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Leftheria is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are several jellyfish-like Titans that composed of several islands connected by bridges that float above the Cloud Sea. It is the home of the Leftherian race and houses the Leftherian Archipelago. It is the home of the protagonist Rex.


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Rex and the party arrive in Leftheria with Fan la Norne while traveling to Indol. They travel through the clouds and arrive on Fonsett Island, where they're greeted by Rex's aunt Corinne. They decide to spend the night in the town before setting off. Rex brings Pyra to visit the graves of his parents, telling them about his journey up to that point and his promise to bring Pyra to Elysium. Later, while Pyra helps Corinne wash dishes after dinner, Corinne insinuates that Rex and Pyra are in a relationship. Pyra is flustered, but doesn't deny the idea.

The next morning, the party leaves the village and heads to their ship, which is waiting in Ysheva Harbor. However, when they get there, Zeke ambushes them. The party expects an easy fight, but Mòrag withdraws from the fray, knowing Zeke's true strength. He unleashes his Eye of Shining Justice and attacks, although he is defeated. The party is shocked to learn that he is Tantal's strongest Driver and an envoy of Indol, who has been fighting Rex to assess his compatibility with the Aegis. He concedes that Rex works well with Pyra and allows them passage to the Praetorium. The party sets off with Zeke in tow.


Leftheria is mostly comprised of small, jellyfish-like Titans connected via tentacle-like appendages, all centered on an enormous, partially submerged Titan that rests within a large wall of clouds, called the Cloud Sea ridge. The Cloud Sea ridge cleaves the archipelago in two, with both sides connected by the Cloudways, tunnels passing directly through the ridge. Fonsett Island is part of the main Titan, as well as Spirit Crucible Elpys being within the Titan's body, while the various islands, atolls, and ports either are, or are situated on the satellite Titans. Most of the smaller Titans have an abundance of sand, water, and marine life, with some occasional grassland and trees. Fonsett Island is arguably the most hospitable location on the Archipelago, being largely grassland with intermittent tree coverage, with enough room and fertile soil to live off the land. Likely this is the primary reason for the village's location. Furthermore, due to the small total landmass and population, Leftheria remains out of the interest of Alrest's major nations.

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Other locations[edit]

While many locations and landmarks are seen in-game, some more are only mentioned in flavor text.



  • The name Leftheria is derived from Eleftheria, Greek for 'freedom'. Freedom in Latin, liber, is the etymological root of Latin Liberalitas (which is also the Japanese name for Leftheria), meaning 'generosity'. This is in accordance with how Titans or nations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are often named after the seven deadly sins or seven virtues in various languages.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Leftherian Archipelago
Japan flag.svg Japanese リベラリタス島嶼群 (とうしょぐん) Liberalitas Island Group
France flag.svg French Archipel de Leftheria Archipelago of Leftheria
Germany flag.svg German Leftherische Inseln
Spain flag.svg Spanish Archipiélago leftheriano
Italy flag.svg Italian Arcipelago leftheriano
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 利贝拉里塔斯岛屿群
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 利貝拉里塔斯島嶼群
South Korea flag.svg Korean 리베라리타스 군도