Lower Level (Gormott)

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Lower Level
Gormott Lower Level 1.jpg
Location Gormott Province
Connects to Upper Level - Right
Music Gormotti Forest

The Lower Level of Gormott is one of the subareas on the Titan. It is inaccessible during high tide.


The lower level of the Gormott Titan is located along its belly. It features tortuous roads along its side with marshes and springs found in between, probably formed by the water trickling down from the upper level. It is lined with many trees, some of gigantic proportions, which can create paths or impede progress. Due to its low altitude, it is affected by the tide of the Cloud Sea, with the clouds fully covering it at high tide. While traces of civilization can be seen, such as the Traiblazers' Bridge, it seems to have remained largely untouched.


List of NPCs in the Lower Level.




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