn't hate from arguing with and calling Tony and Hammer morons at times.

Episode I[edit]

Matthews first appears in the game when the Elsa comes across the wreckage of the Woglinde. Spotting KOS-MOS, he initially believes her to be a corpse, but she reveals herself and threatens him and the others into taking her to Second Miltia. Shion, Allen and Cherenkov are recovered and brought onto the ship shortly afterwards, after chaos speaks up for them. Matthews is respectful towards the military and is fine with bringing Cherenkov to the planet Senir at no charge. Matthews happily eats Shion's cooking once she is on the ship. He is a big fan of the Seraphim Sisters and had hoped to see them in person in concert but due to the recent events is unable to. While initially hesitant to also pick up Ziggy and MOMO when they are in danger in hyperspace, he changes his mind and does so. Matthews continues to help the party throughout the rest of the game, bringing them to various locations as desired on the Elsa.

Episode II[edit]

Matthews appears early in the game along with the rest of the Elsa crew when it arrives at Second Miltia. He appears again later when Shion makes her way to space and boards the Elsa as it heads towards Old Miltia, then to the Ω System. As part of the Good Samaritan Campaign For the Captain! the player may optionally work to pay off the entirety of Matthew's debt. However as part of another sidequest it is revealed that the Professor has been racking up a lot of expenses by falsely using Matthews' name, which may counteract such efforts.

Episode III[edit]

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  • Matthews is a smoker.
  • Matthews is currently in debt to Gaignun Kukai and works for him to pay it off.
  • Matthews is fan of the Seraphim Sisters and hopes to go to one of their concerts once his debts are paid.
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Episode I


BORN: T.C. 4727
AGE: 40 years old

Captain of the passenger cargo ship Elsa.

A chronic spender, he is constantly in debt. In particular, he owes a large sum to the Kukai Foundation, and his beautiful ship was made into collateral.

After retiring, he worked as a junk trader collecting and selling debris from around the universe, but in recent years he works mainly for the Kukai Foundation.

He met chaos several years before the beginning of this episode, and they have been traveling together since.

Episode III


Matthews Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Captain of the cargo and passenger ship Elsa.

Captain of the Kukai Foundation civilian cargo and passenger spaceship Elsa.

Formerly a member of the Galaxy Federation government’s naval forces, he later became a so-called recycler, roaming through space collecting, repairing, and reselling military goods; the last few years, however, have mainly been filled with work for the Foundation.

A natural leader filled with a sense of social duty, he is quick to step forward to protect the people he knows when danger threatens. However, the fact that his actions are currently driven by the need to repay a huge amount of debt is somewhat pathetic.

A wasteful spender, he is constantly in debt. He is especially deep in debt to the Kukai Foundation; even his beloved swan-like ship has been put up as collateral.

He has a rustic and hearty personality, and is also an unparalleled lush. His love of liquor is such that he created a bar within his ship. Even in an era of technology as advanced as the encephalon, his interests run towards the nostalgic, such as wanting to attend live concerts.



Matthews Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png


T. C.4727年生まれ。40歳。

クーカイ・ファウンデーション所属の民間航宙貨客船エルザの船長。宇宙域に漂流する紛争物資を回収して、横流しするジャンク屋。海兵出身のその態度は豪快。そのおかげでハマーなどは、船長 のきついツッコミの牲になることが多い。義理人情に厚く、自分に関係のあるものに危害が及びそうになると、前面に出て守ろうとする親分肌。ただ、現在の行動原理が'莫大な借金の返済'という のが情けない。また、エンセフェロンのような技術までが確立されている時代であるにも関わらず、ライブのコンサートを見に行きたいと願うなど、現実主義なところがある。

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