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Matthew Vandham
Species Human
Gender Male
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Junya Enoki
English VA Rory Alexander
Appearances Future Redeemed
Not to be confused with Matthews, a supporting character in the Xenosaga series.
This article is about Matthew in general. For gameplay information, see Matthew/Gameplay.

Matthew Vandham is the main protagonist of Future Redeemed. He is a City refugee who escaped its destruction at the hands of N and the Founder of House Vandham of the present day City.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Matthew is a young man with black hair styled into a ponytail, two piercings on his left ear, blue eyes, and a scar over his left eyebrow. He wears a cropped short-sleeved jacket and shirt, with a belt around his torn pants. His weapon consists of a pair of red gauntlets called the Ouroboros Knuckles, which are imbued with a special power.

Matthew is straightforward, but kind. He is also shown to be fierce, such as interrupting the battle between Nikol and Glimmer by slamming his fist into the ground. Matthew has a strong fighting spirit. He bears a strong hatred of Moebius, N especially, due to his role in the City's destruction and the death of his grandfather, Ghondor, even stating to Moebius W that a killing thousands of Moebius wouldn't bring him peace.

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Story arc[edit]


Mathew and his sister, Na'el, were raised by their grandfather called Ghondor due to their parents dying in a Moebius attack. Ghondor would eventually train them with the power of Ouroboros in the City.

One day, Matthew returned to the City to find out that it was under an attack of Moebius and Alpha. Matthew ran to save everyone he could only to find Ghondor being stabbed by N. The dying Ghondor telling him that the future is in his hands before causing an explosion that destroys the City, and Matthew was severely injured. He was found half-dead by A, who treated his injuries, they then became friends and traveling companions to search for any City survivors, including Na'el.

Future Redeemed[edit]

Matthew and A are first seen destroying a Vatura Flak in Vermillion Woods. After the battle, A asks why Matthew wanted to use the Ouroboros power in the first place, before A warns Matthew that Moebius can track the Ouroboros power. Matthew then pulls out his X-Reader looking for survivors for the City, as well as his sister Na'el after N's attack.

On their way to a camp, the two are attacked by Land Volffs, A then demonstrates the power of the Talent Art Vision to anticipate their attacks and defeat the Volffs.

After finding a place to set up camp and sleep, Matthew reminiscences the death of his grandfather, at the hands of N and the destruction of the City before falling asleep. The next morning, Matthew gets a ping of a City Iris from his X-Reader, only to find the refugee dead from an attack from monsters.

Matthew and A later observes a battle between Colony 5 and Colony Gamma. Matthew then intervenes the fight between Glimmer and Nikol, unknowingly imbuing them with the power of Ouroboros in the process, much to A's annoyance, picking up Glimmer and tossing her towards Nikol, before he beats them up, berating the two for fighting each other, reminding them their enemies are not each other. Moebius Q and R then make their appearance, calling the two "Moebius Hunters", much to the duo's confusion before transforming into their Moebius forms to attack the duo. After A slew the two Moebius, Matthew orders A to destroy the Flame Clocks, freeing both Glimmer and Nikol.

When the two left to get food, they find Glimmer and Nikol fighting again, saying one of them should have watched them, with A reminding him that they want to secure as much food as possible. Matthew then disciplines the two, telling them that their fighting days are done, their Consuls are dead, their Flame Clocks are destroyed, and their Iris clocks are replaced by the Ouroboros ring. During a campout, Glimmer is angry that she is close to her Homecoming, blaming Matthew for taking it all away. Matthew then offers food to Glimmer, saying that she's not thinking straight. When the group fell asleep, Glimmer manages to sneak out in the dead of night.

In a flashback, Matthew is seen training with Na'el and Ghondor, before the latter challenges the two to a battle, in which he bests his pupils. Back in the present, He is waken up by Nikol, telling him that Glimmer has ran off. A confirms that she fled at five o' clock, prompting the party to chase after her.

The party eventually finds Glimmer with Shulk being attacked by Consul W at the Diablada Cliffs. The party, with the help of Shulk and Rex, manages to defeat W and are led to Colony 9, in Yesterdale. In a flashback, He and Na'el discuss how the City's being at peace for at least 15 years, but Matthew has a feeling that it isn't over.

The next day, the party is informed that there have been found remains of City survivors in the Raguel Lake. Matthew, eager to find his sister, gets with the party to the Raguel Lake to only find signs of a skirmish. Matthew reminisces about the second City being ransacked by starving Kevesi forces, with everyone including Chyra killed and her sister killing them in a rage. In the City, Na'el develops a hatred of both Keves and Agnus for their role in Chyra's death. Later at home, Na'el mumbles to Matthew even without Moebius, people will always kill people. Back in the present, they decide to set up a rest spot for the night.

In a flashback at Erythia Sea, Matthew and Na'el encounter some Fogbeasts in which they dispatched.

