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Lorithia XC1 art.png
Species High Entia
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Japanese VA Sayuri
English VA Rachel Atkins
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles

Lorithia (ロウラン, Laulan) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. She is Alcamoth's minister of research.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Lorithia is a tall and fit High Entia with blue eyes and long hair wrapped atop her head. She wears a complex pinkish-reddish getup of a collar, pauldrouns, corset, asymmetrical skirt, and leggings.

Lorithia is ambitious and clever. She presents herself as helpful, but mostly for her own ends.

Story arc[edit]

Lorithia is the Minister of Research in Alcamoth, acting as the main braintrust of weapons and vehicle development. As a result, she is relatively close to the imperial family. She is first clearly seen after Melia is told she is to be crown princess, and says she agrees with Melia's frustration that her Homs friends of Shulk and company have been arrested. However, it is evident that Lorithia has been seen in a previous cutscene plotting with Yumea against Melia. When Melia is sent to the High Entia Tomb for a trial, Lorithia escorts her to the entrance, though nothing comes of this. After the trial, she is seen discussing someone with the seer Alvis.

After the Mechon attack on Alcamoth, Lorithia recommends to regent Kallian that the High Entia should be prepared to attack the Mechon rather than just defend. She then studies the anti-ether spear they used to kill the Giant Zanza. She tells Alvis that countering its corrosive properties is simple and they will be ready, while also denouncing the inclusion of Dickson in something. The fruits of Lorithia's labour are later shown to be the Havres, the latest warship of the High Entia forces. She watches the Second Battle of Sword Valley and muses about their future potential.

Not long after, the Bionis reawakens, and its god Zanza destroys the Mechonis. Shulk's party escapes Mechonis on the ship Junks, which is confronted by a swarm of Telethia guided by the traitor Dickson. The Havres squadron arrives as backup, but this only makes things worse: Lorithia is also one of Zanza's disciples, and she has designed the Havres to transform into Telethia when inundated with ether, just as the High Entia aboard them. Kallian manages to fight his transformation well enough to keep control of his merged body and attempt to explode upon Lorithia, but while this appears to work at the time, it is later seen to have done nothing.

With the party intending to challenge Zanza, they enter the Bionis' Interior. Lorithia has positioned herself in the Bionis' heart, and merges herself with the Kallian Telethia in order to fight them. She is defeated and utterly destroyed.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Lorithia
Japan Flag.png Japanese ロウラン Laulan
France flag.svg French Lorithia
Germany flag.svg German Lorithia
Spain flag.svg Spanish Lorithia
Italy flag.svg Italian Lorithia
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 罗兰
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 羅蘭
Korea flag.png Korean 로우란


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