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Land of Challenge (XC1DE)

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Land of Challenge
Location ?
Weather Clear
Affinity group none
Connects to The area from which the portal was entered
Music Tephra Cave

The Land of Challenge is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. It can be accessed from the various portals, the first one on Leg Pass in the Tephra Cave area. This area's sole purpose is to house the Nopon Archsage who offers time attack challenges and items in exchange for Noponstone.


This area is located in some kind of temple. Unlike the Land of Challenge in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which was in the open air, this Land of Challenge is located in the structure's interior. Just like in the sequel, this area is accessible through portals that look very similar.


List of portals[edit]

Tephra Cave

XC1 map ma0201 f01 1.png
XC1 map ma0201 f02 1.png
XC1 map ma0201 f03 2.png
XC1 map ma0201 f04.pngMap point YLW.svg

Colony 9

XC1 map ma0101 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg

Bionis' Leg

XC1 map ma0301 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma0301 f02.png

Colony 6

XC1 map ma0401 f01 1.pngMap point YLW.svg

Frontier Village

XC1 map ma0701 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma0701 f02.png
XC1 map ma0701 f03.png
XC1 map ma0701 f04.png
XC1 map ma0701 f05.png
XC1 map ma0701 f06.png
XC1 map ma0701 f07.png
XC1 map ma0701 f08.png
XC1 map ma0701 f09.png
XC1 map ma0701 f10.png


XC1 map ma1101 f01.png
XC1 map ma1101 f02.png
XC1 map ma1101 f03.pngMap point YLW.svg

Fallen Arm

XC1 map ma1601 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma1601 f02.png

Central Factory

XC1 map ma2001 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma2001 f02.png
XC1 map ma2001 f03.png
XC1 map ma2001 f04.png
XC1 map ma2001 f05.png
XC1 map ma2001 f06.png

Bionis' Interior

XC1 map ma2101 f01.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma2101 f02.png

Prison Island

XC1 map ma1202 f01.png
XC1 map ma1202 f02.png
XC1 map ma1202 f03.png
XC1 map ma1202 f04.png
XC1 map ma1202 f05.png
XC1 map ma1202 f06.pngMap point YLW.svg
XC1 map ma1202 f07.png


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