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Kukai Foundation

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Kukai Foundation
XSF Encyclopedia picture Kukai Foundation.png
System None; mobile colony
Diameter Unknown
Terrain Cityscape
Place of interest Durandal
A.G.W.S. parts shop
Fishing Lab
Robot Academy
Political affiliation Second Miltia
Kukai Foundation
Type Foundation
CEO Gaignun Kukai
Known members Gaignun Kukai Jr.
Mary Godwin
Shelley Godwin
Headquarters Kukai Foundation
Affiliates Second Miltian Government

The Kukai Foundation is a foundation in the Xenosaga series. Its headquarters are located on the free-orbiting colony of the same name.


The Kukai Foundation is a large free orbiting colony. There are several small towns within the Kukai Foundation. City Sectors 26 and 27 are the most popular areas. It also has a private beach in the West sector. The main attraction of the Kukai Foundation is the Durandal when it is used a skyscraper at the center of the lake. Because of these attractions, the Kukai Foundation is a popular tourist destination. It is also home to the Robot Academy.



The Kukai Foundation was established in T.C. 4755, two years after the Miltian Conflict. Its purpose is to subjugate the remnants of the U-TIC Organization. They also houses victims of the Life Recycling Act, including Shelley and Mary Godwin The Kukai Foundation has a strong alliance with the Second Miltian government. The Foundation is currently run by Gaignun Kukai and Gaignun Kukai Jr..

Episode I[edit]

After being rescued by the Durandal from the Cathedral Ship, the party members head to the Kukai Foundation. There they are greeted by Gaignun Kukai. Jr. has the chance to speak with him while Shion and the others get to relax on the beach. In the Kukai Foundation the party has the ability to visit the city area, as well as the A.G.W.S. Part Shop which includes the Foundation Robot Academy in its basement. After the party dives into the Encephalon in order to clear the Foundation of being framed by the U-TIC Organization, the Kukai Foundation soon finds itself attacked by Gnosis that are summoned by the nearby Song of Nephilim. The party is able to fight them off, although MOMO ends up being kidnapped by Albedo. After the attack, the people begin to clean up and repair the damage they done.

Episode II[edit]

While the Kukai Foundation doesn't factor in the story during Episode II, the player can visit it throughout the game via the Durandal's dock. There the player can continue to visit the city area and launch areas from the first game, as well as a new area, the Fishing Lab. The player can no longer visit the A.G.W.S. Part Shop.


Episode I

Kukai Foundation

A unique foundation whose membership extends to both Matthews and his crew.

Its headquarters is located on a free orbiting space colony.

Kukai Foundation (2)

The Kukai Foundation was a special organization established soon after the end of the Miltian Conflict, and its sole purpose was to subjugate the U-TIC Organization.

Since then, most of its military forces were decommissioned, and the other divisions branched off into independent civilian corporations, thus forming the basis of the foundation's present structure.

The fact that Vector is one of its primary investors explains why the lion's share of the equipment installed onboard the Durandal, is made by Vector.

Episode III

Kukai Foundation

A special foundation organized by the Second Miltian autonomous state.

A special foundation organized 13 years ago, with the Second Miltian autonomous state leading the effort. Based on a giant, non-orbital colony, most of its membership is composed of victims of the Life Recycling Law. Its Representative Trustees are Gaignun Kukai and Gaignun Jr..

It was established after the Miltian Conflict with the goal of putting down the U-TIC Organization, with the Second Miltian government leading in its creation. Afterwards, it was disarmed and made into a foundation, receiving a huge capital injection from Vector in the process.

Its achievements in rescuing Life Recycling Law victims and offering them livelihoods were recognized, and soon the Foundation had earned itself a positive reputation in society. Ever since a part of it was commercialized, its main business has been in the entertainment and travel industries, but it has a hidden face--amongst other things, it accepted a request from the Second Miltian government and Contact Subcommittee to recover and manage the Zohar emulators.

Xenosaga I & II



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As an area[edit]

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The Kukai Foundation serves as an area in Episode I, Episode II, and Xenosaga I & II.


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Episode I[edit]

Episode II[edit]

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Episode III[edit]