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MOMO Mizrahi
MOMO XS1.png
Episode I artwork
Species Realian
Gender Female
Age 14
15 (Episode III)
12 (Appearance)
Height 141 cm
Weight 36 kg
Japanese VA Rumi Shishido
English VA Sherry Lynn (XS1)
Cristina Pucelli (XS2, XS3)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga Freaks
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga Outer File
Xenosaga: The Animation
Namco X Capcom
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed

MOMO Mizrahi (モモ・ミズラヒ) is a playable character in the Xenosaga series. She is the 100-Series prototype.

Appearance and personality[edit]

As she is modeled after the late Sakura Mizrahi, MOMO is a girl with pink hair styled into a bob cut with two pink decorations on each side of her head and yellow eyes. In Episode I, MOMO wears a black short skirted dress with white decorations and red gems adorning it, resembling a Japanese sailor fuku uniform and kneel length boots. At the Kukai Foundation's beach, she wears a pink sundress. Whenever MOMO uses Star Wind, her outfit changes to an aquamarine dress with yellow accents. Whenever MOMO uses Starlight, her outfit changes to an extravagant costume that consists of a pink top and skirt with a giant bow on her back. In Episode II, MOMO wears a denim beret, a dress of the same color with white accents, knee length white stockings and denim boots, with the Swimsuit skill equipped, MOMO wears a blue one-piece swimsuit with a semi-transparent skirt. In Episode III, MOMO wears a pink beret, a white shirt, a pink skirt up to her chest, black stockings and pink shoes, her swimsuit consists of a pinkish-white one-piece with a tropical decoration.

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Story arc[edit]


MOMO is a prototype 100-series Realian. Her name stands for Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus. She was designed to observe and contact the gnosis. MOMO was created by Joachim Mizrahi and was designed to resemble his dead daughter Sakura. She views him as her father, and Joachim's wife, Juli as her mother. She was created at Proto Merkabah. Episode II reveals that MOMO was also developed in part to enable Joachim and Juli's real daughter, Sakura, to interact with the real world. MOMO was modeled after her. When Junior is able to communicate with Sakura inside her subconscious, she treats her as if she were her real sister and Junior promises to protect her and treat her like a real girl.

Episode I[edit]

At the start of the game MOMO is held captive by the U-TIC Organization within the base Pleroma. Margulis visits her in a cell, seeking to contact what he claims to be the man hidden inside of her. MOMO is the only source of the Y-Data, important data from Joachim Mizrahi. Ziggurat 8 is hired by the Special Committee for Close Encounters to rescue MOMO from Pleroma. He is able to sneak inside and release her from her cell. While not a fighter, MOMO supports him in battle as a healer and spell user. She is also able to cause problems for the sensors on enemy A.G.W.S. by using the Hilbert Effect. Finding his real name to be too formal, MOMO nicknames him Ziggy, a name that sticks throughout the remainder of the series. While they are confronted by Margulis, the two of them are eventually able to escape from Pleroma on a shuttle.

Escaping from U-TIC, MOMO handles piloting for their craft as they enter hyperspace. MOMO is disappointed to hear that they won't be traveling to the S.O.C.E. Committee headquarters where her mother is, but rather to Second Miltia. When U-TIC approaches, they try and fight them off and join up with the passenger craft Elsa. They board the ship, meeting Shion and the others and MOMO helps in fighting off the enemy. They reveal that they are heading to Second Miltia, the same place as Shion and the others.

MOMO remains aboard the Elsa as it travels to the Dock Colony, then is encompassed by the Cathedral Ship. When she and the others are recovered by the Durandal she meets Junior, but gets upset upon hearing him refer to her father as a lunatic. Shion and KOS-MOS come to see her in the Durandal Park to help cheer her up. Thinking they may split up from each other in the near future, Junior provides MOMO with a bracelet keepsake. When the Kukai Foundation is framed by the U-TIC Organization for destroying the Woglinde, MOMO is arrested along with the other party members. When the party heads into the Encephalon within KOS-MOS to try and prove their innocence, MOMO is brought along with Ziggy and Junior to the streets of Old Miltia. They eventually come across the tower Labyrinthos, seeing her father speaking atop the tower then falling to his death, upsetting her greatly.

When a massive amount of gnosis start appearing Junior orders the civilians to depart the Kukai Foundation and get on the Durandal. MOMO stays behind to help the wounded but is kidnapped by Albedo, who makes himself appear as if he were her father. Albedo brings her to the Song of Nephilim where he frightens her considerably, first by killing a Kirschwasser, then by ripping off his arm and decapitating his own head.[1] Realizing that MOMO knows Junior, Albedo becomes pleased, but also more maniacal and MOMO passes out. Junior and the others come to rescue her and Albedo is able to escape due to the Blue Testament showing up. When Albedo revives Proto Merkabah, MOMO recognizes it as the place of her birth and further information about her creation is found out when the party travels through it. As the game ends MOMO is aboard the Elsa as it descends into Second Miltia.

