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Lapis Roman

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Lapis Roman
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 29
Japanese VA Eriko Fujimaki
English VA Debra Rogers
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga I & II
Xenosaga: The Animation

Lapis Roman (ラピス・ローマン) is a supporting character in Xenosaga Episode I.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]

Lapis is a Captain in the Galaxy Federation's Special Operations Command Headquarters Intelligence Bureau. When the U-TIC Organization frames the Kukai Foundation for the destruction of the Woglinde, she personally arrives on the Durandal to place it under the Federation's custody. She orders Junior, chaos, Ziggy and MOMO arrested, as well as Gaignun and also has Shion and Allen taken in as witnesses. Lapis has everyone detained to a single room. Once there, she hands Gaignun a black box containing a cell phone which is directed connected to Helmer. Helmer reveals that Lapis is in fact a subordinate of his who entered the military in order to keep tabs on any possible U-TIC members infiltrating the Federation. She has come to the Durandal to personally investigate its records before someone in the Federation is able to tamper with it.

Lapis reveals her role to the party members soon afterwards. She tells them of the suspected plot to strip the Second Miltian government of its authority and asks if there is anything providing conclusive evidence of their innocence. Shion and Allen realize that KOS-MOS's database has a recording of the battle proving their innocence. By diving into the Encephalon they hope to make a copy of it. Lapis frees the party from their bonds and agrees to have Ziggy knock her out so it looks like the party members broke out. After recovering a record of the recording, Shion hands it over to Lapis, who officially permits the party their freedom, asking them to remain in the Miltian Star system until they are cleared of all charges.


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Episode I

Captain Lapis Roman

BORN: T.C. 4738
AGE: 29 years old

A captain within the Galaxy Federation Military's Special Operations Command Intelligence Unit.

She works for Helmer, the Representative of the Second Miltian government.

Episode III

Lapis Roman

Lapis Roman Database Thumbnail XS3.png

Galaxy Federation captain who has earned Helmer's trust.

Member of the Galaxy Federation Special Ops Command Intelligence Bureau. Her rank is captain. A subordinate of Second Miltian Representative Helmer, she has been working for several years on an undercover investigation into activities of U-TIC Organization operatives within the ranks of the Federation forces.

When Second Miltia and the Kukai Foundation fell under suspicion, she offered her support and cooperation to Shion and the others, not as a Galaxy Federation captain, but as a loyal subordinate of Helmer.

As Jr. puts it, she’s “pretty cool.”



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T. C. 4738年生まれ。29歳。星団連邦政府軍特殊作戦司令部情報局大。軍内部に潜伏するU-TIC機関の動きを探るために、第二ミルチア自治政府代表ヘルマーの指示で送り込まれている課報員。臨機応変に立ちまわる器用さと行動の速さで、ヘルマーからの信頼も厚い。組織人としての使命をまっとうする覚悟の良さがある。

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