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Juli Mizrahi

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Juli Mizrahi
XSF Encyclopedia picture Juli.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 44
Japanese VA Naomi Shindo
English VA Carolyn Hennesy (XS I)
Kim Mai Guest (XSII, III)
Appearances Xenosaga Episode I
Xenosaga Episode II
Xenosaga: The Animation
Xenosaga Episode III
Xenosaga II to III: A Missing Year

Juli Mizrahi is a supporting character in the Xenosaga series. She is the ex-wife of Joachim Mizrahi and a member of the Galaxy Federation's Subcommittee on Close Encounters.

Appearance and personality[edit]

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Story arc[edit]


Juli Mizrahi is the founding member of the Galaxy Federation's Subcommittee on Close Encounters (S.O.C.E.). She is the ex-wife and widow of Joachim Mizrahi. Her maiden name was Niwashiro. She is the legal guardian of MOMO, who was developed along with her and her late husband. MOMO views her as her mother.

Juli's real daughter was named Sakura. She suffered from a central nervous system disorder which prevented her from being able to express herself. Juli seeked help from Dmitri Yuriev at the Yuriev Institute, who used the U.R.T.V.s, including Junior to be able to interact with her in the Subconscious Domain. Juli was quite happy to hear about Junior being able to interact with her daughter in that realm.

Episode I[edit]

Juli first appears during a S.O.C.E. meeting when they are discussing how MOMO can be recovered from the U-TIC Organization. Ziggy meets with them and is tasked with the mission of recovering her. After he leaves Juli tells the rest of the Committee about his background. Juli personally met with Ziggy to provide him more information about U-TIC and her husband's role in the organization. Despite being MOMO's legal guardian she asks Ziggy to bring her to another location such that the two won't see each other. She appears later on after Ziggy has rescued MOMO in another meeting held among the S.O.C.E. They discuss whether Joachim's former assistant can be used as an alternative lead in regards to moving forward with the Zohar Project. She is later patched into a meeting of the Federation Parliament after the Kukai Foundation is framed for the destruction of the Woglinde. Juli later expresses shock when Albedo revives Proto Merkabah, which she claims was created to discover the true form of the universe. Juli provides Shion and the others directions on how they can make their way into the facility and shut it down.

Episode II[edit]

Once the party arrives on Second Miltia, Ziggy reports to Juli who tells her MOMO is looking forward to seeing her. She meets with the party at the U.M.N. Control Center. She tells MOMO that after things settle down they can live together, exciting MOMO greatly. However when Junior talks with her afterwards she claims she was showing familial warmth to stimulate MOMO and ensure the examination proceeds smoothly. She claims to be frightened of MOMO. Junior tells Juli of his promise to Sakura to look after her mother and "sister". Juli later checks in on Ziggy, who asks her about the difficulty she has in dealing with MOMO. She claims MOMO and the 100 series realians serve as a constant reminder of her daughter's death. She ponders if she should have committed suicide when her daughter died, as Ziggy had done when his son died, but claims her heart was filled with anger towards her husband. Ziggy suggests that she imagine she had two daughters, with one of them still being alive. She says she will think about it.

When the Y-Data within MOMO is analyzed and it is revealed that Albedo laid a trap there she initially tries to destroy it to prevent it from falling into the enemy's hands, but MOMO instead cuts off her neural pathways, as if she was destroying her mind. Juli is greatly distressed at what MOMO has done to herself and swears she won't let her die. Later, after MOMO is restored to normal Juli speaks with her alone, permitting her to go along with the others towards Old Miltia, feeling that while MOMO will be at risk she can't put her personal feelings above the fate of the star cluster. She tells MOMO that she and Sakura come off as different people and she'd like to get to know her better.

Towards the end of the game she speaks with Ziggy again, asking him to put off making himself fully machine for a while longer and to use life extensions for his organic parts. She says this is for MOMO's sake and she wants to learn more things from him. At the end of the game Juli welcomes MOMO back to Second Miltia and tells her that they will be living together for a while. She asks Ziggy to protect MOMO again should the need arise.


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