Episode II[edit]

At the start of the game MOMO is brought to Second Miltia along with the others. The group is attacked by Richard and Hermann, and then Pellegri as they unsuccessfully try to take MOMO captive. MOMO is introduced to Helmer and then brought to the U.M.N. Control center where they hope to dive into her subconscious and access the Y-Data. MOMO is excited to see her "mother" Juli Mizrahi who falsely tries to show familial warmth towards her to ensure the operation goes smoothly. Disaster strikes the operation as it is revealed that Albedo left a trap within MOMO's subconscious when he was in possession of her. MOMO cuts off her neural pathways to cut off Albedo from having access to it and falls unconscious. The party dives into MOMO's subconscious to find the Y-Data and help her. Albedo is able to manipulate Junior into becoming distressed enough that MOMO wakes up and Albedo is able to seize the Y-Data and open the path to Old Miltia.

Based on further conversations with Ziggy and her distress over what happened to MOMO, Juli feels a closer connection to her and tries treating her as she was her actual daughter. MOMO joins the party on the Elsa as they head towards Old Miltia. Towards the end of the game when Junior is about to head into the Space Time Anomaly he talks with MOMO first and she asks to come along. He refuses, but promises her he'll come back. At the end of the game MOMO goes to live with Juli Mizrahi, who asks Ziggy to keep protecting her.

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Episode III[edit]

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  • MOMO has an affection towards the mascot, Bunnie.
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As a playable character[edit]

Episode I[edit]

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Episode II[edit]

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Episode III[edit]

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Xenosaga I & II[edit]

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Episode I


Short for Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus.
Activation date unknown.

She is a 100-Series prototype Realian designed to observe and contact the Gnosis, beings that can only be detected by a "special sense."

She was created by Joachim Mizrahi, and she resembles his deceased daughter, Sakura Mizrahi. Her outward appearance is that of a 12 year old.


French for "peach."


French for "sinner."

Episode III


MOMO Mizrahi Database Thumbnail XS3.png

100-Series Multi-Observational Realian Prototype.

The prototype for the 100-Series Multi-Observational Realian; officially known as the "Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus." Developed in order to make contact with and observe the Gnosis, which are only perceptible via "a certain special sense."

Developed after the transgenic type and the 99 Kirschwasser test bodies, MOMO can aptly be called the combined product of all the galaxy's latest technology.

Built by Joachim Mizrahi. Her appearance was modeled on Professor Mizrahi's late child Sakura Mizrahi.

Though she was given the bodily appearance of a child by Joachim Mizrahi, this is only a temporary measure until the final adjustments can be made to her functionalities. She was designed to be transferred from her current body once its capabilities and central nervous network are completed, allowing her the possibility of growing into an adult woman in the future.

The transgenic type is a hybrid of human genes and ALC Alcumia--essentially, the genes of the Realians. Consequently, MOMO, in her finalized form, shares an affinity with human cells, and would potentially be able to conceive a child.

Regular 10-Series Multi-Observational Realians have only their anti-Gnosis capabilities in common with MOMO; as roducts manufactured by the Galaxy Federation government, their abilities are similar to those of regular Realians, making MOMO an entirely unique entity.

MOMO, left at the dawn of a new era after the events at Michtam, began to work with Ziggy, Juli and the others in order to rebuild the world, firm in their belief that the construction of a new network was one path to saving the world. She believed that such a network promised a reunion with those who had already departed.


Pêche Database Thumbnail XS3.png

French for "peach" but with a slight change in pronounciation, becomes the word "sin".

The French "pêche" translates into English as "peach." Although similar in spelling, the French "péché" translates into English as "sin."

Albedo's "Ah, ma belle pêche...there's no need to tremble like that. Else you'll make me feel like a...péché myself..." is a play on the similarity between the two French words, and is making reference to MOMO's "sin" of being built atop the corpses of the Kirschwassers.

The English translation for "momo" is "peach". Albedo truly is a cunning linguist.



MOMO Mizrahi Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png



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Peche Encyclopedia Thumbnail XSF.png


ゲーム中では「モモ」のことを指す。フランス語でペシェという と「桃」、すなわちモモを意味するが、同時に『罪」もペシェと いう。アルベドはモモに対しての会話で「韻」を踏んで楽しんで いる。

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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English MOMO Mizrahi
Japan flag.svg Japanese モモ・ミズラヒ MOMO Mizrahi
France flag.svg French MOMO
Germany flag.svg German MOMO
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Official artwork[edit]

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Xenosaga Episode II[edit]


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Xenosaga Episode III[edit]

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  1. In the Japanese version, Albedo wields a small knife throughout the sequence and threatened to slit her throat with it, this was cut from the English release.