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Mòrag Ladair
Species Ardainian
Gender Female
Designer Masatsugu Saito
Japanese VA Mitsuki Saiga
English VA Kirsty Mitchell
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
This article is about Mòrag in general. For gameplay information, see Mòrag/Gameplay (XC2).

Mòrag Ladair (メレフ・ラハット), also called the Flamebringer, is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is the Special Inquisitor of the Empire of Mor Ardain, Emperor Niall's cousin and Brighid's Driver.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mòrag is an Ardainian woman with mid-length black hair and brown eyes. Her default outfit includes a black cap with a gold visor (with her hair tied into a bun underneath) alongside a black, white, and red military uniform with gold armor adorning her legs, waist, and left shoulder. Additionally, she also wears white gloves. She is quite tall as well, and is noted to have somewhat of a masculine appearance, due to her outfit and businesslike demeanor.

Mòrag is often calm and collected, even on the battlefield, but has a tendency to jump to conclusions such as accusing Poppi and the party for the attacks on several Ardainian soldiers at Alba Cavanich. She cares for her countrymen and her cousin and emperor. Mòrag also has an emotional side, such as when she reacted in fury when Mor Ardain and Uraya were about to go to war, as being distraught over Niall's supposed death, even weeping for him. Mòrag is also shown to be very cunning, as seen when she planned ahead by asking Tora to turn off Poppi's Ether Furnace and refrain from using any Arts in the event the party were captured by Tantalese soldiers, by a means of escape. Mòrag hates losing, often accepting to do things she is not skilled in to avoid accepting her loss, such as cooking an Argentum Monkfish or trying to tell a joke to avoid being outdone by Zeke.

Story arc[edit]

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  • While she regards and refers to Niall as her brother, they are in fact cousins.
  • Mòrag was initially raised to succeed the Ardainian throne, until Niall's birth provided the Ardanach family a male heir, and the line of succession changed to his favor.
    • This is likely why Mòrag bonded with Brighid but not Aegaeon, both of whom are historically bonded to the Ardainian emperor directly, e.g Hugo.
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As a playable character[edit]

Main article: Mòrag/Gameplay (XC2)

As an NPC[edit]

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Mòrag can first be found on the Indoline Titan Ship at the very beginning of Chapter 5. She can later be found in Fonsett Residential Area, during the party's stay in Fonsett Village.


Indoline Titan Ship[edit]

I must say, I never expected to be traveling on the same vessel as the Aegis and her Driver.
Worry not, I have no hostile intentions towards you at present.
I have resolved to observe your journey and judge its worth for myself.

Fonsett Village[edit]

So this is your hometown, is it, boy?
It reminds me somewhat of the place my brother and I spent our childhood.
But do not bother yourself with me. Please, relax and enjoy yourself.

As an enemy[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Mòrag appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit. She also appears on the Cloud Sea of Alrest stage in the background alongside her Blade, Brighid.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Mòrag
Japan flag.svg Japanese メレフ
France flag.svg French Mòrag
Germany flag.svg German Mòrag
Spain flag.svg Spanish Mòrag
Italy flag.svg Italian Mòrag
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 梅勒芙
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 梅蕾芙
South Korea flag.svg Korean 멜레프
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