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Lead Chip

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Lead Chip
XC2 item icon Core Chip.png
Area Gormott
Sale price 900 G
Rank 1

The Lead Chip is a Core Chip in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the initial Core Chip equipped on many weapons when obtaining the Blade for the first time, but is not obtainable as an actual item.

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The editor who added this tag elaborates: Which weapons start with this Core Chip, which don't?


Class Name Appearance Auto-attack stat Stability Crit rate Block rate Effect
Aegis SwordXC2 weapon icon Aegis Sword.png Aegis Sword Primitive Sword XC2 weapon thumbnail wp010101.png 20 8% 11% 10% none
Catalyst ScimitarXC2 weapon icon Catalyst Scimitar.png Catalyst Scimitar Primitive Scimitar XC2 weapon thumbnail wp020101.png 18 4% 8% 20% none
Twin RingsXC2 weapon icon Twin Rings.png Twin Rings Primitive Rings XC2 weapon thumbnail wp030101.png 14 4% 4% 10% none
Drill ShieldXC2 weapon icon Drill Shield.png Drill Shield Primitive Shield XC2 weapon thumbnail wp040101.png 15 15% 4% 25% none
Mech ArmsXC2 weapon icon Mech Arms.png Mech Arms Primitive Arms XC2 weapon thumbnail wp050101.png 17 11% 8% 20% none
Variable SaberXC2 weapon icon Variable Saber.png Variable Saber Primitive Saber XC2 weapon thumbnail wp060101.png 21 4% 15% 10% none
WhipswordsXC2 weapon icon Whipswords.png Whipswords Primitive Whips XC2 weapon thumbnail wp070101.png 17 8% 15% 25% none
Big Bang EdgeXC2 weapon icon Big Bang Edge.png Big Bang Edge Primitive Edge XC2 weapon thumbnail wp080101.png 22 23% 11% 10% none
Dual ScythesXC2 weapon icon Dual Scythes.png Dual Scythes Primitive Scythes XC2 weapon thumbnail wp090101.png 18 8% 23% 5% none
GreataxeXC2 weapon icon Greataxe.png Greataxe Primitive Axe XC2 weapon thumbnail wp100101.png 21 23% 15% 10% none
MegalanceXC2 weapon icon Megalance.png Megalance Primitive Lance XC2 weapon thumbnail wp110101.png 18 4% 19% 5% none
Ether CannonXC2 weapon icon Ether Cannon.png Ether Cannon Primitive Cannon XC2 weapon thumbnail wp120101.png 19 4% 8% 5% none
Shield HammerXC2 weapon icon Shield Hammer.png Shield Hammer Primitive Hammer XC2 weapon thumbnail wp130101.png 16 15% 4% 25% none
Chroma KatanaXC2 weapon icon Chroma Katana.png Chroma Katana Nameless Katana XC2 weapon thumbnail wp140101.png 17 4% 19% 20% none
BitballXC2 weapon icon Bitball.png Bitball Primitive Ball XC2 weapon thumbnail wp150101.png 14 19% 11% 10% none
Knuckle ClawsXC2 weapon icon Knuckle Claws.png Knuckle Claws Primitive Knuckles XC2 weapon thumbnail wp160101.png 16 4% 15% 10% none
MonadoXC2 weapon icon Monado.png Monado Monado XC2 weapon thumbnail wp513011.png 24 8% 15% 15% none
KnivesXC2 weapon icon Knives.png Knives Well-Used Blades XC2 weapon thumbnail wp503011.png 18 15% 23% 5% none
NodachiXC2 weapon icon Nodachi.png Nodachi Nameless Nodachi XC2 weapon thumbnail wp718011.png 24 1% 19% 5% none
CrosierXC2 weapon icon Crosier.png Crosier Nameless Crosier XC2 weapon thumbnail wp730011.png 14 4% 4% 10% none
GunknivesXC2 weapon icon Gunknives.png Gunknives Primitive Gunknives XC2 weapon thumbnail wp731011.png 19 4% 8% 5% none
Dual SwordsXC2 weapon icon Dual Swords.png Dual Swords Archetype Ralzes XC2 weapon thumbnail wp403011.png 20 8% 19% 10% none
UchigatanaXC2 weapon icon Uchigatana.png Uchigatana Halteclere XC2 weapon thumbnail wp414011.png 20 4% 23% 25% none

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Lead Chip
Japan flag.svg Japanese リードチップ
France flag.svg French Fragment plomb
Germany flag.svg German Blei-Splitter
Spain flag.svg Spanish Chip de plomo
Italy flag.svg Italian Frammento piombo
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 铅质晶片
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 鉛晶片
South Korea flag.svg Korean 리드 칩