Later that night, they are interrupted by an Alpha possessed Na'el. A reveals to Matthew that Na'el didn't disappear because she went missing, it is because she became Alpha's avatar. The party then fights Na'el / Alpha until N shows up and tries to kill Na'el, but Matthew stops him with the power of Ouroboros. A interrupts him saying that N is his great-grandfather and as long as Alpha exist, Moebius aren't a priority. Alpha then disappears and Origin is revealed at the top of Prison Island through its defense mechanism.

The party returns to Colony 9 and Shulk and Rex explain the truth of Aionios and how both their worlds were created. After that, the party does the preparations to climb the Black Mountains, reach Prison Island and from there, enter Origin.

After the preparations are finished, the party sets course to the Black Mountains. In there, Matthew says that Origin feels oddly familiar, then A explains that his gauntlets, the Ouroboros Knuckles are made of Origin metal.

Now at the Prison Terrace, the party is intercepted by N, blocking access to Origin. Matthew and the party fights him but a memory from Origin is shown to the party through the clash between Matthew and N, showing the true events that led to the City's destruction. N says, knowing that he's lying to himself, that through his sacrifice, Ghondor consented to N's actions. Matthew denies this, saying that his grandfather would never support destroying the City. N subconsciously knows this, as he stops arguing with Matthew. Alpha shows up and sends a ray of light at N, seemingly vaporizing him. Alpha then party teleports the party in Origin.

Now inside of The Ark, the party finds themselves in a large city with a very tall tower. Shulk and Rex recognize this place instantly as Klaus's world and explain the party what's going on. Matthew hears a song being played in a piano near where they are, he remembers that Na'el used to play the exact same song, so he follows the sound and finds Na'el in the garden of a house. Na'el says that if they follow Alpha's plan this is what the world would look like. A shows her the Land of Morytha, that is, what this city will become in the future. Matthew adds that if she continues viewing the Kevesi and Agnians as people unworthy of life, she would be no different from Moebius. Na'el agrees and just as she joins the party, Alpha abducts her.

When the party comes face-to-face with Alpha, Matthew declares that he is obsolete and is destined for the "scrap heap" and engages him. During the battle, Alpha attempts to possess Matthew as well, only for N to save both him and Na'el and they agree on a temporary truce to take down Alpha. N tells Matthew to combine his Ouroboros Knuckles with his Sword of the End, this ends up revealing Pneuma's core in the Ouroboros Knuckles. With this new power, Matthew unleashes the true power of Ouroboros and Interlinks with Shulk, Rex, Nikol, Glimmer and Na'el. Finally, they destroy Alpha once and for all. Before vanishing, Alpha asks Matthew if he's glad with his decision, he affirms and Alpha vanishes with a smile.

Shulk, Rex and A become the new avatars of Origin and Matthew alongside Glimmer, Nikol and Na'el leave Origin. Origin crashes into the Cent-Omnia Region and sinks into the ocean.

Now in the Dannagh Desert, the party finds N and says that he, as a Moebius, he will be upholding the endless now to his death. Matthew responds that the City and their descendants will continue where they left off, and adds that N himself might be the one to defeat Moebius and stop the endless now.

Days later, the City starts its reconstruction under the care of Na'el, Glimmer, Nikol, Linka, Panacea, and Riku. Matthew decides to go on an expedition around the world by himself in order to find more survivors of the old City and rebuild the world.


Centuries after his expedition, his descendants return to the City. A statue honoring Matthew and representing House Vandham can be found in Memorial Hall in the City alongside the other five Founders.


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  • Matthew's mother and father died fighting Moebius 15 years prior to Future Redeemed.
    • This may coincide roughly with the emergence of Alpha, who has had control of Origin for over a decade prior to N's assault on the City.
  • Matthew always keeps photos of his family members in his pocket. He has one of Na'el, as well as a photo of Noah, Mio, and Ghondor taken 70 years previous.
  • Matthew likes to eat curry.
  • As the founder of House Vandham, Matthew is the ancestor of Guernica, Monica, and Ghondor.

As a party member[edit]

Main article: Matthew/Gameplay (FR)

Matthew's class is Martial Artist, an Attacker class.


  • Matthew bears a strong resemblance to Fei Fong Wong, the main protagonist of Xenogears.
    • Matthew's fighting style and Battle Art animations are reminiscent of Fei's attacks and Deathblows.
    • Matthew's battle stance is similar to Fei's idle animation during battles.
    • While Fei's personality is somber and quiet, Matthew's personality is bright and cheerful.
  • Matthew is the first "Van-" character to be a protagonist of a Xeno game.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Matthew
Japan flag.svg Japanese マシュー Matthew (Hebrew for "gift of God")
France flag.svg French Matthew
Germany flag.svg German Matthew
Spain flag.svg Spanish Matthew
Italy flag.svg Italian Matthew
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 马修
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 馬修
South Korea flag.svg Korean 매슈



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