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Kallian Antiqua
Kallian XC1 art.png
Species High Entia
Gender Male
Age 151
Japanese VA Yukimasa Obi
English VA Rufus Wright
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles

Kallian Antiqua (カリアン, Kallian), is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the son of Emperor Sorean Antiqua and Crown Princess Melia's half-brother.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Kallian is a tall and fit High Entia with teal eyes. He wears light grey armour over a blue outfit and cape.

Kallian is a strong leader that shows little hesitation in action, only holding back when law and custom dictate so. He does not second-guess decisions and shows quick adaption to any situation.

Story arc[edit]

Prince Kallian is first seen when Princess Melia returns to Alcamoth having successfully killed the Telethia in Makna Forest. As Emperor Sorean declares Melia his successor, Melia is baffled, knowing that Kallian as the first-born is the better choice. Kallian states that he agrees with the choice, which confuses her all the more. Once the process begins however, First Consort Yumea suggests that Melia undertake a dangerous trial, which Kallian objects to but is overruled. After the public announcement of this, Kallian finds Yumea meeting with a stranger in a mask, but does not hear what they are discussing before they part.

Possibly suspicious of what he saw, Kallian goes to check on Shulk's party in the Whitewing Palace, and finds that an assassinaion attempt on them has just been defused. Seer Alvis suggests the attackers are of the Bionite Order, which are supposed to no longer exist. Kallian suddenly recognizes that they look similar to the person who met with Yumea, but Shulk interrupts his realization by saying he's had a vision of Melia being killed. At first Kallian sticks to the rules and refuses to help or allow help, but Dunban weedles out of him that Homs are exempt from the ritual's restrictions, and Kallian chooses to look the other way.

After Melia completes the trial and returns safely, Mechon begin to attack Alcamoth. Kallian does not want Sorean to go to Prison Island because he knows he will die, but he does, and has difficulty telling Melia this when she arrives. He again debates with Dunban over whether to do the right (lawful) thing or the right (good) thing, after which the party heads off to Prison Island, while Kallian stays behind. From Alcamoth, he watches as Prison Island lights up with power, and then goes dark as Sorean is killed.

In a meeting after the attack, Kallian is named regent for a year so Melia can ease into her position. Having watched the party in action and comparing them to his people's isolationism, Kallian's first decision is to form an allied force from across the Bionis, to take the fight to the Mechon. He asks Shulk to be ambassador, but Shulk declines, because he is preoccupied with his own goals. Kallian then sends Melia to stay with Shulk's party and assigns a surrogate to take her place.

Kallian is next seen receiving a report that Galahad Fortress has been damaged. Under Dickson's advice, he decides that now is the time to attack. The leaders of the allied force meet and listen to his rationale for gathering them, with Otharon being bitter but agreeing to help, and Dunga joining without hesitation. Dickson however leaves Colony 9's forces with Otharon and leaves, saying he's going to find Shulk. Kallian tells Dickson he wants Shulk to know that they don't have to join the allied force when the attack begins: the party should instead take advantage of it as a distraction.

Kallian leads the allied force into Sword Valley and commands his divisions directly from the bridge of the state-of-the-art Havres. The battle goes well, but Alvis says he has a bad feeling that the Mechon have already given up, and requests to leave to meet with Shulk. Kallian is reluctant to let the seer go but he allows it. Not long after, he sees a blast of energy emit from the Mechonis' face and realizes that it is about to awaken, so he gives the order to fully retreat. Casualties are minimized as Sword Valley ceases to exist.

In the aftermath of the Mechonis' awakening, Kallian's division of Havres comes upon Junks, holding the party and hosting a swarm of Telethia. Kallian learns that Dickson is a traitor, so he moves to attack him. However, Lorithia is also a traitor, and activates a secret Havres feature to inundate the occupants with pure ether. It turns out that High Entia are fated to transform into Telethia, which is why Kallian had supported his half-blooded sister to take the throne instead of himself. While most of the High Entia aboard the Havres are completely assimilated into their new forms, Kallian's head remains mostly undisturbed and he retains control over the fused body. He flies at Lorithia and Dickson and detonates himself.

However, the suicide attack was ultimately fruitless. Dickson and Lorithia are both unhurt, and Kallian appears to become an inert feature of the Telethia body. When he is discovered, it is as Lorithia's pet Telethia, who she fuses herself with to attack the party. The monstrosity is destroyed, and in a bright light in the aftermath, Kallian appears to Melia in a dream sequence. He comforts her as she blubbers about her family's ends, saying that they knew this all along and have no shame for it. He then appears one more time after the Telethia vanishes, as an apparition above only visible to Melia and audible to her and Riki, telling her to be the hope of the High Entia.


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In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom flag.svg English Kallian
Japan Flag.png Japanese カリアン Kallian
France flag.svg French Kallian
Germany flag.svg German Kallian
Spain flag.svg Spanish Kallian
Italy flag.svg Italian Kallian
China flag.svg Chinese (simplified) 卡利安
Taiwan flag.svg Chinese (traditional) 卡利安
Korea flag.png Korean 칼리안


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