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Weather Clear
Night incense
Crystal squall
Music Womb Center
Garfont Mercenaries
Garfont Mercenaries/Night
Kingdom of Uraya
Kingdom of Uraya/Night
Fonsa Myma
Fonsa Myma/Night

Uraya is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is a whale-like Titan that swims through the Cloud Sea. It is the home of the Urayan race and houses the Kingdom of Uraya. The majority of its landmass are inside the Titan.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3[edit]

The Urayan Titan's carcass makes up the Urayan Mountains on Aionios, while the insides makes up the Urayan Tunnels. Noticeably, most of its torso is missing, due to it being destroyed by an annihilation event in the opening.


The Kingdom of Uraya is situated almost entirely within its host Titan, unlike most other nations of Alrest. The Urayan interior has a variety of different features; cliffs, caves, lakes, waterfalls, grasslands. Much of the Titan's body can be explored, from the lower throat all the way to the end of its stomach. While the climate is temperate, most of the land is filled with water, limiting the country's options for agriculture, at least compared to the likes of Gormott, with Gromrice being the prime Urayan staple food. According to Zeke, the Urayan Titan is a very similar kind to Genbu.

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While Uraya boasts the highest amount of cities visited in-game, two, a few towns are only mentioned in flavor text.

  • Garfont Village - The village where the Garfont Mercenaries are headquartered. Founded by Vandham, the village is located around the Titan's head, right above where its pectoral fins begin, and is home to both hardened mercenaries and war refugees.
  • Fonsa Myma - Capital of the Kingdom of Uraya. It appears to be the main entryway into Uraya, with giant doors that can open when the Titan is not diving under the Cloud Sea. Queen Raqura's palace, which harbors Uraya's nobility, can be found above the city.
  • Drewey - A city mentioned in the Merc Missions, Song Selection and Stage Star.
  • Town of Mantaal - A town south of Fonsa Myma. Mentioned in Giant Crab Attack, Road Repairs and Source Security.
  • Kannina - A town mentioned in Wonderful Stage.

Other locations[edit]

While many locations and landmarks are seen in-game, some more are only mentioned in flavor text.

  • Dinar Road - Mentioned in Igna Investigation.
  • The Onda road bridge - A bridge that connects to Mantaal. Mentioned in Road Repairs.
  • Volda Fort - A fortress mentioned in Fort Rescue.


In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Uraya makes a cameo appearance in the stage Cloud Sea of Alrest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • The name Uraya is likely derived from Urayamu ( (うらや)む), Japanese for 'to envy'. This is in accordance with how Titans or nations in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are often named after the seven deadly sins or seven virtues in various languages.
    • Uraya's Japanese name, 'Invidia', is likewise named after envy in Latin.

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Kingdom of Uraya
Japan flag.svg Japanese インヴィディア烈王国 (れつおうこく) Fierce Kingdom of Invidia
France flag.svg French Royaume d'Uraya Kingdom of Uraya
Germany flag.svg German Königreich Uraya
Spain flag.svg Spanish Reino de Uraya
Italy flag.svg Italian Regno dell'Uraya
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 英维迪亚烈王国
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 英維迪亞烈王國
South Korea flag.svg Korean 인비디아 열왕국


Xenoblade Chronicles 2[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]